Friday, June 27, 2008


Heeeelllloooooo... what's shaking people? How are things on your side of ye ole world? Way over here on my end things are ok. Been doing a little (and by little I mean half of a row here and a bit more there) knitting lately. I've been busy doing a bit of this and that. I'm thinking of starting the Pi Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman... if I do make a solid decision on it I may use that Jaeger Trinity that's been sitting in my stash lonely and unused ever since I bought it. I'm not sure why I want to knit this giant thing outside of the fact that it looks interesting. But will I use it? It may be too heavy to wear in this weather so maybe I can use it as something to keep me warm at night while laying on the sofa watching tv or something. Then in that case why not just knit a blanket and be done with it? As you can tell I'm still undecided.

One thing for sure that I will be making in the near future is the Deep V Argyle Vest by Eunny Jang. This is my foray into Fair Isle (remember it was in my list of to knits? You don't remember? That's ok). We're having a Fair Isle Kal on the Knitters of the Caribbean Group over on ravelry. If you're a member of ravelry, feel free to stop on by and say hi and better yet, join in on the KAL. The more the merrier!

So apart from not really knitting, I've been doing alot of thinking. Here are some of the things that's been on my mind:

1. How is it that a job that's supposed to take 12 days has somehow morphed into 5 weeks? Does anyone know where the good workers are hiding??

2. Who in the world gives driving licences to people who's main purpose in life to drive as recklessly and selfishly as possible? I'm talkin' to you Mr. who swung out of the intersection yesterday clearly ignoring the stop sign thereby nearly crashing in to our car that was occupied by my ENTIRE family (hubby, myself and the kids) and then laughed as you pulled away?

3. Why do people think that everyone who says they are a Christian really is a Christian because they say so? I can say that I am a cat but that doesn't make me one.

4. Why do people who are not Christian keep walking around saying they are Christian when they clearly are not? (I'm just a lot peeved at the Christian bashing I'm seeing over on ravelry)

5. How is it that my son has grown up so fast! He's now a yellow belt in Taekwondo. And how is it that my baby girl is no longer a baby?? She turns FOUR next month.

6. Why is it so hard to never weary of doing good? How do you brush yourself off and get going again knowing that history might repeat itself?

Anyways, I hope you are having more knitting sucess than I have. I was hoping to have more FO's by this time - 6 months into the year. Maybe I'll get some more inspiration and get cracking on new and exciting things!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Comforting to know...

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Monday, June 02, 2008

A fleeting sense of accomplishment

Hey gang. I am so busy that it isn't even funny (it stopped being funny a few weeks ago when I realised the ever growing list of things for me to do was just that... ever growing. Being somewhat an over achiever I think I can do anything at anytime - heck even two at a time! Somewhere along the line I got someone's an*lrensive qualities... very useful when being a fiddler of numbers, not so much when juggling three or four things at once. I am well aware my current state of affairs is 100% my doing and at the end of it I will clap myself of the back for doing many jobs well done - that is if I get to the end of it in one piece! Anyways, this is supposed to be a drive by post as I've divided up all the available minutes between now and three a.m. and cannot divert from the plan or the world will fall apart as we know it (a little melodramatic but it's part of the panic mode I'm in).

Without further griping ado, here's Adamas. And she's stuck to the wall! Trowel plastic has a few applications and today it is to show off a finished knitted item. What do you think?

Adamas Blocking

Look ma, no hands!

My "signature" floor shot LOL!!

I'm sort of happy with it. I mean it's all light and airy and beautiful but it just looks smaller than other Adamas-es. I mean, I've blocked the snot out of her but I'm not sure it looks the same.


Pattern - Adamas Shawl by Miriam Felton
Yarn - Knitpicks Shadow - Sunset
Yardage - 1 and a quarter (approx) skeins
Duration - 6 months

Overall feeling - a nice knit... very long as most shawls tend to be, good pattern and not a head scratcher.

Also as promised, a few pics of the Knitpicks Gloss yarn in Dolphin and Parsley. The parsley colourway is for socks for hubby. He's very excited to get a pair and we've found a pattern that he likes. So when things get back to a less hectic form of normal, he will get his socks. Oh and my Best of Interweave Knits Book. Not blown away by it but it's nice.

Knitpicks Gloss - Parsley

Knitpicks Gloss - Dolphin

Best of Interweave Knits

Ok, off with me now. By late next week I should be able to do more in depth blog stalking sessions. Until then, take care everyone!