Monday, July 16, 2007

Diamond Fantasy Shawl

So, it's done! I finally finished the DFS today... and it feels great. This is a beautiful shawl, easy, even if I did mess up on a row or two and had to tink back, but easy to knit. It is fresh off the needles so it's unblocked. I do have some pics but I'm fairly crap at taking beautiful artsy pics (I plan to remedy that with getting serious with photoshop - one day soon) so I'll just post a few of what I took tonight. Here are the stats:

Start date: around June 01
Yarn: Seasilk - Lilypond
Needles: Size 5 - Options (great with this yarn!)
End date: July 16 - approximately 6 weeks - sigh.
Synopsis: Fun easy satisfying knit

Post blocking pics to follow.

1 comment:

urbanknitrix said...

Wow, this so pretty. Do you really think it is easy? As I said before, I just love the color, can't wait to see it blocked!!