Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Praise be to God!

People... I've PASSED my exam!!!!! PASSED IT!!! God is so good - when I tell you I sat there, made a pile of mistakes, rushed down the multiple choice in ten minutes and nearly didn't finish the exam and STILL passed! That is God's handiwork right there! Nothing of my own doing at all! There were so many repercussions if I had failed - saying goodbye to the large fee I had to pay up front, having to redo that course and being set back a term. Not to mention the feeling of defeat that would have enveloped me! So many people were saying to expect to fail that exam first time around but God pulled me through and when I say by the skin of my teeth I mean just that!

I still haven't been able to wipe this smile of of my face!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

D.ark K.night

Totally worth blogging about at 1:02 a.m.! B.atman was totally worth going to the 9:45 p.m. show too! Chri.stian B.ale! Ooooo! Loved him the first time around, remembered why the second time around. I was skeptical at first about He.ath Leg.ers' performance as I thought they were bigging him up because he died.... but man, he gave an excellent last performance!! The hype wasn't for nuttin! We see another villain birthed and I can't wait for the third instalment - because things come in threes right?

Don't take my word for it - go see it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Decloaking off the starboard bow...

Hola peeps. How goes it? Been a bit busy on this end what with trying to keep from putting a hurting on the guy who said he'd paint the kitchen in 12 days and now 9 weeks later (is it? about that) he's still not done. It takes a great degree of self control not to rip the guy a new one when he has caller id and won't take your calls (no we haven't paid him up front - only for what he's done so far) and comes when he wants and stays like an hour. I am quite proud of myself for not saying ONE bad word! Seriously, every now and then Ms. Potty Mouth breaks free - actually under circumstances similar to these - and when she's done there's a new understanding on the offender's part, satisfaction and shame on mine. So there's the silver lining in all this at least right? I can thank knitting for part of the ability to keep her in check... miles of stockinette (leaf tee raglan), miles and MILES of k2 p2 (a la drop stitch lace tank. Yes, I'm still working on it thank you very much) and now rows and rows of ribbing for the Deep V Argyle that I've just started would do that to ya.

Anyways, now that I've gotten the requisite griping off my chest, let's talk knitting. I've been kinda thinking about starting another lace project. The seasilk is caaaaaling me! But I really would love to get my WIPs off the needles and onto my blog! As I've just mentioned, I've started the Deep V Argyle. I'm knitting with WOOL y'all - in the tropics even! But it's not too bad actually. I'm using Debbie Bliss Rialto in black and sherbet... the sherbert is more yellow than I would have liked so I hope I don't look like a giant bumble bee when I'm done (argh! having flashbacks to my yellow and black striped graduation dress...) I plan to wear it when next I travel which will be soon. If I finish it in time. Did I mention the Pi shawl? I'm thinking of doing this... maybe it can be the other KAL on The Knitters of the Caribbean Group on ravelry. I'm telling you our group is growing! It's so wonderful to have new members join - all with the same basic connection - the Caribbean!

Ooo, has anyone watched Juno? Loved the handknits in this wonderful, touching, funny movie! If you haven't seen it put it on your list. I'm now into looking for handknits in every movie I watch! Very fun thing to do if you have zero other forms of entertainment! Yay!

Ok... now. Are there any Dr. Who fans out there? Did you catch the episode Midnight? FREAKY!!!! Those writers are good! This week I think the Dr. is supposed to die and Rose (who made a brief appearance in the television in Midnight and in the previous episodes as well) teams up with Donna who I don't really like btw (bring back Martha!!) and they save him. I hope it's not going to be scary like this past episode or the one where the shadows were eating people!

I'm tired. Off to bed with me. Have a great night everyone.