Sunday, April 12, 2009

Francie socks - DONE!


I hope you all had a great day whatever you did. It was an uncharacteristically rainy and wet Easter Sunday so aside from church and a short visit to the in-laws, we spent it home together. Not a bad way to spend any day in my books!

Now, may I present to you all my first FO for the year! It would have taken me less time but ran into some snags (I think I talked about this before... having a sense of deja vu here). Anyways, they are done and I am glad. My first FO for 2009.

Pattern: Francie Socks by Rebekkah Kerner (bowerbirdknits)
Needle size: 2
Date started: March 25, 2009
Date completed: April 12, 2009
Yarn used: Nature's Palette sock yarn (the dye stained my fingers pretty bad! Afraid to block now...

And just for the heck of it, here's a pic of part of the our country side adventure. A couple Fridays ago we decided to travel from one end of the island to the other in order to get some grafted/ drawf trees. It was a lovely day and apart from hubby not bothering to call and get directions to the place and us rambling ALOT, we eventually got there and picked up an avacado tree, a tangelo and a lemon tree to add to our lime, golden apple and mango trees. They are not planted in the yard as yet as there's still some work to be done on the house and planting them now can put them in the path of trampling workmen. Such a beautiful sight this! But I can't imagine living up there at all!

Forgot to add that hubby and I went to see Watchmen on Saturday. On many levels it was very good. Others... well I don't want to say that other parts weren't good but rather they didn't gel for me. The most interesting character was Dr. Manhattan (not because of his inability inspite of his "superiority" - to keep his skivvies on. I guess if he's that far advanced then nud.i.ty is not a problem). There was one part in particular that didn't line up with my beliefs but I believe I'm mature enough to see it for what it was - a movie - and move on. I didn't even realise that was Pat.rick Wi.lson as Nit.eOw.l! I really like him! Good entertainment if you're into the comic book movie type of thing (like I am!! Waiting for Tra.nsfor.mers 2!)

Anyways, we have tomorrow off as well so looking forward to that. Continue to enjoy your Easter and God bless!

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