Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok what is it going to take to send Brooke home?

Poor Sayeesha, she just can't catch a break can she? I'm not her biggest fan BUT she's not as craptacular as Brooke! Have you noticed that when Sayeesha sounds good or bad they pick on her especially Randy. When Brooke stops not once but TWICE and starts over her songs, they butter it over and pat her on her awful mop of curls and says "there there you are human, you sound terrible but we won't say that even though all the listening public knows it!" GAH!!!! How has she made it through with those stupid pouts and terrible singing!!! Those three numbnuts are keeping her in the competition instead of telling it like it is and allowing our listening ears a much deserved rest!

Sayeesha is safe for now - but her number is soon up on this show! I guess if they can send home the likes of Melinda, Paris and Lakeisha then they can do anything!

*yes I am fully aware this is a television show and in now way impacts on my life in a meaningful way...*

Monday, April 21, 2008

The perils of being an eye-servant

So if you're a Barbadian you might know what an eye servant is - or if you read your bible in the KJV - you might come across this term. I've been so busy stopping by people's blogs and going where they lead me that I've ignored my own bloggy for a little bit. Anyways, I'm here now and with very little knitting content.

I'm so happy to report the landing of my skein of Seasilk in Rose and two hanks of Nature's palette sock yarn in a lovely green. I would have posted pics but I had to charge the batteries (don't you hate when you get out the camera to take a pic and snap the first shot and you get the message - Warning Battery Exhausted! - well I do!) and I didn't get back to it after that. Tomorrow maybe. I'm feeling kinda swamped with work and studies and a bevy of other things so I am also distracted. On the way to me as I type is another package of knitting goodies - from me to me. The Best of Interweave Knits, some harmony needles in size two - 47 inches (methinks), an extra cable of 40 inches and some sock yarn. Hubby has requested a pair of socks and a cardigan from brooklyntweed's site. I figured I'd start small with the socks and then check out the yarn etc that I need for his cardigan - I'm thinking one with a front zipper and long sleeves - maybe some cables? Anyways, we'll see what I come up with down the line.

So, speaking of hubby... let me say that I love him very much. I do. However, there are moments like tonight that I wonder if I could soundly throttle him and get away with it. Actually, I should take responsibility for what happened. It's my fault. I came home from the gym after having my butt run up and down by a very s-e-x-y Swedish instructor and feeling rather good about myself that I survived the class (ok it wasn't so bad but I did feel it!) and I asked him as he was on his way out to the store if he would get me something to eat. He asked what - I said I really don't know but we need something before I go shopping tomorrow. He goes out and sometime later comes home with his packages and a little something for me. I said "Thanks, hon!" opened the bag and what greets me? TWO brownies. Uh, thanks hon... he means well but BROWNIES????????????????????? I should have been more specific - nothing laced with butter, sugar, flour, and valued at about 7,000,000 calories!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Have you ever had one of those mornings...

where you wake up at 6 a.m. to get to the gym for a spin class and on the way there have your car skid in a thin layer of hops spilled from the local brewery and then crash into the sidewalk? No? Must be only me then. Actually, it was me and quite a few other people who, in the attempt to get fit almost totalled our vehicles. One woman was feeling particularly stuntwomanish and actually jumped the curb while the car was skidding and landed perfectly in a parking spot. It would be funny if only it wasn't. It wasn't that terrifying for me as there weren't any cars coming towards me (Thank you Lord!) and so when the car lost the fight to the hops and decided to make friends with the curb I let it. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember someone somewhere saying "don't smash your brakes when you're skidding" and so I didn't. The wheels weren't turning though so all I could do was hold on. Really, it wasn't that bad experiencing it - but somehow typing it out really brings home the seriousness of it all. In the end some people from the company - I can only assume were some management type persons, took the names of us who started our day a tad to excitedly and they promised to get back to us. We'll see.

So outside of that I've been doing some knitting recently and have fought off the urge - fairly succesfully - to cast on for something new. I do have a couple of projects in mind for the next cast on though... two hooded cardigans for my kids. The thought came up as we waited at the airport last night for hubby's flight from Jamaica to land - and it was COLD! Dana was actually up under my shirt (her head couldn't fit through the top with mine or she would have done it!) and Dylan had his arms pulled through his armholes under the shirt. It then occured to me that I should make these two shivering babies something warm for such an occasion or even for the event that we all take a family holiday together. My only problem is finding a nice hooded cardigan with a zippered or button down front with long sleeves. I've checked ravelry but I have not found anything to my liking as yet and ravelry keeps crapping out at page 35 of 60 in the kids section. If you have any suggestions I'll gladly entertain them.

Adamas is now starting repeat number 8 so I'm halfway there. Raglan leaf tee is coming along nicely and DSL is being treated rather poorly. I've made two delicious purchases from Vanessa's destash and I can't wait to get them. She always has such great stuff! Pics will follow (my niece just received a 7 mega pixel camera as a gift and I'm test driving it for her - well I will be once I get it out of the box) as soon as they land.

Ok, I'm off for now - a headache has secretly crept up on me and I think I need a rest in order to tackle the rest of the day... have a meeting at mid-day, have to go to work to do some pre-vacation finishing up, having lunch with a friend and her kids and maybe try to catch a movie tonight.

Have a great weekend people! And stay out of the hops!