Sunday, November 04, 2007


My hubby is a darling! He dug through the mountain of boxes and found the camera for me and let me know that I didn't need the software to get it running. So I plugged it in (it still had in batteries and all!) and voila! Pics. I know I promised more than these but these are all I can manage for now. Here's the 12 skeins of Rowan Calmer in sour. I know! LOVELY! Next is the progress on my Swallowtail Shawl. I am at repeat 10 of 14 of the Budding Lace 2 chart. I'm using the malabrigo lace in Pink Frost - also from my pal. I'm really enjoying this pattern so far! I would say that it would be good for a first time shawl maker. Very enjoyable so far!

In other non-kniting news, I'm winding down on my assignments. Actually submitted one today. Two more to go then I can study for my exam! My son's birthday is coming up soon so I have to do a little something for him. We plan to do some work on the house as well and get my bike up and running (it's still in the box) so I can get some exercise.

Anyways, I wish everyone a great week knitting and otherwise!


urbanknitrix said...

Wow, that is a pretty color. I am working on Ene's scarf right now and I am bummed I made a mistake somewhere and I dont want to go back, but the perfectionist in me is telling me to go back. do you know how to tell where you made the mistake?

Anonymous said...

That is such a pretty shawl & I love the color you're using. It's on my long to-do list, too.

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