Friday, June 01, 2007

Loveliness anyone?

My seasilk came! I got it much earlier than I thought I would and am very happy with it. I'm hoping to make this with it. I hope it's a good marriage of yarn and pattern! Or I just might change my mind. There are a few other shawls that I could see this yarn with. Oh the possibilities!

I'm also casting on for this for my mother. Her birthday is in August but I hope to be done way before then! (but then again... I knit like a snail on Ambien). For this I'll be using Knitpicks Shinesport in Sky. She likes blue so I think she'll enjoy the finished product.

Tonight I hope to do a little updating to the blog... just to post some of my FOs... not alot mind you as yarn is a little more difficult for me to get. Herein lies my problem. Here in Barbados, the only yarn you can get is acrylic and the thick kind. Not suitable at all for this boiling hot weather (think 86 degrees but feels like 96 with a uv index of 10!!!! yeah, that hot). So I have to buy my yarn from overseas. This wouldn't be a real problem except for the fact that some yarn companies don't ship directly to Barbados and if they do it costs alot to do so. So I have to send my yarn to a US address and then they ship them on to me but it takes a week or so (if customs is slow)... so when I buy yarn, I try to think of all the patterns and yarn that I could buy at one time (to cut down on shipping/ customs costs). So it can take a while between yarn purchases. Anyways, I'm always happy when I get my goodies!

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urbanknitrix said...

OOOHHH, I love the colors. Pink and green always look good together. How is the seasilk? I have been eyeing it for awhile, but have not bought any yet. Happy knitting!!