Friday, September 28, 2007

WOOT, BAh...ugh

Greetings from an upside-down apartment! Things have been fairly chaotic on this end... first the WOOT moment. I received my first package from my secret pal! WOW! I have a wonderful thoughtful pal! In the attached pic you'll see the array of goodies bestowed upon me from my friend in ENGLAND! Below, ranked in no order of yumminess:

1. 1 skein on Malabrigo LACE in Pink Frost. Mmmmmm, can you say yarngasm? This skein is so soft, so fluffy, so delicious, so perfect for a swallowtail shawl! I can't wait to get started!

2. 2 skeins of BFL Sock yarn from The Natural Dye Studio. Absolultely GORGEOUS!! I am already envisioning a pair of anklets for me and a pair of sockies for my daughter.

3. Fall edition of Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits. Beautiful patterns on every page!

4. 1 bar of Warm Vanilla & Neroli luxury soap from Bloomsbury & Tate. MMMMMMMM!!!! This soap smells so awesome, I love it!

5. 1 tiny stamps ink pad for Dana and I box of board stickers for Dylan. My pal is so sweet she remembered my kiddies!

6. 1 cute l'il sheepy key ring! He is so cute! I think I'll save him for the knitting bag I'll eventually buy!

7. Last but not least, a box of Lindt Lindor truffles - a mix of white, dark, hazelnut and regular. Let's just say this box was torn open in the parking lot of the post office!

My pal sent me a lovely handwritten note on handmade floral paper. What a nice touch!

Overall, if you can't tell already, I'm floored by my wonderful pal. She is truly awesome and thoughtful and I am happy to have her as a pal!

As for the BAh... I'm sick. My babies brought home a fresh cold to share with me, compliments of the first few weeks back at school. My throat wasn't painful but it was uncomfortable... at least that's better now, but there's still the congestion and the general fuzzy-headedness. Thanks kids!

The ugh... well it's a mix of things this one... since I'm sick I'm a little behind with the reading for my third assignment. On top of that it looks alot like mumbo jumbo that I'm reading... something to do with linear programming. Next on the list, we're moving this weekend and somewhat behind with that too. Lots of things in boxes, little room to walk and still lots to pack. And no moving van. Did I mention that I was sick? Exactly... ugh.

But I soldier on. I have some new yarn to comfort me and the pleasure of moving in to our new home (still need lots of work but it sure beats paying a mortgage AND rent together!). I'm also keeping an eye out for my pal to see when she receives her package... I hope she likes her stuff!

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