Friday, January 25, 2008

Testing... testing...

Good morning all! *yaaaaaaaaaaawn*. How's everyone doin'? It's FRIDAY! My day off... so to speak anyways. I usually end up doing one zillion things anyways but it's still nice not to have to go to the office at least one work day a week. Today, I have a few errands to run and I hope to complete them in good time and be back home for a little me time before I go back out to collect the kids.

So, I have a little pic to show you guys. Remember one of my last posts regarding the sock that was too big? Well I changed my mind and decided that I wanted the socks instead of gifting them to someone simply because they were too big for me! Why not just frog it and start over? Well, I did just that and instead of using the figure 8 cast on like I did the last time I used Judy's Magic Cast On and got a waaaay nicer toe than with the figure 8. I've cast on 48 stitches and am off again. I hope these won't be too tight now as the last ones were 64 stitches and too baggy. Anyways, here's my test pic using my Motorola Z3 phone camera (2 megapixels - I guess you can guess at the quality of the pic right now!)

I really need a new camera! I'll have to hop back over to Adrienne's blog and read up again on her suggestions for a camera and see if anything pops out at me. And I'll check amazon too.

Well people, I'm off to take the kids to school. Have a wonderful and blessed day ya'll!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let the madness begin...

Any American Idol fans out there? (Sigh) the first episode of season seven showed tonight. Same ol' same ol'. I'm not sure if I read somewhere that there is a twist of some sort for this season. *yawn*. I have this love-hate relationship with AI. The same silly for tv "singing" gets old for me after about the first two or three episodes but I still watch anyways. I'm one of those people who can't stand to see when someone is getting embarrased so I spend alot of time with my hands in front of my eyes and my thumbs in my ears. I predict lots of sob stories and heartfelt auditions where "good" people are given a chance at stardom. I get drawn in and get committed to the show only to be disappointed and swear never to watch again when people like Mandisa, Paris and Chris Daughtry get booted from the show and people like Sanjaya get chance upon chance. See my problem?

In knitting news, I am making progress on my DSL - it's still eating skeins of yarn for lunch with no end in sight. This DSL is a tricky one. I'm telling you - the other day after knitting every free minute on it, I lined it up against the front portion and estimated another six plus inches to go. Yay! I thought. Tonight, after knitting on this thing for a few days, I'm still about six inches away from matching the front to the back. ARGHHHH! I'm also knitting a pair of simple toe up socks on two needles with my Regia yarn in crazy colour colourway. I have a sneaky suspicion that these might be too big for me. My feet are about a size 7.5 in regular and 8.5 in sneakers and this socky is swallowing my foot whole, and since I like snug sockies, these are now a designated gift. Which reminds me - I haven't mailed the scarf and mitten set as yet! Must get on that pronto. Adamas is lounging in my knitting basket just waiting for me to pick it back up again.

Also, I've finally listened to all of the knitpicks podcasts. I will tell you the truth, I wan't sure if I liked this podcast at first as I had been exposed to Brenda Dayne for far too long LOL and Kelley's style was a little too "scripted". But Kelley grew on me and I couldn't get enough. I downloaded the episodes and they kept me company at work. Kelley's style and her passion for knitting is infectious and now I look forward to hearing her and Xena every Friday.

Non-knitting news - It's election day here in Barbados. Wow, that time has really flown. Ours is a simple process as compared to the head scratching process that's US prolitics (I just don't understand how it works). The good thing about this election is that I may have a day off tomorrow if a particular party wins or Friday if the other party wins. It betters be tomorrow 'cause I already get Fridays off!

Anyways people, I am veray sleepy. Hopefully I will have some pics of my wips soon!



Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quiet knitting days here in Barbados

Goodnight from my sleepy island. It's after 10 here and I am in betwix and between. Lately, I've developed a feeling of restless expectancy and anticipation for the knitting new year. I have been steadily lurking on many blogs and would actually like to find some others to add to my growing list of blog favourites. I am feeling particulary inspired by the FOs that I've seen come off of some needles as Christmas gifts. Add to that a constant diet of the knitpicks podcast and you can begin to understand how I feel. There are some books that I have lined up to purchase and I am researching the yarns I will need to simultaneously aquire in order to ease the tension I feel building. This is one of the drawbacks of living on an island - access to things that others take for granted - especially if those things relate to knitting - can certainly put a cramp in a Caribbean girl's style, particularly when she wants to get her knitting on.

One of the many books that I have lined up is Sensual Knits. This books is absolutely stunning and it has styles that a plus sized person can knit and wear. As usual, I may come late to the party but I catch on real quick. Another book I am interested in is The Sweater Workshop. This is a book I had stashed in my knitpicks cart as a must purchase and Kelly Petkun in her podcast reinforced that decision by naming this a must have. I have been tinkering with some designs and I believe this book will help me accomplish one of my goals on creating my own designs. For me this is a big undertaking and I will tread with great care. Check me back in a few months.

Oh, I almost forgot! I have another FO - I don't have proof of it as the camera is currently playing the fool once again and I don't feel like wrangling with it tonight. Remember that mitten that was holding on to dear life to the scarf with it's ends all hanging out? (no? just read the previous post) Well, I've finished it's twin and I suspect that it might be just a wee bit shorter that the first one (nothing that a little stretching and pulling won't correct) and I'm happy with it. WIll I ever do mittens again? Yes, I think so. But this time I will attempt the convertible ones. I could have done that this time around but I really didn't feel like spending a terrible amount of time on these gifts... remember I'm feeling restless.

I also have been playing around with the idea of forming a knitting group here. People around here reserve knitting for old grammas and then still ask you - "What are you crocheting?" They call yarn wool. Everything is wool. Present them with a delectable skein of Lobster Pot Cashmere yarn and it will be promptly and unapologetically labelled wool. I learnt very quickly to NOT correct people when they say wool. It generally confuses them. But, oddly enough, I did meet a woman (my stand in hairdresser) who was able to correctly identify my work as knitting and she said that she used to knit all sorts of wonderful stuff. I must say that my efforts to get her back in the saddle were wasted as she's much too busy now for knitting. I was a little aghast as she did know what she was missing!! Anyways, I'm pretty sure my friend bajanknit will be there. I've already thought of a couple places that a group of women with needles could meet. The challenge now will be how to find these women. Surely there must be some other people on this island besides us two that love to knit and actively do so! Maybe there are some expats out there too that are sitting at home all lonely thinking that they have no one to knit with. Any suggestions on how to go about finding people will be greatly appreciated!

Anyways, I've rambled on long enough. I'll go now and see who has won the battle between Batali and Oliver and do a few more rows on my DSL - yes, that's right! I've been knitting on the DSL and I am confident that by the time it has swallowed the last few skeins of Pima Tencel, I will have a beautiful finished object to add to my first two for the year!


Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ok, so I'm six days late but the sentiment is the same. I wish you and your families all the best for the new year.

How has the new year started for you all? So far so good on this end both knitting and otherwise. I am very hopeful for good and wonderful things for this year and beyond.

One of the things that has made my month so far is the arrival of this:

That's right people, hubby bought me a Jordana Paige bag for Christmas! I LOVE it! It is simply gorgeous and divine to touch. The tweed of the flap and the green of the back of the bag go well together and the inside is very spacious. I can see lots of books and projects going in there! I don't care what outfit I'm wearing, this is my new everywhere bag. It has space for my glasses, various cards and my cell phone. I'm in lurve. LOL!

Now here's FO #1 for the year - the wavy scarf from

Unfortunately, this scarf will not have the pleasure to be carried around in my new bag - and I'm glad too cause you know what? I HATE scarves!! This has been a time sucking project, and absolutely no offense to those who make scarves - in fact I applaud you, but I don't think I'll be doing another one of these anytime soon. Not that I would need to anyways because of where I live but if the feeling ever strikes me to make another scarf I will strike it back! And yes, that's a mitten holding on to dear life to the scarf with its ends not woven in. In a few minutes I plan to start mitten number two and send these gifts off the the hopefully very happy receipients.

There are a couple of things that I'm thinking of doing to the blog - just to freshen it up for the new year. Now if I can just figure out how to change the background and rearrange some things on here maybe I could actually do it.

Cheers people!