Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shaking off the holiday blues

Hi all,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and while enjoying the gifts, also remembered the reason for the season - the birth of Jesus our Lord.

Things have been quiet on my end. Knitting wise, I've cast on for the Adamas shawl, wavy from knitty and am still plugging away on the DSL tank (are you tired of hearing me talk about this yet?). The wavy scarf is for my husband's aunt in New York. She's complaining of the cold and since I had the wavy partially started from last year's attempt for my visit to Canada, I decided I would finish it for her. I'm using the malabrigo in colourway brown sugar. I think I shall make either a hat or a pair of mittens for her daughter who's been so kind to us up to recently, sending in the kids' Christmas gifts that I sent to her address so she could mail them to me. I'm leaning more towards the hat as it's a quicker knit and I might not have enough yarn to do the mittens anyways (I was thinking along the lines of the convertible mittens I saw on knitty).

Looking back on the year, I realised I have not met some of my knitting goals - one of the main ones being learning fair isle/ intarsia. This still remains a goal of mine and will add it back to the list of "must accomplish in 2008". What about you? What are your goals knitting wise for the coming new year? Another one of mine will be to knit faster and to get more than three projects out for the year. I understand this will include letting go of my previous tendencies to knit monogamously and put more projects on the needles at one time - I've already started!

Here's the Adamas shawl. I am enjoying her thus far. I know this may take me more than a month but I'm chugging along faithfully:

And here's Wavy:

And finally, the DSL progress:

There's still what to do with my Rowan Calmer. I think I might wait a bit to cast on something special as I have once again come to the grim reality that is my size. We borrowed my BIL's camera to video record the kids opening their presents. One moment the camera was focused on their little happy faces, the next it panned very unflatteringly to my overweight form. I really need to do something about this. How to do it though when I am stoveless and ovenless? (that's a loooong story but at least the cupboards will be done soon enough for us to get those two coveted items - and you betcha I will be posting pics of them!) It will take a great deal of perseverance and commitment on my part (two things that I have sorely lacked in - up till now I daresay) to prepare our lunches elsewhere, pack em up and reheat them for the next day. But I must try as it will be very veray heartbreaking to knit up my beautiful calmer and it not fit. I guess that's why I'm kinda stuck on shawls for now. One size fits all!


Friday, December 14, 2007

I've been a bad girl this year...

or so someone thought as all I'm getting for Christmas this year is coal in my stocking. What a year. I'm actually kinda glad it's almost over. Even my knitting has suffered. I think that for the past twelve months I've managed to turn out TWO projects. I really don't know where the year has gone.
Knitting wise, for the new year, I hope to go through my stash and actually churn out more than two projects. I would love to start the new year off with my Rowan Calmer but I'm still looking for the right project for this.
Anyways, I can't think of anything else to say... I feel sucky so maybe saying nothing else is best.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Knitting and ting

Don't scratch your head too hard about the ting part of this blog post. It's 7:22 p.m. and I'm tired and stuffy and kinda wondering if its the end of the year yet. Right now, instead of sitting in front of the tv with the freshly cast on Jaywalker sock in hand, with my kids curled up at my side and the hubby putting around nearby, I am holed up in my son's bedroom trying to ignore the hammering and the whirring and the banging. In case you're wondering, it's not an easy task! One of these days when I can look back on this whole "building a house" experience without red pooling in my eyes, I just might tell you guys the long long tale. Right now, what I will say is that I'm finally getting kitchen cupboards. No, not replacing the old ones that were there, I'm getting kitchen cupboards - where there were none before. The guys promise it should take a week or so to get them done - not including spray painting them either. Sooo.... there's sawdust everywhere and the chairs are piled on top of one another in front of the tv. I'm not sure how long they will be here till tonight but I'm hoping they leave soon - AFTER they clean up. This coupled with the runny nose and apparent dripping in the back of my throat is not making for a very relaxing night. You know what would make me feel better? My just started jaywalker sock. But I can't get to it. Boo.

I can't think of anything else to write. The workmen are having a chat in between the ruckus.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Shhhh.... do you hear that?

It's the sound of a "free" woman. If you want to picture how I feel, cast your minds to those cheesy films where a woman is running in slow motion through an open field... hands flung wide, eyes closed and a big stupid grin on her face. Yah, that's me. I feel so free I feel like I should be doing something! (Yes, this is why I usually have so many things going at once - I don't like being un-busy!)See, tonight I sat my MA2 exam. How did I do? I'm not so sure. There's a whole question that got up off the page and smacked me in the face. My head spun and my ears rang. In the end I might have just written - RUBBISH across the page for that one and moved on. Maybe they will give me a few marks for writing my name. Anyways. I think I might be very close to the pass mark. I don't want to imagine the futile feeling of failing by 1 mark. I've heard it to happen.

Another thing that made me very happy today was my receiving my final SP package! Wow, is Ingrid a fab pal or what? Here's a run down of my goodies.

1. The absolutely beautiful Clementine. My pic does not do it justice! She did an awesome job on it and I am touched that she made it for me.

2. Two bars of scrumptious organic chocolate. I don't think I need to tell you folks that I wasted no time in getting to know them better. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

3. Two cute little Korknisse and some candy for my son. I tell you I have never seen anything so cute! He will love them!

4. A hair scrunchie for my daughter and candy. My daughter loves to dress up - I know this will get lots of use!

5. A beautiful handwritten card with a knitted design on the front. This was a really speacial touch.

Ingrid has been a lovely pal. She's been awesome about me being so busy sometimes I couldn't get back to her and she's just been so generous to me! Thank you Ingrid, you've made this a wonderful experience for me!

(PS - I may have to add more pics later - blogger isn't liking me loading so many pics at once!)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Of Quakes and Tremors!

So something very strange happened to me today. I was sitting at my desk working when I felt a gentle shaking of my chair. Now, if you can imagine it, it was like if someone snuck up behind me, all invisible-like, and started to shake the chair from the left to the right and back again. I kinda tensed up, furrowed my brow and convinced myself that I was imagining things. But the shaking got persistent and I then convinced myself that something supernatural was happening to me (ok. stop it now - quit that snickering!!!). But then the entire workstation began to move and my monitor began to dance. Oh crap, I thought, something is wrong with me! The room is shaking! Then the business manager in the other office yelled... is anyone else's desk moving? It didn't take me long people. I yanked the power cord from my new laptop, grabbed my bag and bolted for the door. I'm not sure how I got through it, whether I opened it or walked through it but I got through it. When we got to the door, the people across the hall were making a mad scramble down the shaking stairs. Fear gripped my heart as memories of the collapsed building catastrophe from late August sprang to mind. You see, back in August, half a building collapsed into an unstable cave in Britons Hill killing a family of five (a mother, father and their three children) and since there are caves all over the island that some buildings are constructed on, my fear was that this building was going to collapse!

Well, we made it outside and realised that there were other people outside at the adjoining clinic. Someone passed and asked if we felt that too. It was then I realised that it wasn't a case of an about to collapse building, but rather tremors from an earthquake. An EARTHQUAKE!!! Gosh, apparently the last time anyone felt a rockin' in Barbados like that was back in 1947. I finally got the courage to go back up the stairs for the rest of my stuff that I left in my haste to get out. I collected my past papers, my car keys and my shoes. I shut down the computer and got the heck out of dodge. Another thing that was equally scary was that the phone system was down across the island. I could not get through to my mother to find out if she and the kids were ok (no school today - THANK GOD!!)The system was jammed with people trying to do exactly what I was trying to do. I think that this is something the authorities need to look at. Well, I made my way to my mother's house, sucessfully beating the traffic jams that expectedly followed. When I got there, my daughter was sleeping - the little darling slept through it all. My son and my mother told me about how the chairs, fans, the tv, the ceiling light and every other thing in the place was shaking. My mother apparently grabbed my daughter and with my son in tow they had bolted outside to safety. Everyone was shook up! In the end, there was building damage and one person was trampled in town and had to get medical attention.

Unfortunately, the people of Martinique who bore the brunt of the quake were not so lucky. Lots of building damamge and one little girl was killed when a wall fell on her. Her seven year old sister is listed in critical condition.

My fear right now is that Barbados won't be prepared for a disaster. If today's tremors could shut down the island and cause the telephone system to go belly up, what would happen heaven forbid in a major disaster was to happen? Well right now, I still feel a little off kilter - like I'm dizzy or something but well past the initial shock. This is something that will be on the lips of Barbadians for a long time coming!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Swallowtail pics et al

Hi all... taking a few minutes to post a pic of the ST. I have one pic that I think is halfway decent but that's of the shawl unblocked. I should prolly retake the pic of it blocked so it will look better but really... I doubt anyone cares. I can't envision myself taking pics like b r o o k l y n t w e e d so there's really no point (can you tell I'm in one of those moods? It might have something to do with the fact that I've recently had a big fight with someone that should have known better, broke my favourite mug, got stopped by the po-po for not paying my road tax and had to pay for a new licence for hubby - all on ONE DAY mind you - not to mention I had a b*tch of a headache last night - so I'm a little sour/ dour/ pissed etc etc). Anyways, ST is finished and that's the most important thing knitwise right now. See pics above.

Also attached is a pic of the source of my headache last night. That thing on the plate my friends is a conkie. Conkies are "highly nutritious steamed pudding-like cornmeal treat that exist throughout Africa, the Caribbean, South America and Pacific countries where most of the ingredients are grown in abundance and constitute a large part of everyday cooking and nutrition." Conkies are a national treat traditionally made in November around our Independence Day - November 30 btw. They are made of gratered pumkin, coconut, sweet potato, egg, milk, raisins, shortening, margarine, injun corn, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and some cornmeal and its DARN delicious (did I just say darn? Yes, I did... kinda maxed out the naughty words I could say this weekend). The mixture is placed on a 8x8 square of banana leaf (that was previously cleaned and swinged on the fire). They are then stacked in a pot on top of the criss crossed ribs of the banana leaf and a little water and steamed for an hour. And then... voila! A little piece of Bajan heaven! Took long to do cause I had to go searching for the leaves (hubby but you get the idea) and prepare the ingredients BUT I got loads of help from my mother-in-law who's really REALLY good at these kinds of things.

Anyways, I'm going to wash the day away, then grab that same conkie up there with a cup of coffee, my module 7 and Heroes and settle in for some eating, drinking, revision and some time travel. Later!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Zee Swallowtail - she is done!

Drive by post...

Swallowtail is DONE!!! Less than a month! Wow, this is a first for me. This is just further proof that this is an easy knit... that and it is a smaller shawl especially in comparison to the DFS which reaches past my bum. I am looking forward to blocking this - I'm so eager to see it in its proper form!

Pics to follow...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thar she grows!

*waves hi to everyone*

I hope this post finds everyone well... the weekend is here so please enjoy it whatever you do!

I have a progress pic of the Swallowtail to share. I am halfway through the Lily of the Valley Border 2 chart and the nupps are really slowing me down. I know others have posted alternatives to making the nupps, but I may be a purist when it comes to patterns... that or I'm afraid of messing it up by doing something different! Either way, Swallowtail (ST) and I are like best buds, everywhere I go she goes, to work, to the store... everywhere. You see, she's helping me keep my wits about me as the exam I am studying for (well, certain topics within it ex linear programming a.k.a. evil evil subject) is making me question my intelligence. So whenever the feeling comes over me to run naked screaming Maximize profits! Binding Constraints! Sensitivy Analysis! GAHHHHH!!! I whip her out and knit furiously (well as furiously as those interferring nupps let me!).

Well what about the DSL you say? Well, its there somewhere catching dust. I think it will be refreshing to pick it back up and finish it before the year is over. There are a few other projects that I will be starting soon. They are in no particular order, Little Lacy Top - I have the perfect yarn for this... the allhemp3 that was previously dedicated to the Laura Tee. That's right, I am going to frog her. Or rather ignore her and just use the other skeins to start the Little Lacy Top. Then there's the Trapeze Jacket and hopefully these mittens by Eunny Jang. Why in the world would I want mittens when I live in the tropics - a place some akin to a fiery furnace? Well, I might be travelling again to Canada in April and I will NOT be tricked again by those cruel cold bone chilling winds again! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem... the last time I went I brought a storm. With the wind chill it was -30. All this extra layering of fat did NOTHING for me. I was shaking like a leaf. And no offense to North Americans, but I will not believe nary a one of you if you say that the weather is nice in April! Nice to you = hypothermia for me. But I digress LOL - if I go I will be prepared. The only question that remains, is will I be able to knit those mittens? I haven't ever done colourwork (well to that extent). Can KnittyKitty do it?

Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


My hubby is a darling! He dug through the mountain of boxes and found the camera for me and let me know that I didn't need the software to get it running. So I plugged it in (it still had in batteries and all!) and voila! Pics. I know I promised more than these but these are all I can manage for now. Here's the 12 skeins of Rowan Calmer in sour. I know! LOVELY! Next is the progress on my Swallowtail Shawl. I am at repeat 10 of 14 of the Budding Lace 2 chart. I'm using the malabrigo lace in Pink Frost - also from my pal. I'm really enjoying this pattern so far! I would say that it would be good for a first time shawl maker. Very enjoyable so far!

In other non-kniting news, I'm winding down on my assignments. Actually submitted one today. Two more to go then I can study for my exam! My son's birthday is coming up soon so I have to do a little something for him. We plan to do some work on the house as well and get my bike up and running (it's still in the box) so I can get some exercise.

Anyways, I wish everyone a great week knitting and otherwise!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seven radom facts - I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Urban Knitrix!

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here goes!

1. When I was a little girl, I used to believe that the walls and chairs and any inanimate object for that matter, was alive. So if I bumped into the wall by accident I would tell it sorry. Yeah... Enid Blyton messed me up but good.

2. Again, when I was a little girl, I was in love with Michael Jackson. Seriously, in love and faithful to the man. I would sit in the closet and sing his songs and dream of the day we could be together. Darn... if I knew then what I know now. Thank you Lord for not hooking us up!

3. Now, this one may seem pretty weird, but I promise it's true. I've had at least three dreams that have come true. Scene for scene... came true. No, I wasn't drinking or anything of the like. I also get bouts of deja vu... to the point I stop and I have to convince myself that I haven't been here (whereever here is at that
time) before and haven't done whatever before.

4. When I was young (do you see a pattern here?) we used to live in an upstairs and downstairs housing unit and as was the norm back then, I used to pretend that I had long hair by putting my towel over my head and tossing my head to and fro. Well, one day I did that... on the top of the stairs. I apparently missed the first step (damn long hair in my eyes!) and fell down the flight of stairs. Can't remember what happened next.

5. My husband says that I don't blink. I can watch a show that's really really interesting and only blink during commercials. I think he's exaggerating. I blink at least once during the show.

6. I like to watch tv with the sound off. I would just turn on the television and hit the mute button and be very content for hours.

7. I used to fantasize about living in a tree. I would look around and see if there were any trees large enough to carve a big hole out of. I would imagine how cozy it would be just living in there. Again, I blame Enid Blyton and her Enchanted Wood stories. Good thing I grew out of that (I think...) I don't think I'd get a good DSL connection out in the woods!

I have more but I'll keep it to seven. I don't want you all to think that I'm fruity or anything. Gotta go... Forensic Files should be on. I think I'll have it watch me.

Alicia, Koolbreeze, Shorty, Phyllis, Allegra and Becka

Thanks Sherry!

Monday, October 29, 2007

On the Swallowtail train...

I've officially cast on for the Swallowtail shawl. I received the Fall 2006 Interweave magazine, unraveled the delicious skein of malabrigio lace my super pal sent me in the swap and cast on last night. So far so good. The pattern and the yarn are going well together. I feel inspired if somewhat unfaithful to the DSL. I will take DSL to work tomorrow and squeeze in some knits and purls in the hopes of finishing it before my kids graduate in the near future. For some reason I feel energized by the shawl project. I can't really explain it but I'm psyched - actually I think its actually doing something other than k2 p2 over and over again without any apparent results. I'm so inspired that I am up at 1:11 a.m. blogging about feeling inspired. I'll have to add it to my ever growing list of pics to take.
In other news, SP11 is winding down. I am thinking of what to put together for my pal. So far I've been two for two. I really enjoyed this swap - both the giving and receiving. I can't wait to discover who my pal is!
Anyways, I think I need to get to bed. I'm tired but not... until next post!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knitting... where's thy string?

Meh, thought that title would sound cool but maybe after I get a good night's sleep I will think otherwise. Anyways, it's the only thing my brain can come up with at ten past eleven at night. I'm torturing myself it seems... or maybe I'm subconciously trying to see how far I can push myself in the not gettin' any sleep department. Or, maybe, just maybe I've found another site just as addictive as ravelry. It's facebook. Yes, I've heard of it before, but once again I'm late to the party. Everyone and their grandmas are on there. It's cool finding people that I haven't seen in years. Some nice and others that reinforces the reason God didn't give us super special powers. Ah... but that's in the past right? So, why am I not in bed? Why am I up watching reruns of Forensic Files? Well, not watching but having it watch me while I tippity tap on the lappy? I really don't know. Hubby is down for the count and the kids went off to bed literally kicking and screaming some time ago. Well, I'm not sure. I've read some of the required reading for assignment 7 and just have to look at the notes tomorrow. But tomorrow is a little busy for me. I'm hoping to go see the iridologist (no I don't have an appointment but I'm hoping my good looks will get me in - that or maybe she won't be busy tomorrow!) and I have to go get some food to put in the fridge and pay some bills. Oh, did I mention that the kids have tomorrow off? I'll drop them by my mother and go my merry way to do my chores and then collect them later. They will not be happy about that. Ah well!

Tell me, has anyone been watching Heroes? Now, I became a serious fan during season one. Even used to do that little outburst that means "I did it!" that Hiro liked to chirp at the top of his voice. I was confused by the ending but thought nothing of it. Anyways, this new season has started rather shakily for me. It feels like two distinct groups of people are writing the stories. One group is writing the part with the mind reader, Dr. Suresh (can someone please give him a bath? Please?), Peter and Hiro. Another less motivated group seems to be writing the story lines of Mya the bloodeyed hero and her brother, Sylar (sp?) and the new hero New Orleans Muscle Mimic girl and her family. Now here are some of my problems. Generalizations. Race generalizations. Tell me why Mexicans are always portrayed as trying to get across the border? Can't they be seen just catching a plane FOR ONCE?? Tell me why Mya and her brother are so passionate and eager? Tell me why muscle mimic girl is always pursing her mouth like her ol' grammy and talking like she's uber religious? Why is it that her nephew has his hair plait and a bad attitide? Why is it that when miss mimic realises her powers (and oh so suddenly?) she goes and tests it out on um... jump rope??? I would be trying to see if I could knit intarsia, speak Japanese or fly a rocket. She choses jumprope (and why didn't the girl just invite her to join instead of wagging her head and barking at her?) Generalizations people! And why is Clare suddenly so annoying and dumb? And the story isn't meshing. How did Sylar get out that vast jungle and wind up in the path of eager Mya and company? Not making sense! And that little girl that mind reader and Dr. Sweaty seems to have kidnapped is so annoying. ARGGGGHHHHH!!!! I could go on but clearly I'm tired - I know this is just a show but I hate how different races are portrayed so STUPIDLY in shows and commercials!

Anyways, let's see if I can get some knitting content in here. I ordered 6 skeins of Knitpicks shadow in heather, vineyard and something else (yes I ordered it BEFORE Knitpicks announced their sale - grrrrr!) so I get to start the Adamas shawl. I also ordered Knitting Lace Triangles and the issue of Interweave Knits that has the Swallowtail shawl in it. I am excited even though I don't "sound" that way. I'm sleepy and won't go to bed. Maybe, I can get back into some serious knitting and maybe these upcoming projects will somehow propel me to knit faster and finish the DSL already! Sheesh.

I still can't find the camera... maybe I should buy a new one... with printer to boot. So I'll just add those knitting purchases to the list of will post pics.

Gnite. I think.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Of yarn and headaches...

Ugh... what a Sunday. Yesterday I planned on going to church today but today had other plans for me. Last night I went to bed with one of those kinds of headache/eye-ache combinations that makes you just wanna cry. I blame it on the sinuses. Might be sinuses might not be but my past experience says SINUSES. So I took two panadols when I awoke with the tv watching me and went back to sleep... secure in the knowledge that this will be all gone come morning. Morning came and it was still there, somehow empowered by the panadols I took. The entire upper right hand quandrant of my face hurt. The eye, the socket, the area above the eye right down to where my upper and lower jaw bones meet. I slept it off, and woke up with it still there. I lay motionless in the bed, turning only when necessary and it was stil there. At one point I thought the pain had gone (silly me) but when I inhaled it reminded me that it was STILL there. So this evening, I finally got some cataflam from the pharmacy and now I'm like a new woman.

I feel so much better that I can come on here and tell you all about the Knitpicks shadow that I bought in Vineyard and Heather. Adamas shawl here I come! Yes... if you are counting, that's two shawls on the to do list. I also ordered the book Knitting Lace Triangles and the Fall 2006 Interweave Knits edition. Turns out I didn't have that one in the pile. Hmmm.... I wonder how I was going to get the Swallowtail shawl done without it!

In other yarn news, as I mentioned, my awesome pal sent me TWELVE skeins of Rowan Calmer in sour and I promised pics as soon as I got internet connection. Seems I should have promised the pics after I got internet connection AND as soon as I found the camera and the software that goes with it! Seriously people, there are so many boxes in here and I was too lazy to label any of them (and at one point we were just throwing stuff in willy nilly just to get out by the end of month that labeling wasn't a real feasible option anyways)that now I cannot put my hand on either of them. Rest assured, they are twelve skeins of gorgeousness! When I/we get our act together and find the camera (among other things) I will post the long in coming pic.

Well, folks... if my guess is right tomorrow is Monday. AGAIN. I promised (before offending headache) to get all the pressing done (work clothes for hubby and myself and uniforms for both kiddies) for the week. I think I will only do the kids uniforms for the week and let hubby take care of ours for tomorrow.

Until next post! Happy knitting!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thank God for days off... and for yarn to pet

It has been one of those weeks. We've sucessfully (and by successfully I mean with much toil and effort and hair ripping moments) moved from our apartment to our incomplete home. But we're here at least, amid the boxes and the chaos. We have come to the conclusion that the little apartment we lived in for the past five years had a black hole in there some where. There is no way we (and by we I mean me) could have accumulated all that stuff!!!!! There are things in there I haven't seen in years... things from my soap making days, candle making days and rubber stamping days. We will have a garage sale at some point in time but that would entail me going through those boxes. Since my days have changed and my only free day is Fridays, and this is my first Friday off... well let's just say it won't be happening today. On top of it all, I have weekly assignments to submit.

Thank God I have yummy yarn to pet. My knitting has been sorely neglected although I did get a chance to put in a row on the DSL tank during Grey's last night (oh and by the way, I hate George and Izzie). For comfort, I arranged my jaggerspun, BFL sock yarn and malabrigo lace around me and lovingly stroked their delicious softness. If I can't get to knit them now at least I can drool on them a little. I'm supposed to be getting a swift through a friend of mine through a co-op she's a member of. I may just have to use my hubby in the interim to help me unwind my malabrigo... the swallowtail shawl is calling me...

Did I mention that my other package had arrived from my wonderful pal? She (wait for it... she's amazing) sent me TWELVE skeins of Rowan Calmer. Yes people, TWELVE skeins!!! Since we don't have internet at home and I'm using someone else's lappy, it may be a few more days before I get to show them off to you! (And yes, they were in the yarn pile that was comforting me last night. Sigh... my pal is really awesome!

Well, I have to go for now... my reading for assignment 4 is calling me. NPVs and IRRs. I can't wait to get back to my other favorite abbreviations... yo, ssk, k2tog... until then people! Happy knitting!

Friday, September 28, 2007

WOOT, BAh...ugh

Greetings from an upside-down apartment! Things have been fairly chaotic on this end... first the WOOT moment. I received my first package from my secret pal! WOW! I have a wonderful thoughtful pal! In the attached pic you'll see the array of goodies bestowed upon me from my friend in ENGLAND! Below, ranked in no order of yumminess:

1. 1 skein on Malabrigo LACE in Pink Frost. Mmmmmm, can you say yarngasm? This skein is so soft, so fluffy, so delicious, so perfect for a swallowtail shawl! I can't wait to get started!

2. 2 skeins of BFL Sock yarn from The Natural Dye Studio. Absolultely GORGEOUS!! I am already envisioning a pair of anklets for me and a pair of sockies for my daughter.

3. Fall edition of Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits. Beautiful patterns on every page!

4. 1 bar of Warm Vanilla & Neroli luxury soap from Bloomsbury & Tate. MMMMMMMM!!!! This soap smells so awesome, I love it!

5. 1 tiny stamps ink pad for Dana and I box of board stickers for Dylan. My pal is so sweet she remembered my kiddies!

6. 1 cute l'il sheepy key ring! He is so cute! I think I'll save him for the knitting bag I'll eventually buy!

7. Last but not least, a box of Lindt Lindor truffles - a mix of white, dark, hazelnut and regular. Let's just say this box was torn open in the parking lot of the post office!

My pal sent me a lovely handwritten note on handmade floral paper. What a nice touch!

Overall, if you can't tell already, I'm floored by my wonderful pal. She is truly awesome and thoughtful and I am happy to have her as a pal!

As for the BAh... I'm sick. My babies brought home a fresh cold to share with me, compliments of the first few weeks back at school. My throat wasn't painful but it was uncomfortable... at least that's better now, but there's still the congestion and the general fuzzy-headedness. Thanks kids!

The ugh... well it's a mix of things this one... since I'm sick I'm a little behind with the reading for my third assignment. On top of that it looks alot like mumbo jumbo that I'm reading... something to do with linear programming. Next on the list, we're moving this weekend and somewhat behind with that too. Lots of things in boxes, little room to walk and still lots to pack. And no moving van. Did I mention that I was sick? Exactly... ugh.

But I soldier on. I have some new yarn to comfort me and the pleasure of moving in to our new home (still need lots of work but it sure beats paying a mortgage AND rent together!). I'm also keeping an eye out for my pal to see when she receives her package... I hope she likes her stuff!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So today something awesome happened...

My goddaughter Zuri was born and I got to watch! It was one of the most amazing things to participate in [outside of my own birth experiences of course ;) ]. I even cried. I cried and cried when she came out. I overestimated my ability hold in the tears (great, now I have to act all tough again to get my cred back - LOL). I was my friend's lamaze partner for 6 weeks and to be honest, even though I have given birth twice myself I didn't know what to expect... standing on the other end. I prayed about it and I thanked God for Zuri before I left to meet my friend at the hospital. And inspite of her natural fears she did really really well! It brought back so many memories and when I saw my kids later that afternoon I smiled to myself, thinking of my friend... your adventure has now begun. Over the years, my kids have brought me so much happiness and joy... they have taught me and are still teaching me who's the boss things about myself.

Wow. Welcome to the world Zuri!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hey, lookie... a post with a pic!

It's amazing what a little sticky tape can do for a broken camera door. Hubby found some cheapo clear tape and stuck that sucker (aka broken battery door) in place. I was able to take some pics of my current wip - the Drop Stitch Lace Tank. I think I mentioned that the front was done and I'm now struggling working on the back. The k2 p2 ribbing is taking kinda long and it feels like I'm knitting and knitting to accomplish just an inch of work! Anyways, I keep plugging on cause it's an easy knit and the end is in sight. To break up the boredom I've started on the Adamas Shawl. I'm using the gorgeous Jaggerspun that I got from Vanessa's destash. I'm now at row 10 of the upper portion of the shawl and am wondering if this yarn is working for the pattern. I am tempted to buy the knitpicks shadow that's called for in the pattern but two things are stopping me:

1. I really want to knit something to keep my sanity in check while doing the DSL tank back portion and if I stop the Adamas, then I don't have anything to knit meanwhile (actually - not 100% true as I've joined a group on ravelry that will be knitting Saartje's Booties from Sept 2. We will start knitting on that date and see who finishes first or something like that. Now ya'll know who won't be the winner! I'll be donating these to the local NICU at the hospital.)

2. I saw at least two other ladies knit their Adamas with Jaggerspun and it came out lovely each time!

Anyways, we'll see how it turns out by the end of this first chart. If I like it, I'll continue else it's to the frog pond until I get the Knitpicks Shadow.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Dean

Soon to be a category 5 hurricane, Dean passed by us on Thursday night and was still dumping rain and wind on us well into Friday night. And that was only his tail. We here in Barbados have been very fortunate... maybe it's our position off the island chain, or (and I'm leaning towards this explanation) the mercy of God that our little 166 sq mile island (yes, we're smaller than some ranches in Texas) hasn't been blown away in recent times. Not that I'm calling it on us... but all I'm saying is that we've been very fortunate. To the point of complacency even. The last time we were severely hit was by Hurricane Janet back in 1955.

Actually, I have a story about that. Yesterday, my father-in-law told me a story I've never heard before. He told me that when he was a yound lad, he used to spend lots of time with the fisherfolk and was offered the chance to be a helper on the ship for a trip down to Trinidad. He agreed, gathered his few items of clothing in a sack and headed onto the ship. They went through all the procedures of checking crew and ship and soon they were ready to go. Then, suddenly, FIL gathered his belongings and got off the ship. The captain asked "You're not bothering with the trip?" to which my FIl said, "Next time". That was the day hurricane Janet struck. Those men on that ship were never heard from again.

I get goosebumps when I think about it!

We've come a long way where it comes to being able to warn people about an impending storm/ hurricane. Apparently, no one knew Janet was coming and was going about their day as normal. It was only around 2 p.m. (or so I'm told) that people knew a storm was coming. There weren't many phones so people couldn't be alerted that way.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in the path of this monster.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ah, another photoless post

My poor neglected not really working camera just isn't feeling that great and can't take the pics of the progress on my Drop Stitch Lace Tank. It is coming along nicely. It is an easy knit (even though I frogged the beginning twice due to using the wrong then wrong then right needles to start (yes, I did swatch - don't ask me why I had trouble then... long story) and it is simple enough to not be frustrating and the lace keeps it interesting. The Cascade Pima Tencel is very lovely to work with if not a little sheddy. I was wearing a white pants the other day while knitting and by the time I finished some rows of it, the pants had a red fuzz covering it. The fabric is drapey but I can imagine the finished product might still be a tad warm to say, wear to town on a Saturday. It would probably be best worn on a cooler night to a restuarant for instance.

Oooh, and I promise to take pics of the lovely yarn I bought from Vanessa's destash sale. Six balls of Rowan 4 ply in Cheeky, four balls of Rowan Cotton Glace in Candy Floss and another in Bubbles (you know, I might have these names incorrect...) and 4 oz of Jaggerspun Zephyr in Elderberry. And you know what I'm gonna be knitting with that Jaggerspun! Yep, another shawl. Which one to dedicate my time and effort to... I haven't chosen as yet. I also got in the destash Debbie Bliss Simply Soft. Vanessa was also so very generous and sent me this bag! Needless to say, I am very pleased with my haul.

Now, on to Secret Pal 11 news... I got my pal today! YAYAYAY! I'm scoping out her site and plan on sending her a note to let her know she's not alone. I myself received a wonderful note from MY pal! I have to email her and thank her for the ecard she sent as well (I can tell already that I have a wonderful pal!) for my upcoming birthday (this Saturday coming). This is going to be so much fun!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Secret Pall 11!

I've officially joined the SP 11 and boy am I excited! I'm always pumped when it comes to cool things that I can participate in as an international knitter. It promises to be loads of fun and without futher ado, here's my questionaire:

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?

**My fave yarns to knit with would be anything that's drapey and cool and very yummy since I live in the tropics. I have lots of KP Shine/ Cotlin already. I'm loving the Cascade Pima Tencel that I'm using to knit my current project with. I absolutely detest acrylics but would LOVE to get my hands on some Rowan Calmer as it's a mix and I'm told is a dream to knit with. Oooh and the seasilk I knit with lately was delicious also.

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?

**Right now they occupy the top broken drawer of the plastic bin that currently houses my yarn.

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?

**I've been knitting for many years now off an on, and it has only been fairly recently (as in the last year or so) that I've come to understand what it means to knit. Here in Barbados, you get one kind of yarn. Bulky 4 ply acrylic that's really not suitable for such a hot country. When the urge would hit me to knit, I would go to town and resign myself to buying some of this stuff, start a project with any old needles and then toss it to the side because it wasn't what I wanted it to be. Then, I did some research and understood the needle/ yarn connection, found some great yarns online and I haven't stopped since. I think it was my mother who taught me to knit and purl to keep me occupied during the summer. She would go buy me some acrylic and some dpns and off I would go. I taught myself the reset. I would consider myself intermediate/advanced as I can knit intricate lace, cables etc, but I'm still in the dark on fair isle/ intarsia.

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?


5. What's your favorite scent?

**That's a hard one. I like vanilla and cinnamon scents... right now I am loving the pear scented lotion that my husband got me for our anniversary. Basically, anything that's not too strong and overwhelming...

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?

**Ah yes... Lindt Lindor truffles... not the dark kind though. Anything in white chocolate. YUMMMMMMM......

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?

**No, I do not spin. I am in to cake decorating... you know with fondant and making the sugar flowers. I haven't done it in a while but am thinking of starting back again. It's almost as time consuming with all the little accessories to buy as knitting is!

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)

**I like alternative, soft rock, modern gospel (ex Switchfoot) and some of those indie songs you hear on the cast on podcast. My pc can play mp3s.

9. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?

**Recently, I've been leaning closer to lighter shades as my hubby says I look great in lighter colours. I do not like neon bright colours, hot pinks, yellows etc. I like pastel-ly shades.

10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?

**I am married and have two children. One boy (4) and one girl (3). We are looking to expand our family with a small dog.

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?

**No, too hot for here in Barbados. I've actually started a scarf for when I travel overseas, but it's not like I travel regularly or even when I travel, it may not be when it's cold.

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?

** Another tough one... I have a strange relationship with shawls... I love to start them but when they reach the point where they have like 300 or so stitches, I really slow down... but I love the end result. I also like nice tanks and a cardigan or two.

13. What are you knitting right now?

**Currently on the needles is the Drop-Stitch Lace Tank by Stephanie Japel.

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?

**I totally depends on what the gift is.

15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?

** Definitely circular needles. In aluminum. I have some bamboos but the yarn doesn't really slide along as nicely as I would like on them.

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?

**I have a winder but no swift!

17. How old is your oldest UFO?

** Hmmmm, over six months I believe. Poor thing.

18. What is your favorite holiday?


19. Is there anything that you collect?

** I love beautiful boxes... could be small like for jewelery or can be bigger to hold important knick knacks.

20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?

**Hmmm... lessee... I would love to get my hands on some Rowan Calmer, some Jaggerspun Zephyr DK, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, and some Rowan 4 Ply Cotton. Books wise... I wouldn't mind seeing what's in Knitting Lingerie Style. Needles wise, I would like to try the Lantern Moon needles one day. I used to be with Interweave, but they took so long in sending out my subscription that I cancelled them.

21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?

**I would like to learn fair isle and instaria.

22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?

** I knit socks off and on (more off than on). My foot is a size 7.5

23. When is your birthday?

** August 18

24. Are you on Ravelry? If so, what's your ID?

**Yes, I'm on there as KnittyKitty

That's me in a nutshell! I can't wait to get my SP 11 Pal!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ravelry, a new WIP and Centipedes

Hey there knitty people, how goes it? I've been away for a little bit and I can tell how much you've missed me LOL! I've been immersed in Ravelry and having fun. It is so well thought out and user friendly, I wonder why such a place hasn't existed before (at least I don't think such a place has existed before...).

I've started the Drop-Stitch Lace Tank by Stephanie Japel and I'm looking forward to a good knit. Ooh, and I've just purchased the pattern for the Trapeze Jacket from It is absolutely gorgeous! I plan to knit the long sleeved version - Elise in Jaggerspun Zephyr DK that I plan to purchase from I haven't decided what colour as yet, but when I do I'll update (yes, I know you will be waiting on pins and needles till then *grin*)

Aside from knitting, I've rekindled my old neurotic pattern of searching the apartment up and down for things that have oh, about 40 legs. Yes people, I am talking about centipedes. Since living in this apartment for the last 5 plus years, we've only encountered about 5 (counting the little bastard that introduced his nasty self to me while showering... story to follow...) and I've been the fortunate one to be stung by one of them. Luckily, it was a baby one. Lucky in that my elbow where it stung me was only numb for a week. Lucky it didn't sting one of the kids. Anyways, it was on Wednesday after I came from an early morning workout at the gym. I was so beat because the instructor was feeling a tad sadistic and worked us hard! I relaxed for a bit and then went to the shower, envisioning the delicious scent of the Oil of Olay bath wash that promised to energize and pick me up. I reached for the bottle and then reached for the wash cloth. As I plucked it down and began to pour out my pick me up, there in the centre of the wash cloth was a centipede. I screeched and tossed it and the wash cloth to the other side of the shower and promptly got out. Hubby ran in with shoe in hand and slaughtered the nasty thing. I've been looking over my shoulder ever since. I'm back to shaking out towels, pillow case, curtains, looking under the bed, behind the doors and in my clothing for any sign of the evil sh*ts. Centipedes are horrible creatures. One fell on my chest when I was pregnant with my son. We used to live in a house in St. Philip on the very southern end of the island... a parish that seems to be rife with them. That house was so infested that they were living under the toilet! We broke the lease and got the heck out of dodge. From then on, I've been very skeered of them. And with reason too! Those suckers can put you in the hospital. I remember a girl we used to know had one drop from the roof onto her face. It stung her of course, and her face swelled up to three times her regular size.

Ok, enough now... this is a knitting blog not Discovery Channel! Back to my knitting!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Um.... RAVELRY!!!!

Got my invite this morning! WOOHOO!!! I'm on there as KnittyKitty. Anyone wanna be my friend? LOL!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lazy knitting days here in Barbados

Nothing much going on on this end knitting-wise... I've kinda been on semi pause since completing my DFS. I have picked up LT as promised but seriously considered frogging her. I tell you, if this was available in pdf format, I would probably do it. It's not that LT is a bad thing to knit... it's just the mindless stockinette, coupled with the hardness of the hemp. I like this yarn and cannot wait until I have a finished project so I can wash it and have proof that it softens up and drapes beautifully.

I still haven't started my mother's cardigan. Sigh. I need more yarn to inspire me to get going. My "stash" is very small... made up mostly of left over yarn and incomplete projects. One of my problems is figuring out how much yarn to buy if I don't have a pattern in mind and just want the yarn because it's yummy. For example... I would love to get some Rowan Calmer but I'm not sure if to spend the money on 12 skeins and not have enough or buy the 12 skeins and have more than enough but with extras in one colour. I guess it's better to have more yarn of the same colour than not enough. I have kinda sorta cast on for the cozy tank in And So To Bed for my daughter. She saw me with the colours lined up, trying to choose the colour combination and let me know that she loves the pink. Will she wear it? People, I can only hope.

I have also rediscovered the caston podcast. I downloaded the episodes that I missed onto my partially functioning ipod nano, and took it to work. I am so happy that I had Brenda for company... there's just something about her voice that's soothing and makes you want to listen. She's funny and witty and... well, if you are a knitter you know what I mean. I plan to visit some of the other podcasts that she mentions and to further explore her website.

I've also figured out (like duh) one of the keys to churning out projects like the rest of you... I need to stop being a monogamous knitter! If I have like five projects going at once (now, I don't think I can get that done... not right now at least - unless they are really small projects) and I work on them simultaneously I'll be able to have show and tell on a more regular basis. One slight problem though... I would need to have patterns and yarn for more than one project at once before I embark on such an adventurous journey. We'll see... we'll see.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ah, sweet Sunday

Blocked DFS!

Birthday cake - YUM-O!

Today has shaped up to be a wonderful day. One main reason being that it is our anniversary (Happy Anniversary Babe!) but I also spent some quality girl time with my soon to be three year old daughter. Yesterday, we had her party early (her birthday is actually on Tuesday) and she and the other kids had a blast! I keep the parties fairly small... I wanted to invite some of her class mates, but the apartment is small and it would have been totally run over with 37 kids and their parents. Her cake was a chocolate ganache cake - so sinful that I purposely and evilly gave away large portions to the guests. Ingenious I know. I still have a rather sizable chunk in the fridge that I've been dancing around for the whole day... sneaking in the fridge with a fork and making it even around the edges. Snicker. I've attached a pic of the naughty cake. As you can see it's of Dora, my daughter's favourite character. Oh, and those decorations on the top (except for the fruit and the candles are all white chocolate - YUM!

Also, you can see that I've finally blocked my DFS shawl. I went in to the garden with my messed up camera and managed a pic of the shawl. I'm so pleased with it, I can hardly wait to wear it somewhere special. I may do another shawl later in the year if the fancy strikes me.

I also received my books (Fitted Knits, No Sheep For You, Last Minute Gifts, Finishing Techniques, and EZ Calendar) and finally had the time to sit down and read and ooh and aah over the patterns. I lounged in bed as lazily thumbed through the books. I'm quite happy with them and my only regret is not getting them sooner. I think one of my next projects will be the Dropped Stitch Tank from Fitted Knits. It's largest size is still way too small for me but the write up says to choose the size that's 6 inches smaller than your actual size. Still too small. I guess this is why I'm going to the gym. My birthday is coming up soon. I want to make a large yarn purchase and the yarn for this project will be in there. Now, if I can find some other projects that tickle my fancy, I'll be able to buy the yarn for those the same time (Cables and O's is still looking like a must knit). Meanwhile, the needles are sorta empty. I still have LT to complete. The stockinette is really what's deterring me a bit from diving right into this like I should. Sigh, it is a lovely shirt and I am being rather unfair to it by not dedicating more time to it. I'll change that tonight.

Happy knitting everyone!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Diamond Fantasy Shawl

So, it's done! I finally finished the DFS today... and it feels great. This is a beautiful shawl, easy, even if I did mess up on a row or two and had to tink back, but easy to knit. It is fresh off the needles so it's unblocked. I do have some pics but I'm fairly crap at taking beautiful artsy pics (I plan to remedy that with getting serious with photoshop - one day soon) so I'll just post a few of what I took tonight. Here are the stats:

Start date: around June 01
Yarn: Seasilk - Lilypond
Needles: Size 5 - Options (great with this yarn!)
End date: July 16 - approximately 6 weeks - sigh.
Synopsis: Fun easy satisfying knit

Post blocking pics to follow.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

So it's the weekend... time to get the things I've put off doing for ages done. But there's something about Saturdays that makes me feel very lazy. The apartment is upside down and yet I was able to sit for a few hours this morning working on my DFS. I've just completed repeat 8 and am nearing the finish line. I'm getting very excited. Along with the excitement is that feeling that I seem to always get when I'm nearing the end of a project... it's relief mixed with a pinch of anxiety mixed with an overwhelming need to buy more yarn... start a new project... but maybe after a week or so of marvelling at the fact that I actually have an FO. How many would that make for the year? Two? Either I need more time, patterns, yarn and the ability to churn out FO's or all of the above. I have taken a step closer to getting even more patterns by purchasing 5 books from knitpicks! They are Fitted Knits, No Sheep for You, The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques, Last Minute Knitted Gifts and Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac (about time I find out what she's all about). They were 40% off but really they were just a few dollars cheaper than I went with them because didn't have the No Sheep For You available so I went with Knitpicks to keep them all together. I want to be able to drool over them all at once! When they are received, I'll choose a pattern or patterns (from the books or otherwise) and then do a large yarn purchase. My birthday is coming up so I should probably spoil myself, right?

By this evening I should have some progress pics of my shawl. I didn't take any other pics as yet simply because the camera's door is coming off the camera (thanks to my darling son...he dropped it a while back and we haven't gotten it fixed yet) and I have to use scotch tape to secure it. The scotch tape however has run it's course and I need to get some as for some reason we're all out (that reason being my son and my daughter... they saw that episode of Dora where they use sticky tape to fix everything. See where I'm going with this?), so until I get some more, stick down the door and then hide the rest, I'll be sans pics for a little while longer.

Meanwhile, I'm contemplating knitting Monica for my daughter for her birthday. Now, my daughter... she's a darling. Loving and caring and shares with everyone. She doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings (she'll be three by the way) and she's very... um, determined. If she doesn't like something she won't wear it, no matter how many hours, days, weeks you've spent on a item for her. I learned that lesson all too well after I'd completed Katja and she wore it for all of 30 seconds. So I'm a little leery of making this for her. I showed her the pic and she said she liked it but, she's three, she likes Barney and he's big and an awful shade of purple. We'll see. My son wants me to knit him a pants (he's 4) but I may make him a vest to wear to church. Time to dig out And So To Bed (there's a vest in there that would be nice for church even if it's meant for just before going to bed! He nor the vest will know the difference!)

So that's it for now... nothing concrete to work on after the shawl is done... but looking forward to my books and the drool fest that's sure to follow!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back on track...

I know you were waiting with baited breath to see if I resolved my DFS drama (hehehe). Well, I have resolved it after very veray careful tinking back. Four rows and eventually spotting the small mistake that threw me off so severely. Instead of doing a yo I did a knit one. A word to the wise, don't knit a shawl when you're sleepy! Also, don't make a mistake on a shawl and leave it alone... go back! check and see what went wrong before proceeding.

I still haven't started the swatch for Lucy... I took it to work but was busy during lunch so I didn't get to start it. I should do it tonight. Meanwhile my poor poor Laura Tee lays lonely and abandoned atop my basket... right next to Sonata Crest of the Wave. Am I going to finish these? In the words of Lofty from Bob The Builder - um, yeah I think so!

We'll see!

Monday, June 25, 2007

*Bawl* My DFS has a big fat mistake...

I really can't say exactly how it happened but somewhere between round 40 and 43 of the 7th repeat, an error occured. Maybe I didn't do extra yarn overs somewhere (and I suspect it may have been somewhere on round 40) but when I went on to knit row 42 I didn't have enough stitches to complete the round - or so I thought. I completed the 13 repeats and when I went to complete the last few stitches, I only had 5 instead of 11!!! So I picked up stitches (quite horribly I might add) and sucessfully completed the row. The next row was the purl row but when I went to the 44th row, low and behold I had too MANY stitches!!! ARGHH!!! How did that happen? If I had too little on row 42 to complete, added what I needed, why would I then have too many on row 44? Simple, I screwed up somewhere in row 40. Now, I have a clump of stitches where I added them erroneously and unfortunately am not brave enough to tink back to the offending row and undo it. It's already bothering me... big time. I'm soooo close to completing this lovely shawl... I have fantasies of blocking it on my bed... and here I've done something so very wrong with it. What to do? I think I may have to leave it alone for a bit.


Friday, June 22, 2007

I need more yarn!

Oh my oh my oh my. I'm probably the last person to discover No Sheep For You and Fitted Knits (well I have seen them advertised in various magazines and seen some bloggers knit items from them but didn't really think I would be interested in them) and I am impressed! I've put them in my cart at and will soon purchase them. I can't wait! I want to knit Cables and O's from No Sheep For You, but after the DF shawl is done. I actually would like to wait a bit before sinking my needles into that one as I still want to knit my mother's cardigan before her birthday in August. Once again I've changed my mind on what I want to make for her. I've finally settled on Lucy In The Sky from cosmicplutoknits! I really think she'll like it. I still intend to do Pippa but that'll be sometime in the future... since it promises to be a time consuming knit, It's best to get the right yarn for the job. I've also recently purchased some books from amazon (I only wished that I had "discovered" Fitted Knits and No Sheep For You before I shipped them here. Argh). I bought Gorgeous Knitted Afghans, Sensational Knitted Socks, and The Art of Fair Isle Knitting (see why I need even more yarn now?)

Ok, enough of the hankering for yarn (lol). Here's a personality type quiz I shamelessly got from Knitters Delight's page. I think it's spot on (although I'm not sure about the other's finding me boring... then again that may explain a few things. Otherwise it does seem spot on especially career wise.

You Are An ISTJ

The Duty Fulfiller

You are responsible, reliable, and hardworking - you get the job done.
You prefer productive hobbies, like woodworking or knittings.
Quiet and serious, you are well prepared for whatever life hands you.
Conservative and down-to-earth, you hardly ever do anything crazy.

In love, you are loyal and honest. If you commit yourself to someone, then you're fully committed.
For you, love is something that happens naturally. And you don't need romantic gestures to feel loved.

At work, you remember details well and are happy to take on any responsibility.
You would make a great business executive, accountant, or lawyer.

How you see yourself: Decisive, stable, and dependable

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Boring, conservative, and egotistical

What's your personality type?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Half way done...

Here's my DFS. It is coming along swimmingly. I have no complaint about this shawl. The instructions are easy to understand and it knits up pretty quickly. The wrong side of the shawl does not have a pattern to it so basically every other row is easy going. I'm 50% done.

I've changed my mind again about the cardigan I want to knit for my mother. I'm now thinking I would like to knit Pippa from My Fashionable Life's site. It's very beautiful but it looks like it might be a challenge. I might be up for it. I also want to knit another cardigan for myself. I'm thinking of knitting the Nantucket Jacket from the Interweave Knits winter 2006 issue... but with longer sleeves. Maybe I should finish my LT. We'll see.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Having fun with my seasilk

I love LOVE this yarn! It is knitting up wonderfully and it goes very well with the DFS pattern. I am enjoying this pattern very much as well! It is less complicated than the Mountain Lace Shawl and it is working up beautifully! I am more confident with it and am almost finished the second repeat of the shawl (10 repeats for the shawl and 6 for the scarf I think).

There's not much to show right now... looks like a mass of bumps (I guess that's why Sivia instructs to "block severely". I really can't wait until it's done. It's going to be stunning!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Loveliness anyone?

My seasilk came! I got it much earlier than I thought I would and am very happy with it. I'm hoping to make this with it. I hope it's a good marriage of yarn and pattern! Or I just might change my mind. There are a few other shawls that I could see this yarn with. Oh the possibilities!

I'm also casting on for this for my mother. Her birthday is in August but I hope to be done way before then! (but then again... I knit like a snail on Ambien). For this I'll be using Knitpicks Shinesport in Sky. She likes blue so I think she'll enjoy the finished product.

Tonight I hope to do a little updating to the blog... just to post some of my FOs... not alot mind you as yarn is a little more difficult for me to get. Herein lies my problem. Here in Barbados, the only yarn you can get is acrylic and the thick kind. Not suitable at all for this boiling hot weather (think 86 degrees but feels like 96 with a uv index of 10!!!! yeah, that hot). So I have to buy my yarn from overseas. This wouldn't be a real problem except for the fact that some yarn companies don't ship directly to Barbados and if they do it costs alot to do so. So I have to send my yarn to a US address and then they ship them on to me but it takes a week or so (if customs is slow)... so when I buy yarn, I try to think of all the patterns and yarn that I could buy at one time (to cut down on shipping/ customs costs). So it can take a while between yarn purchases. Anyways, I'm always happy when I get my goodies!

Monday, May 28, 2007

I can't believe it - a FO!

Goodness gracious... a FO. I've finished Sahara and it turned out GREAT! I have to say here in the early that I hate HATE stockinette stitch... it just goes on and on and on. I even taught myself a "new" way to hold my yarn while throwing (I'm an English knitter and a very slooooow one at that - sometimes I wonder if I'm the slowest knitter out there... I see people zip through their projects and I just sit here seething with jealousy in awe that they are so fast!) as I'm pretty sure I was holding it in the least efficient manner there is for an English knitter.
I don't remember when I started this... I would hazzard a guess to mid-April? Which would make it almost six weeks of knitting (told ya I was slow) this kinda off and on. I put down the LT and tentatively picked up the Sonata Crest of the Wave Tank (remembered why I put it down in the first place and gently put it back from where I got it) so that could account for maybe a week? But six weeks it took me to complete this baby. I knit it a size smaller as I'm on a journey to better eating habits (pretty speak for I'm on a diet).
Here are the stats:

Yarn: Tilli Tomas in Limeade
Needles: Knitpicks options sizes 7 and 5
Time to knit: Approximately six weeks

I've also attached a pic. It is very fresh off the needles (finished it less than an hour ago!) and unblocked. I need to find out how to block this Tilli Tomas yarn as the instructions say that it's dry clean only.

I'm not sure what my next project will be. I've ordered this in the colourway Lilypond and am waiting patiently for its arrival. I plan to make a shawl with it and based on all the raves it's gotten I almost can't wait. It is nice however, to have my hands quiet if for a very short time. I get to browse the blogs of other more accomplished knitters and think to the day when my work too will look so polished, so beautiful, so enviable LOL!

Until then!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Awesome-ness from my swap pal

So there was a secret yarn swap over at KnittingHelp and I participated. It was a great experience seeing all the different delicious yarns people gave to each other!

Here's a pic (taken by the receipient) of the yarn and goodies that I sent. I'll tell you the truth, I was torn at first between quanitity and giving her what she really wanted. In the end I went with what she really wanted because afterall she would enjoy something that was on the top of her "I want" list more right? And she did. This is a skein of Lobsterpot yarn from kyarns in Beach plum and some of her favourite teas from her favourite tea shop:

Now, here's what I received from my wonderful swap pal! I'm telling you, it was such a pleasure receiving all this goodness... she really took the time to get all the details right, from the "take-out" boxes she put the yarn in, the toys for my kids, the yarn itself, the magazine and books and patterns and how it was all packaged. I feel really special.

Total package:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Box contents:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Toys for kids! Cinderella outfit and trucks:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Book, magazine, patterns and a glimpse of Crayon:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Recipe book for kids, patterns from Knitty:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Take-out of yarn! Shinesport, Cotlin, Crayon, and some Bebe Baby balm:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

What a haul! I really need to get a bigger storage unit for mt stash and books! I can't believe it! I have a stash!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello there blog, I've missed you!

So what has been happening on this end? Nothing much I can tell you that. I've been working on the LT and Sahara simultaneously and let me tell you, it makes for sloooow knitting. The right front (is it?) of the LT is done and I'm still on the left front. The hemp is stil fairly rough to work with and I'm really hoping that it turns out as soft as it looks in the book.

Sahara is coming along nicely. I'm using my new Knitpicks options to knit this with and it's lovely. It's going slowly though.

On my to finish list is this bag - Knitpicks Rick Rack purse. I felted this ages ago but still haven't found a piece of lining that I like and I'm not sure about that hot pink ribbon I have running through it. Definitely have to change this one up and it'll be a gift for my daughter.

Here are some books that I recently purchased... And So To bed, Pursenalities and One Skein Wonders. I'm very impressed with all three and hope to start working from at least one of them soon... but it's nice to know that I have them here!

From the And So To Bed, the Lula doll is next on my list to make. I'll be making it for my daughter but I have to dye the yarn first. It'll be my first dye experience! Which reminds me, I have to buy some black tea today to get it done.

Finally, here are some stitch markers that I bought from Charles Lee. He's done a wonderful job on them and I love them!

I hope to have some FO's on here soon! It seems like a long time since I've had any!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ok, so it's not so bad

In my last post I was freaking about the mess progress on my Laura Tee (LT). I got some great assistance from someone at the biggirlknits group at yahoo but I'm stuck again. I'm waiting for the errata to be reposted as promised but meanwhile, I keep posting at the group and asking questions. Hopefully they don't get tired of my questions (I doubt it as they seem to be a very nice group)... so for now I wait.....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I confess.. I haven't a clue...

So like I said, I'm knitting the Laura Tee from Big Girl Knits. It was going fine until I realised there are some errors in the pattern. Seems there was an errata link on the biggirlknits site that somehow disappeared. Anyways, I trudged on through and figured it out and now I come to the realisation, once again, that I haven't a clue on how this top is structured! I've turned it this way and that and can't for the life of me figure out which part is the neck, the bust... the sleeve stitches are currently being held hostage on a holder until the time comes for me to start on it and join it to the rest of the body. I just can't see how it will fit!! AUGH! I can't find anyone else online who has completed this tee or has any progress shots or anything. I'm sorely, VERY sorely tempted to start ripping it out. I'm the kind of person that likes to be able to see my projects taking shape... I feel good when I know the neckline is here and the sleeves are here etc. Maybe it's the missing errata and the lack of a proper schematic in the book that has me itching to set this thing on fire. GAH!!!!!

I might carry on with it. For now I will set it aside and go visit some blogs to see what other knitty folk are up to. I'll also be looking for a fairly easy fair isle pattern to try. I'm also thinking of redoing this blog. If only I had the time set out in my mind to force myself to sit and plan it out. One of these days...

Here's my progress. Bah.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slowly, ever so slowly coming out of my rut...

I've started back knitting. Yes, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. I've picked back up the Laura Tee... still ignoring the Sonata Crest of the Wave tank for now. I've also ordered this, the book that the pattern is found in - and so to bed, pursenality plus, one skein wonders and the famed knitpicks options needle set.
I would love to get my hands on some Rowan calmer, some tahki bali bamboo yarn and some more lace weight yarn. There's at least one baby that I want to knit a blanket for too. I see Morehouse has a baby blanket kit that I'm interested in as well. That baby is due in August so I have some time to get my act together for that.
Meanwhile, I've recently purchased some stitch markers from here. Aren't they lovely? (now if I figure out how to get these pics to place correctly in this blog - argh!)

Oh yes, I did forget to post the socks I received from my sock pal on the knittinghelp Sockintine swap. Here they are:

The socks are made from cotton lycra, colour field of violets and the pattern is corded rib from SKS.

The new knitty is out. I like Isabella and hope to make it sometime this year. Another "this year" project will be something in fair isle... some sort of intricate colour work. I can't wait to try something new! Now if I can just sort out a way to get my yarn in good time and through a reliable system. Argh - living in the tropics!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Mini knitting hiatus...

So I haven't picked up my needles in a little bit now, since completing the knittinghelp sockintine sock swap. I tried going back to the Sonata Crest of the Wave Tank but knit less than a row and put it down. There's the stitchdiva Sahara (short sleeved version) that I am thinking of tackling next (even though I have already started the Laura Tee). I feel really uninspired and am thinking of doing a purse or something like that. There's the Ruffled Surplice from the new Interweave Knits that I have my eye on (it will cost me BDS$255.00 approximately to make - ack!) so there are projects to do... it's just to work up the get go to do them.

I hope this dry spell doesn't last too long!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pomatomus socks done...

Wow, what a feeeling! I can honestly say I feel like I've been knitting those socks nonstop for a year! But they are finally done! I feel like I can now return to my life as I knew it LOL! I did run into a snag on the socks. I ran out of yarn. The pattern called for 175 yards (was it?) and the Claudia Handpainted yarn was only 172 yards. Ugh. Why didn't I notice this before? I think I was so eager and happy to have finally found a pattern to compliment the yarn that I didn't realise I wouldn't have enough to finish the socks. So I what I had to wind up doing was using extra yarn similar in colour but not as dark so you can see the big difference. But I really wanted to get my swap pal something extra. If I had bought extra yarn I wouldn't have been able to get her something extra as I would have been way over my budget (and not to mention I need $2 of my dollars to make $1 of US dollars). Anyways, you can see the finished product that I hope to send out today.

What's next on my list? Well there's the Laura Tee, I have to finish my Sonata Crest of the Wave Tank and maybe a pair of my own socks. Who am I kidding? I'm not touching another pair of socks for awhile!

Monday, January 15, 2007

One poma poma down, another to go...

man! That sock was a little time consuming to make! I have a couple mistakes in there and worst of all, I've dipped into my second skein of yarn to finish the toe on this. I feel better now that I can start the other sock and get these off to my pal. I'm also looking around for some nice things to include in her package (hmmmm... I wonder if my pal is sending me something special in addition to my socks - is it juevenile to wonder? I just like getting nice packages!) Anyways, I've seen some local jewelery but that may seem too personal as we haven't even conversed on kh or outside of kh so I'm not sure how that would go over. I'm thinking of sending a cake as well... as small rum cake. It's not the traditional cake we make at Christmas and for weddings but it's nice enough to eat a whole one if you're not careful. I'm also thinking about sending some local sweets... not the sugarcake tho. I don't think it will survive the trip over there and stale coconut can give a sock pal a bad case of the runs. Soooo, what else what else? She likes a certain something but to order it will be very expensive. So I'll stick to the cake and a little carved turtle or something with the words Barbados splashed across it? She'll know for sure who the socks are coming from. Should I even keep my identity secret after I've sent them? I'm thinking of sending the package from another country I'll be visiting in February to throw her off (going all out eh? LOL) but I may be going too close to valentines day so that may not work.

Anyways, here's a pic of the lonely sockie that needs its ends woven in. I'll start its twin later after I've played around with my new phone. Technology at my fingertips! I'm excited!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Getting ready for chilly weather...

overseas of course! You didn't think we got snow here right? LOL! Where I'm going is expected to be VERY cold and I need to be prepared. Out comes my secret weapon! Malabrigo! I sure hope it does the trick! I want to knit a scarf and some mittens before then. Wish me luck!

Also, here's an update on my Pomatomus socks (I seem to be having trouble spelling that word!)

I've got alot of knitting to do!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pomatomus it is...

I've restarted the sock since deciding on doing the Pomatomus pattern from knitty. I've just finished the initial part of the cuff and now going into the pattern. I really hope I'm doing this right cause I feel like time's running out! Aaaaackkkkk!!!! I really REALLY don't want to have to start over with a new pattern or restart this one so I hope I'm doing good.

Here's a pic.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Yummy yarn... not so yummy knit up

Ok, I frogged the sock. This yarn is absolutely gorgeous. No if ands or buts about it. I simply cannot find a pattern that will complement it well. I can knit a plain sock but I feel like I'll be cheating my swap pal kinda by doing that... I wonder if the person that's knitting for me is having this same kind of trouble.

Anyways, I'm now going with Lorna Laces Shepherd sock in Carrot. I'm now doubting myself again. At this rate these socks are not going to get knit!!! I want to travel at the end of the month so I need to get these done and posted by then. Oh the self imposed agony! Nothing seems to be good enough for my partner... my partner that doesn't even really post to the Sockintine thread.

So, shall it be Baudelaire, Hedera, Kew, or Pomatomus?


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sockintine well on it's way

Tonight I'm busily, quietly, happily knitting socks. I'm one repeat in on the socks that I plan to give to my sock pal for the Sockintine swap over at I'm using Claudia's Handpainted yarn in John B. It's a variegated yarn and I wasn't so sure that it was turning out ok, but I was reassured that it was so I'm pressing on. I am hoping that my sock pal enjoys them when she gets them along with a few other goodies I plan to send her. I don't really know that much about her... I've read most of her posts as a background study (LOL) and I know there is one thing she's crazy about but I'm not sure I can get it here... would have to order it online and hope it gets here before I send off her package. I want to send it at the end of January so that I would give the postal system enough time to get it to her (although I think it should only take a week, but better safe than sorry I say!) I've included a pic of my earlier progress on the sock.

I'll get back to it. 'night!