Friday, September 17, 2010

What to do next...?

Salutations! How is everyone doing? Apart from a slight headache that I'm fighting off and being a bit sleep hungover (I slept away most of the day and am now kinda loopy from it lol!) I'm just peachy.

Nothing new to report today apart from finishing Miralda. Well, I actually finished her on September 7th and have added her to my list of "to block" FOs. I'm very happy with her even though I messed up the kitchener bind off at the end. But you can't really tell that it's a mess because it blends very nicely into the stitches.

Below is my requisite awful photo of a beautiful FO (maybe I'll get a camera for Christmas... or by then the will come equipped with one).

Yarn: Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine in Oceanic Mix
Needles: Size 6
Start date: August 7
Finish date: September 7

Again, this is a wonderfully simple knit with stunning results (don't take above photo quality word for it LOL!). I had been hankering to make it for a while and now that I have made it, I will say that it is worth every positive review it has gotten. I made mine with the nupps - other people have eliminated them and I'm pretty sure that would have made for faster knitting (I did have a few breaks in between knitting this so it wasn't a constantly going project) but I like the texture of the wearisome nupps!

So my only issue now is what to do next. There's Juneberry that I also want to make. I have the magazine and the yarn and the needles on standby already but it's just to get started. There's also my Aeolian shawl that has been sitting unattended for the past however long. I think I mentioned that the Deep V Argyle was finished as well? I can't remember and am too lazy to back back over my few posts LOL! I finished it August 8 and that too needs blocking.

Here it is (again?)

So apart from the knitting, I've just rekindled my love for the French language and have started taking classes to get back into it. I studied it at school but that was years ago and am rustier than a wrought iron gate by the seaside. But it's fun speaking and relearning it.

Finally, it's the hubster's birthday next week and once again I'm going looking for ingredients to make a no-bake cheesecake. I'm thinking of trying this but the night is young and there's time to find another one that has more reviews. I love N.ig.ella, but it would be comforting to try a recipe where more people can weigh in on it and give advice in case things go south.

What about you guys? What has been keeping you busy?

A bientot!


essjay said...

Miralda & the vest are lovely! I always put off blocking things too - then I never have enough space to block everything I need to block!

I do hope you continue to enjoy the French classes - how fun!

I hope you found the perfect cake for your husband & that he had a great birthday!

Lora said...

I thought about you today when I saw this website. How much do I love those sari ribbons?

So much.