Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seven radom facts - I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Urban Knitrix!

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
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Here goes!

1. When I was a little girl, I used to believe that the walls and chairs and any inanimate object for that matter, was alive. So if I bumped into the wall by accident I would tell it sorry. Yeah... Enid Blyton messed me up but good.

2. Again, when I was a little girl, I was in love with Michael Jackson. Seriously, in love and faithful to the man. I would sit in the closet and sing his songs and dream of the day we could be together. Darn... if I knew then what I know now. Thank you Lord for not hooking us up!

3. Now, this one may seem pretty weird, but I promise it's true. I've had at least three dreams that have come true. Scene for scene... came true. No, I wasn't drinking or anything of the like. I also get bouts of deja vu... to the point I stop and I have to convince myself that I haven't been here (whereever here is at that
time) before and haven't done whatever before.

4. When I was young (do you see a pattern here?) we used to live in an upstairs and downstairs housing unit and as was the norm back then, I used to pretend that I had long hair by putting my towel over my head and tossing my head to and fro. Well, one day I did that... on the top of the stairs. I apparently missed the first step (damn long hair in my eyes!) and fell down the flight of stairs. Can't remember what happened next.

5. My husband says that I don't blink. I can watch a show that's really really interesting and only blink during commercials. I think he's exaggerating. I blink at least once during the show.

6. I like to watch tv with the sound off. I would just turn on the television and hit the mute button and be very content for hours.

7. I used to fantasize about living in a tree. I would look around and see if there were any trees large enough to carve a big hole out of. I would imagine how cozy it would be just living in there. Again, I blame Enid Blyton and her Enchanted Wood stories. Good thing I grew out of that (I think...) I don't think I'd get a good DSL connection out in the woods!

I have more but I'll keep it to seven. I don't want you all to think that I'm fruity or anything. Gotta go... Forensic Files should be on. I think I'll have it watch me.

Alicia, Koolbreeze, Shorty, Phyllis, Allegra and Becka

Thanks Sherry!

Monday, October 29, 2007

On the Swallowtail train...

I've officially cast on for the Swallowtail shawl. I received the Fall 2006 Interweave magazine, unraveled the delicious skein of malabrigio lace my super pal sent me in the swap and cast on last night. So far so good. The pattern and the yarn are going well together. I feel inspired if somewhat unfaithful to the DSL. I will take DSL to work tomorrow and squeeze in some knits and purls in the hopes of finishing it before my kids graduate in the near future. For some reason I feel energized by the shawl project. I can't really explain it but I'm psyched - actually I think its actually doing something other than k2 p2 over and over again without any apparent results. I'm so inspired that I am up at 1:11 a.m. blogging about feeling inspired. I'll have to add it to my ever growing list of pics to take.
In other news, SP11 is winding down. I am thinking of what to put together for my pal. So far I've been two for two. I really enjoyed this swap - both the giving and receiving. I can't wait to discover who my pal is!
Anyways, I think I need to get to bed. I'm tired but not... until next post!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knitting... where's thy string?

Meh, thought that title would sound cool but maybe after I get a good night's sleep I will think otherwise. Anyways, it's the only thing my brain can come up with at ten past eleven at night. I'm torturing myself it seems... or maybe I'm subconciously trying to see how far I can push myself in the not gettin' any sleep department. Or, maybe, just maybe I've found another site just as addictive as ravelry. It's facebook. Yes, I've heard of it before, but once again I'm late to the party. Everyone and their grandmas are on there. It's cool finding people that I haven't seen in years. Some nice and others that reinforces the reason God didn't give us super special powers. Ah... but that's in the past right? So, why am I not in bed? Why am I up watching reruns of Forensic Files? Well, not watching but having it watch me while I tippity tap on the lappy? I really don't know. Hubby is down for the count and the kids went off to bed literally kicking and screaming some time ago. Well, I'm not sure. I've read some of the required reading for assignment 7 and just have to look at the notes tomorrow. But tomorrow is a little busy for me. I'm hoping to go see the iridologist (no I don't have an appointment but I'm hoping my good looks will get me in - that or maybe she won't be busy tomorrow!) and I have to go get some food to put in the fridge and pay some bills. Oh, did I mention that the kids have tomorrow off? I'll drop them by my mother and go my merry way to do my chores and then collect them later. They will not be happy about that. Ah well!

Tell me, has anyone been watching Heroes? Now, I became a serious fan during season one. Even used to do that little outburst that means "I did it!" that Hiro liked to chirp at the top of his voice. I was confused by the ending but thought nothing of it. Anyways, this new season has started rather shakily for me. It feels like two distinct groups of people are writing the stories. One group is writing the part with the mind reader, Dr. Suresh (can someone please give him a bath? Please?), Peter and Hiro. Another less motivated group seems to be writing the story lines of Mya the bloodeyed hero and her brother, Sylar (sp?) and the new hero New Orleans Muscle Mimic girl and her family. Now here are some of my problems. Generalizations. Race generalizations. Tell me why Mexicans are always portrayed as trying to get across the border? Can't they be seen just catching a plane FOR ONCE?? Tell me why Mya and her brother are so passionate and eager? Tell me why muscle mimic girl is always pursing her mouth like her ol' grammy and talking like she's uber religious? Why is it that her nephew has his hair plait and a bad attitide? Why is it that when miss mimic realises her powers (and oh so suddenly?) she goes and tests it out on um... jump rope??? I would be trying to see if I could knit intarsia, speak Japanese or fly a rocket. She choses jumprope (and why didn't the girl just invite her to join instead of wagging her head and barking at her?) Generalizations people! And why is Clare suddenly so annoying and dumb? And the story isn't meshing. How did Sylar get out that vast jungle and wind up in the path of eager Mya and company? Not making sense! And that little girl that mind reader and Dr. Sweaty seems to have kidnapped is so annoying. ARGGGGHHHHH!!!! I could go on but clearly I'm tired - I know this is just a show but I hate how different races are portrayed so STUPIDLY in shows and commercials!

Anyways, let's see if I can get some knitting content in here. I ordered 6 skeins of Knitpicks shadow in heather, vineyard and something else (yes I ordered it BEFORE Knitpicks announced their sale - grrrrr!) so I get to start the Adamas shawl. I also ordered Knitting Lace Triangles and the issue of Interweave Knits that has the Swallowtail shawl in it. I am excited even though I don't "sound" that way. I'm sleepy and won't go to bed. Maybe, I can get back into some serious knitting and maybe these upcoming projects will somehow propel me to knit faster and finish the DSL already! Sheesh.

I still can't find the camera... maybe I should buy a new one... with printer to boot. So I'll just add those knitting purchases to the list of will post pics.

Gnite. I think.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Of yarn and headaches...

Ugh... what a Sunday. Yesterday I planned on going to church today but today had other plans for me. Last night I went to bed with one of those kinds of headache/eye-ache combinations that makes you just wanna cry. I blame it on the sinuses. Might be sinuses might not be but my past experience says SINUSES. So I took two panadols when I awoke with the tv watching me and went back to sleep... secure in the knowledge that this will be all gone come morning. Morning came and it was still there, somehow empowered by the panadols I took. The entire upper right hand quandrant of my face hurt. The eye, the socket, the area above the eye right down to where my upper and lower jaw bones meet. I slept it off, and woke up with it still there. I lay motionless in the bed, turning only when necessary and it was stil there. At one point I thought the pain had gone (silly me) but when I inhaled it reminded me that it was STILL there. So this evening, I finally got some cataflam from the pharmacy and now I'm like a new woman.

I feel so much better that I can come on here and tell you all about the Knitpicks shadow that I bought in Vineyard and Heather. Adamas shawl here I come! Yes... if you are counting, that's two shawls on the to do list. I also ordered the book Knitting Lace Triangles and the Fall 2006 Interweave Knits edition. Turns out I didn't have that one in the pile. Hmmm.... I wonder how I was going to get the Swallowtail shawl done without it!

In other yarn news, as I mentioned, my awesome pal sent me TWELVE skeins of Rowan Calmer in sour and I promised pics as soon as I got internet connection. Seems I should have promised the pics after I got internet connection AND as soon as I found the camera and the software that goes with it! Seriously people, there are so many boxes in here and I was too lazy to label any of them (and at one point we were just throwing stuff in willy nilly just to get out by the end of month that labeling wasn't a real feasible option anyways)that now I cannot put my hand on either of them. Rest assured, they are twelve skeins of gorgeousness! When I/we get our act together and find the camera (among other things) I will post the long in coming pic.

Well, folks... if my guess is right tomorrow is Monday. AGAIN. I promised (before offending headache) to get all the pressing done (work clothes for hubby and myself and uniforms for both kiddies) for the week. I think I will only do the kids uniforms for the week and let hubby take care of ours for tomorrow.

Until next post! Happy knitting!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thank God for days off... and for yarn to pet

It has been one of those weeks. We've sucessfully (and by successfully I mean with much toil and effort and hair ripping moments) moved from our apartment to our incomplete home. But we're here at least, amid the boxes and the chaos. We have come to the conclusion that the little apartment we lived in for the past five years had a black hole in there some where. There is no way we (and by we I mean me) could have accumulated all that stuff!!!!! There are things in there I haven't seen in years... things from my soap making days, candle making days and rubber stamping days. We will have a garage sale at some point in time but that would entail me going through those boxes. Since my days have changed and my only free day is Fridays, and this is my first Friday off... well let's just say it won't be happening today. On top of it all, I have weekly assignments to submit.

Thank God I have yummy yarn to pet. My knitting has been sorely neglected although I did get a chance to put in a row on the DSL tank during Grey's last night (oh and by the way, I hate George and Izzie). For comfort, I arranged my jaggerspun, BFL sock yarn and malabrigo lace around me and lovingly stroked their delicious softness. If I can't get to knit them now at least I can drool on them a little. I'm supposed to be getting a swift through a friend of mine through a co-op she's a member of. I may just have to use my hubby in the interim to help me unwind my malabrigo... the swallowtail shawl is calling me...

Did I mention that my other package had arrived from my wonderful pal? She (wait for it... she's amazing) sent me TWELVE skeins of Rowan Calmer. Yes people, TWELVE skeins!!! Since we don't have internet at home and I'm using someone else's lappy, it may be a few more days before I get to show them off to you! (And yes, they were in the yarn pile that was comforting me last night. Sigh... my pal is really awesome!

Well, I have to go for now... my reading for assignment 4 is calling me. NPVs and IRRs. I can't wait to get back to my other favorite abbreviations... yo, ssk, k2tog... until then people! Happy knitting!