Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ravelry, a new WIP and Centipedes

Hey there knitty people, how goes it? I've been away for a little bit and I can tell how much you've missed me LOL! I've been immersed in Ravelry and having fun. It is so well thought out and user friendly, I wonder why such a place hasn't existed before (at least I don't think such a place has existed before...).

I've started the Drop-Stitch Lace Tank by Stephanie Japel and I'm looking forward to a good knit. Ooh, and I've just purchased the pattern for the Trapeze Jacket from It is absolutely gorgeous! I plan to knit the long sleeved version - Elise in Jaggerspun Zephyr DK that I plan to purchase from I haven't decided what colour as yet, but when I do I'll update (yes, I know you will be waiting on pins and needles till then *grin*)

Aside from knitting, I've rekindled my old neurotic pattern of searching the apartment up and down for things that have oh, about 40 legs. Yes people, I am talking about centipedes. Since living in this apartment for the last 5 plus years, we've only encountered about 5 (counting the little bastard that introduced his nasty self to me while showering... story to follow...) and I've been the fortunate one to be stung by one of them. Luckily, it was a baby one. Lucky in that my elbow where it stung me was only numb for a week. Lucky it didn't sting one of the kids. Anyways, it was on Wednesday after I came from an early morning workout at the gym. I was so beat because the instructor was feeling a tad sadistic and worked us hard! I relaxed for a bit and then went to the shower, envisioning the delicious scent of the Oil of Olay bath wash that promised to energize and pick me up. I reached for the bottle and then reached for the wash cloth. As I plucked it down and began to pour out my pick me up, there in the centre of the wash cloth was a centipede. I screeched and tossed it and the wash cloth to the other side of the shower and promptly got out. Hubby ran in with shoe in hand and slaughtered the nasty thing. I've been looking over my shoulder ever since. I'm back to shaking out towels, pillow case, curtains, looking under the bed, behind the doors and in my clothing for any sign of the evil sh*ts. Centipedes are horrible creatures. One fell on my chest when I was pregnant with my son. We used to live in a house in St. Philip on the very southern end of the island... a parish that seems to be rife with them. That house was so infested that they were living under the toilet! We broke the lease and got the heck out of dodge. From then on, I've been very skeered of them. And with reason too! Those suckers can put you in the hospital. I remember a girl we used to know had one drop from the roof onto her face. It stung her of course, and her face swelled up to three times her regular size.

Ok, enough now... this is a knitting blog not Discovery Channel! Back to my knitting!

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Hi Lisa just wanted to tell you your FO'S are yummy and your blog is very interesting anf funny at times keep it up.