Sunday, September 16, 2007

So today something awesome happened...

My goddaughter Zuri was born and I got to watch! It was one of the most amazing things to participate in [outside of my own birth experiences of course ;) ]. I even cried. I cried and cried when she came out. I overestimated my ability hold in the tears (great, now I have to act all tough again to get my cred back - LOL). I was my friend's lamaze partner for 6 weeks and to be honest, even though I have given birth twice myself I didn't know what to expect... standing on the other end. I prayed about it and I thanked God for Zuri before I left to meet my friend at the hospital. And inspite of her natural fears she did really really well! It brought back so many memories and when I saw my kids later that afternoon I smiled to myself, thinking of my friend... your adventure has now begun. Over the years, my kids have brought me so much happiness and joy... they have taught me and are still teaching me who's the boss things about myself.

Wow. Welcome to the world Zuri!

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Allegra said...

Wow, how lucky for you to be a part of Zuri's birth! And what a beautiful name!!