Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ah, sweet Sunday

Blocked DFS!

Birthday cake - YUM-O!

Today has shaped up to be a wonderful day. One main reason being that it is our anniversary (Happy Anniversary Babe!) but I also spent some quality girl time with my soon to be three year old daughter. Yesterday, we had her party early (her birthday is actually on Tuesday) and she and the other kids had a blast! I keep the parties fairly small... I wanted to invite some of her class mates, but the apartment is small and it would have been totally run over with 37 kids and their parents. Her cake was a chocolate ganache cake - so sinful that I purposely and evilly gave away large portions to the guests. Ingenious I know. I still have a rather sizable chunk in the fridge that I've been dancing around for the whole day... sneaking in the fridge with a fork and making it even around the edges. Snicker. I've attached a pic of the naughty cake. As you can see it's of Dora, my daughter's favourite character. Oh, and those decorations on the top (except for the fruit and the candles are all white chocolate - YUM!

Also, you can see that I've finally blocked my DFS shawl. I went in to the garden with my messed up camera and managed a pic of the shawl. I'm so pleased with it, I can hardly wait to wear it somewhere special. I may do another shawl later in the year if the fancy strikes me.

I also received my books (Fitted Knits, No Sheep For You, Last Minute Gifts, Finishing Techniques, and EZ Calendar) and finally had the time to sit down and read and ooh and aah over the patterns. I lounged in bed as lazily thumbed through the books. I'm quite happy with them and my only regret is not getting them sooner. I think one of my next projects will be the Dropped Stitch Tank from Fitted Knits. It's largest size is still way too small for me but the write up says to choose the size that's 6 inches smaller than your actual size. Still too small. I guess this is why I'm going to the gym. My birthday is coming up soon. I want to make a large yarn purchase and the yarn for this project will be in there. Now, if I can find some other projects that tickle my fancy, I'll be able to buy the yarn for those the same time (Cables and O's is still looking like a must knit). Meanwhile, the needles are sorta empty. I still have LT to complete. The stockinette is really what's deterring me a bit from diving right into this like I should. Sigh, it is a lovely shirt and I am being rather unfair to it by not dedicating more time to it. I'll change that tonight.

Happy knitting everyone!

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