Monday, June 25, 2007

*Bawl* My DFS has a big fat mistake...

I really can't say exactly how it happened but somewhere between round 40 and 43 of the 7th repeat, an error occured. Maybe I didn't do extra yarn overs somewhere (and I suspect it may have been somewhere on round 40) but when I went on to knit row 42 I didn't have enough stitches to complete the round - or so I thought. I completed the 13 repeats and when I went to complete the last few stitches, I only had 5 instead of 11!!! So I picked up stitches (quite horribly I might add) and sucessfully completed the row. The next row was the purl row but when I went to the 44th row, low and behold I had too MANY stitches!!! ARGHH!!! How did that happen? If I had too little on row 42 to complete, added what I needed, why would I then have too many on row 44? Simple, I screwed up somewhere in row 40. Now, I have a clump of stitches where I added them erroneously and unfortunately am not brave enough to tink back to the offending row and undo it. It's already bothering me... big time. I'm soooo close to completing this lovely shawl... I have fantasies of blocking it on my bed... and here I've done something so very wrong with it. What to do? I think I may have to leave it alone for a bit.


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urbanknitrix said...

Awe!!! I am sorry to hear your pain. I am having a similar problem with my Pomatomous socks. I tried to add stitched and I did something quite wrong. So, I had no other choice but to knit backwards, I didn't want to rip it out, I am too far now. Good luck!!!