Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shaking off the holiday blues

Hi all,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and while enjoying the gifts, also remembered the reason for the season - the birth of Jesus our Lord.

Things have been quiet on my end. Knitting wise, I've cast on for the Adamas shawl, wavy from knitty and am still plugging away on the DSL tank (are you tired of hearing me talk about this yet?). The wavy scarf is for my husband's aunt in New York. She's complaining of the cold and since I had the wavy partially started from last year's attempt for my visit to Canada, I decided I would finish it for her. I'm using the malabrigo in colourway brown sugar. I think I shall make either a hat or a pair of mittens for her daughter who's been so kind to us up to recently, sending in the kids' Christmas gifts that I sent to her address so she could mail them to me. I'm leaning more towards the hat as it's a quicker knit and I might not have enough yarn to do the mittens anyways (I was thinking along the lines of the convertible mittens I saw on knitty).

Looking back on the year, I realised I have not met some of my knitting goals - one of the main ones being learning fair isle/ intarsia. This still remains a goal of mine and will add it back to the list of "must accomplish in 2008". What about you? What are your goals knitting wise for the coming new year? Another one of mine will be to knit faster and to get more than three projects out for the year. I understand this will include letting go of my previous tendencies to knit monogamously and put more projects on the needles at one time - I've already started!

Here's the Adamas shawl. I am enjoying her thus far. I know this may take me more than a month but I'm chugging along faithfully:

And here's Wavy:

And finally, the DSL progress:

There's still what to do with my Rowan Calmer. I think I might wait a bit to cast on something special as I have once again come to the grim reality that is my size. We borrowed my BIL's camera to video record the kids opening their presents. One moment the camera was focused on their little happy faces, the next it panned very unflatteringly to my overweight form. I really need to do something about this. How to do it though when I am stoveless and ovenless? (that's a loooong story but at least the cupboards will be done soon enough for us to get those two coveted items - and you betcha I will be posting pics of them!) It will take a great deal of perseverance and commitment on my part (two things that I have sorely lacked in - up till now I daresay) to prepare our lunches elsewhere, pack em up and reheat them for the next day. But I must try as it will be very veray heartbreaking to knit up my beautiful calmer and it not fit. I guess that's why I'm kinda stuck on shawls for now. One size fits all!


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Bajanknitter said...

Thanks God you've shaken off those blues....everything looks great so far, keep on trucking I can't wait to see the final products. Yeah!!! for you.