Friday, February 23, 2007

Mini knitting hiatus...

So I haven't picked up my needles in a little bit now, since completing the knittinghelp sockintine sock swap. I tried going back to the Sonata Crest of the Wave Tank but knit less than a row and put it down. There's the stitchdiva Sahara (short sleeved version) that I am thinking of tackling next (even though I have already started the Laura Tee). I feel really uninspired and am thinking of doing a purse or something like that. There's the Ruffled Surplice from the new Interweave Knits that I have my eye on (it will cost me BDS$255.00 approximately to make - ack!) so there are projects to do... it's just to work up the get go to do them.

I hope this dry spell doesn't last too long!

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