Friday, November 27, 2009

Unblocked Ishbel

Here's Ishbel - unblocked and not even a full pic at that. I need some blocking wires as I'm so tired of the pins. So, hopefully the stores will get the non flux welding wires before long.

Gotta run. Will chat later : )

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello all! Just dropping in for a drive by post : ) I've been incognito for a bit because of the whole studying thing as well as very recently being confined to bed with three bouts of being unwell - back to back to back. And while on vacation. But I am much better now and so happy to be feeling so.

I must confess that I haven't been doing much knitting since crunch time is here (Ishbel being my latest FO - still unblocked as I type...) - except for a few rows on my pomatomus sock last Friday with my friend Suz from the UK. She came in for a visit and again we met up for lunch and knitting. It was a wonderful afternoon : )

Next semester might require a bit more planning as I've taken on a greater study load all in the name of reaching the finish line all that sooner, so planning the knitting to keep me sane is imperative. Last year, my friend Colette gave me a wonderful gift of a pattern to her lovely Bird's Eye Shawl (rav link)that I didn't buy enough yarn for. I've ordered two skeins (for a total of 4) Rowan Kidsilk Night in order to start. That along with the Aestlight shawl and maybe a hat or two for some fam in the cold climes will keep everthing honky dory. But we'll see as two sets of assignments, quizzes and deadlines will require some proper planning. Wish me well!

So hopefully, I'll be able to post the pics of Ishbel (most likely in it's unblocked state) and maybe a finished sock before the week is out. Hope everyone's knitting is keeping them busy, happy and content : )

Friday, October 30, 2009

Promised pics

So I told you guys about a little package I was expecting yesterday. And here are the contents!


The plan here is to wear the agree and disagree shirts as communication tools. When someone cuts us off at the roundabout - I'll shake my head and point to the disagree logo. No need to get all riled up! LOL! And when having a discussion with the hubster I'll just point to the agree logo so he'll know what response I expect from him. LOL! The pink tee is too small for me right now but I'll get into it soon!

As for Ishbel, here are two pics of the progress I was telling y'all about.

Seriously, a quick knit! I hope to finish it this weekend but I'm not going to hold myself to that as I have one more law quizz to submit and the reading on this one is looooong. And the weekend might shape up to be a busy one as hubby is in a martial arts tournament tomorrow and we're all going. Then there's laundry and church and homework and getting ready for Monday.

So what are you guys up to this weekend?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making mad progress

Ishbel is coming along amazingly fast. There is a stockinette portion and 7 vine lace sections - dependent upon which size you make - and I am on the 4th vine section! And it's only been a week almost since I started it. Could be my sheer determination that is pushing it along - LOL! but I bet the size 6 needles and malabrigo sock yarn has a thing or two to do about it.

Pics to come soon - along with one other package that I should be receiving tomorrow!

Until later... I'm about to get my spot on the couch ready with knitting and books in time for some serious tv watching tonight (although baseball is pre-empting Fringe - AGAIN!! Grrrrr!).

Have a good night everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So happy I can do the dance of joy!

Ok, so of late it doesn't take much to make me happy, especially when it comes to yarn and knitting. I've been having such a bad experience lately with the skybox services I've been using to get my purchased online items here in Barbados that I just gave up (after the hassle of vat, duties, handling, shipping and every other imaginable cost made me spend way in excess for my items and eventually frustrated me with the wait for the delivery)and found an online store that ships directly to Barbados. It cost me $16.05 USD to ship it but the money and frustration that was saved OY!! I've said all this to say that I've got my yarn! Oh happy day! Sitting on my table awaiting further instructions are 2 skeins of malabrigo sock yarn (for the Ishbel and something other lucky shawl), 2 skeins of malabrigo lace destined to become the Miralda shawl and finally the 2 Debbie Bliss Rialto skeins needed to finish my deep v argyle. Now I have high hopes for the miralda shawl using the malabrigo lace as over 200 peeps over at ravelry used it to sucesfully knit her.

So here we go:

First up, my ZUMA! Lol! I did promise you a pic of it didn't I?

Sad Zuma (my imagination is working over time it seems - she looks sad/angry here LOL!!)

Just flip her handles and now she's happy ZUMA!

Sock yarn, lace yarn and dk yarn

All caked up

Malabrigo sock - in black

Malabrigo lace - in Rich Chocolate colourway (only wound one skein as it was fairly sticky and gave some trouble on my makeshift swift...)

Debbie Bliss Rialto in black

I would apologize for the quality of the pics but you've heard that story before : )

So I've got my materials, some time in between and the desire to knit. If I reckon it correctly, there should be some new FOs on here before the year is out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There has been knitting

(I'm so delinquent sometimes...) October 4th marked 3 years of blogging over here a la knittykitty in the tropics. I'm persistent if not terribly entertaining at least! LOL! Thanks to all you guys who come out and read - you don't always leave a comment but it's nice to know you are there : )

So, what have I been doing? Well, most of the knitting around here has taken place in my head as I have to wait until my shipment from yarnzilla arrives. I've ordered some Malabrigo sock yarn in black to knit Ishbel (I wasn't happy how the Cashbah and Handmaiden seasilk were knitting up so frogged the starts about twice each time!), some Malabrigo Lace in chocolate brown for the Miralda Shawl, and finally the two extra balls of Debbie Bliss Rialto in black to complete the Deep V Argyle vest. I'm not feeling inspired to knit anything like a shirt or cardigan as they seem to take me forever (case in point the raglan leaf tee!) so I've picked back up my dpns and have started another pair of pomatomus socks. I knit these socks some back for a swap I was in and have decided to knit another pair but this time for me. The cashbah that was ill-fated for the Ishbel shawl is working out just fine for the socks. And the second time is going just fine.

Here's a pic of the socks in progress:

And another angle of the same:

Finally, here's a pic of the unblocked raglan leaf tee. I'm happy that it's done but I really do not want to knit another one - too much stockinette!

I hope to have the pomatomus socks completed before the end of the month (I'm just filling the gap with them until my other yarn arrives). I'm not sure I'll wear them as the only need for socks around these parts are for when you're exercising or not feeling well and I'm not sure I want to take my hard work and stuff them into a pair of sneaks of use them on vicks vapo-rubo feet! I may keep em in case I have to travel to somewhere cold or may even gift them. Who knows!

I hope there's been succesful and satisfying knitting going on on your side of the screen. Don't be shy - post and let me know what's on your needles!

Until later, happy knitting : )

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things that I am learning slowly but surely

A few wisdom nuggets:

1. Never cast your pearls before swine. They will trample them and you in the process if given half a chance.
2. Never get tired of doing good even when people treat you indifferently, speak ill of you or take your kindness spit and take a dump on it. It's hard, but I hear it can be done.
3. Don't stand for people's crap. You don't have to. Don't give it. Don't take it. Don't let anyone make you think you should take it just cause they are sharing it out.
4. Keep your head high and your eyes on the prize. Rejoice in the happiness of others and encourage those who need it. Expect nothing, not even basic civility in exchange but always give more than others expect in the way of kindness and it will bode you well.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting blog.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Another one down...

And just in time before 2200. LOL! Finished the Leaf T-shirt. Looks good. Fits well. No pics yet cause I had a headache and went to bed early. Now I'm up and don't feel like doing anything - not even watching House. I may regret that later tho...

So now that shirt is off the needles, now I can start Ishbel. Tomorrow maybe.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Steeks and more

What a past week and some! I feel as though I've been fighting and struggling and being forced to wait for no other reason than the people I've had to deal with just didn't care if Good Friday fell on a Monday. Looking back, I'm now wondering if I was a part of some bizarre experiment to see just how far these companies could push me without me going completely batty. So, unbeknownst to them, they have won. I'm officially tired and fed up. So what's a girl to do when she's in this state of mind? Well, she takes a scissors to her knitting that's what!!! Ol' Deep V Argyle came in very handy when the need for me to "destroy" something rose up hard and strong! Mind you, I have not finished knitting the thing because, well, apparently I didn't order enough black yarn to complete the arm and neck bands. Come to think of it, it's kinda ironic. I've taken to my knitting to vent some frustration on being made to wait unreasonable lengths of time and still have to turn around and wait to finish the said project because I don't have enough yarn.

So here's some steeking action:

Before - all ready to be cut apart

During - getting my cutting action on:

Oops, no after pic yet... blogger is misbehaving

It wasn't hard at all in case you're wondering. I used the crochet steek as suggested in the pattern and it worked like a charm. Now, as soon as I get the one skein of Debbie Bliss Rialto needed I'll be ready to finally put this thing to bed - after a year and two months. For shame. There's no hurry anyways. Where the heck am I gonna wear it???(!)

After some drama, I've finally gotten my hands on the books I ordered a while back (man, what I would do for a borders right about now!!!!) And one other special gift to self that I have been longing for for the past two years I think!

Yes, that's my ipod touch 3rd generation! Newest model hot off the presses. I would tell you about how I managed to get this while sitting in church chatting through a sermon but it would take too much explaining so we'll just leave it at that ; ) I'm enjoying it but not as much as I would hope mainly because there are restrictions in itunes because of where I live. Imagine that! I'm in the process of a work around so I'm hoping for a solution by tonight. Crossing my crossables!

As for the books... I have browsed through them all rather quickly and am eager to sit down and spend some quality time with them. Already, Julia's recipes are calling to me especially her chocolate cake. I made a variation to her sponge cake on Sunday for my hubby's birthday but sponge cakes all taste the same so no true test of if this book is worth its mettle as yet. And I'm sure it is! The quilting books need some special love too and I'm eager to start but soon there will be some construction going on around here and cracking out quilting supplies will not be logical. Again, I have to wait. The last book there " You.r Pl.ace" is very interesting and I can see myself applying and using lots of the wonderful homey ideas in there. Really good book for DIY-ers who are concerned about chemicals in and around the home. Got the suggestion for the book from another blog that I cannot recall right now... but definitely worth a look-see!

Anyways, time to get some supper on the table. Simple simple tonight - flying fish cutters! I know these are going to go down without a complaint!

Until next post!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Coming soon...

Z.uma in Saddle

A late birthday present from hubby. Also getting the buddy case in colour saddle as well. I.cannot.wait.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

And so the bandwagon(s) have been jumped upon...

or rather almost.

People, I've bought the Ishbel pattern. At 3 Great Britain pounds (Barbados $10.15!!), it is by far the most expensive single pattern that I've purchased. I hope it's worth it. I've put into cake form my skein of Handmaiden Cashbah that I bought from Moulinee last year (!) while in Canada. I sincerely hope that the varigation in colour (because it is hand dyed) doesn't distract from the pattern - or drive me bonkers, whichever comes first. The colour is a bit deeper than shown here and I see potential for an awesome turnout.

Handmaiden Cashbah:

So... I did mention bandwagon(s). Ishbel is one and quilting is another. I've bought my first quilting books and they should be here some time next week. I've been seeing so many beautiful quilts out there on the various blogs that I visit that the temptation could not be resisted. So there. Ooo Ooo, not to mention I've leapt on the most popular of them all (well for right now anyways) and bought the Jul.ia Ch.ild cookbook Mast.ering The A.rt Of French Coo.king! I've wanted to get this for a while now but only decided to get it since the movie just came out. Yes, ever so often I am a marketer's dream.

We'll see how this all turns out what with classes having just restarted and deep v argyle and raglan leaf tee almost done! Aeolian is on break until I get deep v out of my system (actually looking forward to the steeking bit - I hope hope hope that the debbie bliss rialto that I'm using steeks and blocks well!).

And just for the fun of it, here's a view out my study window. A little Caribbean blue sky and coconut trees for you all!

More updates... soon!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Deep V Argle progress

So, I'm back and thank God, much better. What a rough past few weeks! But in the midst of it, I realised that as bad as I thought I had it, there are people out there worse off than me that would have been happy to only have gone through what I had. Gave me a new perspective on things.

Thanks so much to Colette and Sandra who wished me a happy birthday : ) It was so nice to get such warm regards especially when I was feeling so horrid. My daughter and son are so much better too - just in time for school. Geez... school! In a few days the old routine starts again only now the kids are in higher classes. Time is really flying.

And... so are my needles! Behold, the Deep V Argyle progress. I had misplaced the bottom section of this size vest and a kind raveler so kindly assisted me by sending me a copy of it... you wouldn't believe how many people read my post for help and didn't even acknowledge me! I had proof of purchase but still it was a problem apparently - but whatever LOL! So, since getting the bottom chart I was well on my way again and even though I cannot quite say when I will be wearing this as there weren't any plans to my knowledge for a visit to Canada this year. We are planning a trip to Orlando - if it comes off is anyone's guess at this stage... airfare is EXPENSIVE!! - so maybe then if all works out.

It has come a long way from this hasn't it! I am so looking forward to it being done even for its own sake. I have been fairly monogamous with it and it's wearing on me a bit. This will be my first time steeking anything so I will make a point to take pics of the major event. Next I may finish off the raglan tee - I have made significant progress on that too and only need a few more inches before I'm complete! Then there's the Aeolian. I have been distracted by the Aestlight, Ulmus and Miralda's Shawl. Hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday and along with a new knitting bag, I think I'll get me some yarn for these projects, a beginner's quilting book and a pedometer.

In non-knitting news, some of my favourite shows are coming to a season finale i.e. Eure.ka and Tr.ue Blo.od. Sigh. Where did the time go? At least Ma.d M.en has finally started. Oh Don... why are you so naughty? And I've got to look forward to as well. I wonder when Private Practice restarts? I've also started a new course and actually look forward to getting started as, the sooner I get finished with this, the sooner I get started and finished on the others and then I'll be free, FREE I tell you! I can almost taste it now. Yum.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to... Me!

Somebody, please slow down time! How is it that I'm a year older when I quite easily remember when I thought THIRTY was old! I've eclipsed thirty by a few years now LOL but at least I'm dealing with it a whole lot better.

I would like to say that I did some mahvelous things today like going to the spa and finally using that mani/pedi/facial gift certificate from mother's day and I'd like to say that I topped it off by going back to Zen for an awesome birthday dinner and capped it off by spending a few nights at one of the best hotels on the island but... I can't. See, for the past couple of weeks I've been VERY under the weather. Throat issues, skin issues that had me visit the ER and now on my birthday a bad cold that suspiciously sounds like bronchitis. What's a girl to do? And add to it my daughter is also under the weather. So, not much celebrating today but as soon as we're recovered, I will be doing all of the good stuff listed above!

So, for now I'll settle for a bit of tv watching, some knitting, my little one feeling better and a speedy return of my sense of taste. I've got a chocolate mocha cake waiting in the refrigerator!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Nice long weekend of knitting


First things first. Thank you to Sandra and Susan for your anniversary wishes : ) We had a good time at the restuarant (even when hubby ate half - he was going to eat the whole thing before I stopped him - of the wasabi pat on my plate!) and are definitely going back for my birthday this month.

What a nice long weekend on this end. Hope you guys can say the same for yourselves : ) I was off from Friday and today is a bank holiday so that's four days of maxing and relaxing on this end. Let's see... we didn't do anything of report on Friday but on Saturday we went over to some friends' house and had a really wonderful evening talking and eating delicious food. Our kids played till after midnight! Sunday, we took the kids to see I.ce Ag.e 3 and Dana didn't like it very much at all because it scared her : ( Later that night we went to a surprise birthday party and got home after 12 a.m. (late for us!) and slept in late today. Today I did a bit of baking and the kids went to visit their grandparents while I stayed at home and exercised a bit and knit. So it was busy and restful at the same time.

Of course I was also doing some blog stalking and all those wonderful projects out there have me so inspired! One of them being Ishbel. Man, everyone and their mama (is?) are knitting this shawl! It is pretty and seems to have the right amount of stockinette and lace to make it an interesting knit. We'll see. I'm working on the Aeolian and that is taking awhile so Ishbel will have to wait a bit I guess. I'm also looking for another sewing book that might be helpful. There's a site that sells plus sized patterns and I shot them off an email asking if they gave instruction on how to assemble the garment too. They haven't written back as yet. Either they're laughing their collective heads off or it was too silly a question to reply to! LOL! So, do patterns come with instructions on how to assemble them? It wouldn't make sense buying a pattern and not know how to put it together now would it.

Anyways, no pics today (again). The camera is back in its rightful owner's hands. I'm eyeing the ipod touch for my birthday. If it has a camera attached that would just sink it for me! Maybe I can wrangle my dh into getting me both ; )

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our anniversary. 9 years being married, 12 together. Wow... that sounds like a long time but really, it's not. I can see how people stay married for 40 years and think nothing of it.

Tonight, we're going out for sushi. My first time! I'm very excited as we haven't had a dinner out with just the two of us in ages. Ages! Next year, God willing, we hope to do something special... maybe a trip or cruise.

Have a great evening everyone! Thanks for stoppin' by! I'm off to eat sushi!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simple socks and Aeolian Progress

Hello! So, it's been a little while but there has been knitting. I've completed a pair of pink varigated socks made with some Lorna's Laces shepherd sock yarn in the colourway Sherbert. They were very quick knit and she's so happy to have them. This picture really does not do the socks justice as I took them with my 2 megapixel cell phone camera. They are a beautiful colour nonetheless! They are ribbed and plain stockinette stitch all the way. I've promised my son a similar pair but in a blue varigated colourway (I forget the correct name and I'm tres sleepy so don't hold it against me - LOL!)

Here they are:

Next is the Aeolian progress with an equally horrible shot. I hope you can work your imagination around this one and see how lovely it really is! The yarn is so thin but it is knitting up pretty nicely. The beads are so pretty too! They go well together thank goodness. Maybe I'll get an awesome camera for my birthday and I'll be able to take better pics and show you. Hopefully also, I should be closer to finishing it by then! This is a big shawl! Gorgeous but big.

Here she is:

I'm still going at my other projects, thanks for asking and have made some serious leeway on the raglan leaf tee. I gotta learn to knit faster!!! This is just stockinette for the most part... maybe that's my problem right there. Too boring. Love the material that's being worked up though. I will pick back up my deep v argyle vest too. Then I won't feel so badly about pushing on with the Tussie Mussie cardigan. I will want some smaller projects to keep me sane through all this lace and stockinette!

On a non-knitting note, I've done some serious damage to my lappy's LCD screen and was very down about it. I hope it doesn't cost as much as the laptop to replace!

Happy knitting all. I'm wiped from my walk this afternoon and from a very emotional day after getting some sad news.

Until next post...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Aeolian - officially started

No pics yet as it really doesn't look like anything much right now but I'm still happy to report that I have finally started the Aeolian Shawl. The beads that I chose are working perfectly with the colour yarn and even though it's a bit fiddly right now trying to get the bead on the stitch with a crochet hook while holding on to two needles and arranging the slippery yarn so it doesn't come off the needles - I am getting the hang of it!

I'll try to get a pic once the batteries for the camera have charged and before I hand it back over to its rightful owner.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drive by post

Posting so the blog won't feel neglected. Is anyone reading any of this?

So, point form to say what I've been up to:

1. Been winding skeins into cakes on my super ugly pvc swift. Hubby spent a long time working on it for me and I appreciate him so much! (for those of you who notice these sorts of things... yes, he did attempt a wooden one as per a post sometime back - that didn't work out very well...). Habu (yay! now I can start the Aeolian shawl), Lorna's laces and later some allhemp that I've had for years now. Good times expected.

2. Sewing - Weekend Sewing rocks. Almost have a dress finished for my girl. Hope it fits. Hope she likes it.

3. Fell off the workout wagon for about a week now. Hope I can get back on succesfully.

4. Finishing a course project.

5. Listening to the very VERY odd bumps and thuds that seem to be coming from outside the house. Hoping it's frogs messing around in the wood under the house and not something else well... weird.

Until the next drive by post!

Friday, May 08, 2009

This is why she's a knitting rock star

Oh, to be able to knit this fast! I've always wondered how she managed to churn out so many projects. Now I know

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For you fans!

Let me start off by saying I LOVE and watch it almost religiously everyday and love most of the chefs/ cooks on there! But this site is absolutely hilarious so I just had to share.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Awesome podcast "discovered"

I'm not sure if discovered is the right word here but it'll do in a pinch. So, while I was happily listening to the last series Alchemy over at Cast On and an ad so to speak for another podcast Craftlit was interjected wherein the reader of the ad invited the listener to come over to her site for a listen. I wasn't very sure I wanted to. She did sound a tad reserved as if the podcast would cater mainly to a "not so hip and current" crowd (whatever that crowd looks like, heh!) so I ignored her. And once again in another episode of the series I heard it again. So, this week, after suffering through a few newer podcasts that hurt my ears and left me wondering "why did I even bother" I gave Heather a try. And boy, am I ever glad I did! Don't judge a book by the cover takes on a whole new meaning for podcasts!

Craftlit , if you're into literature and love books (right now - older books) is a must listen! Heather Ordover makes it so fun to listen in her quiet engaging voice. She has listeners read different chapters (I think it's different chapters as opposed to different books)and she pops in before, sometimes during and after with pointers on what's going on, the implied deeper meaning of the imagery and the theme and all sorts of other good stuff that I haven't a clue about because I've only gotten to Advanced Level English Literature, but it's not so far that you can't catch on. I'm absolutely hooked! I decided to first try the last chapter of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and have been dedicated ever since. She and her team of readers are currently doing The Scarlet Letter and since she's at chapter 3 of 24, I thought I'd backtrack and listen to some of the other books (she has a link in the upper right hand corner of her blog that says library that has the books listed by chapter (marked by beginning and end of book) and sorted by book. Today, I started Turning of the Screw and man, is it entertaining!

So if you haven't already "discovered" her (as I might well be the last person to know about this blog, LOL!) pop over and give her a listen. Educational, fun and supremely interesting to listen to especially while knitting.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Francie socks - DONE!


I hope you all had a great day whatever you did. It was an uncharacteristically rainy and wet Easter Sunday so aside from church and a short visit to the in-laws, we spent it home together. Not a bad way to spend any day in my books!

Now, may I present to you all my first FO for the year! It would have taken me less time but ran into some snags (I think I talked about this before... having a sense of deja vu here). Anyways, they are done and I am glad. My first FO for 2009.

Pattern: Francie Socks by Rebekkah Kerner (bowerbirdknits)
Needle size: 2
Date started: March 25, 2009
Date completed: April 12, 2009
Yarn used: Nature's Palette sock yarn (the dye stained my fingers pretty bad! Afraid to block now...

And just for the heck of it, here's a pic of part of the our country side adventure. A couple Fridays ago we decided to travel from one end of the island to the other in order to get some grafted/ drawf trees. It was a lovely day and apart from hubby not bothering to call and get directions to the place and us rambling ALOT, we eventually got there and picked up an avacado tree, a tangelo and a lemon tree to add to our lime, golden apple and mango trees. They are not planted in the yard as yet as there's still some work to be done on the house and planting them now can put them in the path of trampling workmen. Such a beautiful sight this! But I can't imagine living up there at all!

Forgot to add that hubby and I went to see Watchmen on Saturday. On many levels it was very good. Others... well I don't want to say that other parts weren't good but rather they didn't gel for me. The most interesting character was Dr. Manhattan (not because of his inability inspite of his "superiority" - to keep his skivvies on. I guess if he's that far advanced then nud.i.ty is not a problem). There was one part in particular that didn't line up with my beliefs but I believe I'm mature enough to see it for what it was - a movie - and move on. I didn't even realise that was Pat.rick Wi.lson as Nit.eOw.l! I really like him! Good entertainment if you're into the comic book movie type of thing (like I am!! Waiting for Tra.nsfor.mers 2!)

Anyways, we have tomorrow off as well so looking forward to that. Continue to enjoy your Easter and God bless!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Busy day in the kitchen

Ah, the wonder that is a new oven. Oh how I don't miss baking in that pint sized countertop convection oven! It was a life saver in the time between our move and our newly acquired 30 inch Ge wall oven but now its time has passed and we are on to bigger and better things. Sighhhhh. Even my breads and cakes have responded positively to being processed in a larger environment. The banana breads have huge domes in the middle, the chocolate cakes rose higher and the white bread I made last night baked up quickly with a nice crust. Pure satisfaction.

The only damper on my day in the kitchen occurred while peering out over the bar into the living room trying to keep up with the shows on foodnetwork. There was a Gia.da At Home marathon on and after that was the Dow.nhome with the Neelys and then I think Big Daddy's House. My grouse is with Big Daddy's House. If you've never seen this show, can you guess what race this man is? Yep. African American. He won the Next Food Net.Work star competition sometime back, and aside from having the penchant for nonstop frying, his recipes look pretty good. Now. Why did they name the show Big Daddy's House. Was there no other name for this show? Srsly. We have Guys Big Bite (He won the first competition), Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Essence of Emeril (when it was showing on FN), there's Rescue Chef etc etc. Why does this guy's show have that ridiculous name? He's tall yes, but that shouldn't factor into anything. And what throws this show over the top and makes me angry at FN's attempt to - I dunno - African Americanize (forgive the new word here) this show is the relentless hiphop that is booming in the background. Sometimes I couldn't even hear what he was saying - too much hiphop booming in the back! Why don't they plug let's say Sa.ndra Le.e's show with this music or Iron Chef America or Bobb.y F.lay's shows with the hiphop? Why don't they outfit B.obby with a giant pair of hoops? This guy's hoops are bigger than my head. Dare I say there's a blatant sterotype being played out here? Gah!

Moving on (for now) I have some knitting updates but they are not significant enough to post as yet. When I have something of substance to show for my efforts I'll post. Till then, have a great week, knitting and otherwise.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

A few long awaited pressies...

Firstly, let me apologize for the crapatoid pics. I cannot seem to get this camera understood (maybe because it's not mine) and the seemingly simple task of focusing is beyond me. Don't bother to ask what's up with the shadow around the edges of the pics either. Let's call that art and leave it at that.

What shall I show you first? Ok. First up is the ball winder. My other one had an unfortunate incedent that I will not go into, and so I was forced to purchase another and from knitpi.cks this time. I'm not sure where I got the other one from I'm sure the answer is buried in the blog somewhere. I'm not sure if I'm too impressed with it. Feels a little stiff. Maybe it just needs breaking in...

Next up, the BEADS. I really shouldn't post this pic as the focus is on the background rather than on the beads themselves and the beads are SO beautiful! Can't tell from here tho.

Lastly, the yarn. The Rowan Wool Cotton is beautiful! It's DK weight so it's not that heavy so it will be nice for a night out.

Now, the question is... which project to cast on first.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Parade of UFOs

I'm officially one of those knitters. You know the kind who starts stuff but never seems to have an FO to show for her troubles. Bearing in mind that I have at least two projects that are beckoning me that I either have the materials for or will soon have all the materials for (i.e. the Aeolian Shawl and Tussie Mussie) I should get my knitting house in order. I would love to say that I will finish these project before I start on either of the aforementioned to-be-knits but I won't lie to you : ) So, just to show you that I do knit and not just threaten to, here are some of my UFOs (that I can put my hand on now anyways) that I will be putting a big effort into finishing before I have to start back the grind of studying/ stressing/ exams cycle.

First up - Francie socks - being knitted in Nature's pallette yarn

Up to a point, these socks are a fun knit. For me the fun-ness stopped once I reached the arch shaping. It's no fault of Rebekkah who wrote the awesome pattern, but it was how I read the instructions and interpreted them. It reminds me of a previous knitpicks podcast where Kelly Pet.kin was explaining that very phenomenon. It's not that the pattern was badly written, it's the part of the knitter who just doesn't get the pattern writer's language. Don't get me wrong, there are badly written patterns out there but this is NOT one of them. I did get some help from two wonderful ravelry members and I've gotten to this point. I do confess that I messed up somewhere around the foot shaping but I refuse to go back and fix it as I've prolly ripped out and restarted the arch shaping part at least 5 times now (last count). I believe the second sock will be better. They are a bit baggy here as they are for my hubby and I'm sure will fit him most excellently. Will get pics when both are done and he's wearing them.

Next up - the Deep V Argyle - being knit in Debbie Bliss Rialto.

I am a tad embarassed that this is as far as I've gotten. I started pretty strong but tapered out considerably for two reasons. I didn't realise Eun.ny had two versions - one for small people and the other for not so small people. I bought the yarn yardage for the small people kind and then realised that wasn't enough after I discovered my error. I could buy some more yarn but I think I've explained the issues I experience when having to order yarn. Won't bore you again with those details. Second, I'm not sure when I will get to wear it. I am planning a trip overseas this year but it won't be during a season that requires me to wear a woolen vest. Maybe it will be done before next year! Then I could plan a cold weather vacation. Hmmm... that doesn't sound very sane does it?

Then there's my Raglan Leaf Tee - being knit in Rowan Calmer.

The last time I worked on it was when I met up with a fellow raveler on her trip here and we sat and lunched and knit. I have not picked it back up since (well maybe to move it from one location to another but otherwise... not to knit it!). It has eaten 2 (could be 3) balls of the Calmer so far and it is knitting up so lovely! It's soft and light. I can see myself wearing it to the movies - if only I will finish it!!!

Then there's Swallowtail Shawl number 2 - being knit in Malabrigo sock yarn (methinks).

I do plan to finish this, but there's a KAL on the Knitters of the Caribbean group on ravelry that will be coming up in April so I will get a chance to knit on it and finish it with some company. I am knitting it with Malabrigo sock yarn - I think. I have to double check what I said it was 'cause I don't rightly remember.

Lastly is the Hab.u I bought that didn't come on the cone as I'd asked : (. It looks really shiney here. I guess it is pretty shiny as it is 100% bamboo. When I get my new ball winder I'll get to putting it in a cake and showing it off proper then. Until then, here's an uber shiny pic for ya.

I haven't received the beads for the Aeolian shawl and rowan wool/cotton for the Tussie Mussie as yet. Was supposed to get them last week Friday but the freight forwarder just didn't send 'em. So they promise tomorrow - see why ordering anything can be a bit stressful at times?

Anyways, at least things are being knit and maybe someday soon I'll have a parade of FOs to show ya!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The H.abu has landed!

After a minor snafu and a delay here and there, the H.abu yarn for the Aeolian Shawl is finally here and it's lovely. I did ask them to wind it on a cone for me because I don't have a swift (welllll... the wobbly swift-like thing I have sitting on my floor still isn't at the stage I would put my lovely xs-45 on it!) and they didn't :( Also, my winder is busted (new one on its way) so I can't even recruit hubby to hold his arms out forever - twice as there are two skeins of super skinny yarn - while I wind it up. Also, there's the matter of the beads that the freight forwarder hasn't delivered to me yet so the lovely shawl will have to wait. I hate waiting.

In other knitting news, the socks for hubby are currently being ripped. The 96 stitches I cast on per sock turned out to be way to big for even his large steppers. So it's riiiiiiiiiiipppppppp for them. I will be casting on again shortly but this time with my trusty dpns - once I can find the other size 1 dpn that seems to be awol! Once I'm back in action I will post pics of the sockies.

Oooo! Almost forgot to mention, I just bought 10 skeins of Rowan Wool Cotton in Rich for this project! I'm also exited to start this. I think it will be a really nice cardigan to wear out at night.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Proof that some things are easier in theory

Ever so often, I get bitten by the DIY bug. Like the time I tried to make curtains for the house for Christmas or the time I decided to forgo spending big bucks on those pricey store curtain rods and make them myself or like last night where I/ we attempted to make a swift. All three of these examples ended in a shake of the fists and a strangled cry as the result in practice did not add up to the idea in theory.

I won't show you the pics of the curtains or their "rods" but I will show you the carnage that was the attempt at a home made swift.

My darling hubby spent hours on it and he's not a hands on person like that but he tried and I appreciate it. The end result is a kinda wobbly not quite right swift that only spins under duress. However, hubby is now obsessed with making it "the right way" that he is thinking of making another one.

The other example of theory easier than practice is the two socks at a time on one needle. Actually, it's not so bad now as I think I'm getting the hang of it (knock on wood) but it was a really head scratcher for me! Progress shown here:

I'm happy with how they are looking even though it's not that much to show for all the work I put in it! Cable wrangling is hard!

Anyways, tomorrow is another day, one I'm looking forward to for some rest. I'm going to go finish watch Obam.a on and then turn in for the night. Anyone else watching? Have a good night! More progress pics to follow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good things come to those...

...who pester the freight forwarder! Finally, got my Knitted Lace of Estonia book and it does not disappoint! All of the patterns in this book are gorgeous and just reading about the history behind Estonian knitting is riveting. What awesome knitters they had to be, knitting exquisite shawls without the benefit of written pattern or charts! The girls started learning from age 4 - wow!

Like I said in one of my last posts, I plan on doing the Miralda shawl and here you see a pic of the yarn I am thinking of using.

Seeing the pattern in "person" rather than on the web has made me ponder if Knitpicks is the best choice for this intricate beauty. Nothing against Knitpicks as I have used it before for shawls, but the beauty and the history of the shawl inspires me to get something more lucious to invest in this project. There are so many yarns out there that in seeking out what I'd like to buy sends me further down the blog-rabbit hole! I'm picturing some Suri Elegance, but I don't know how well it will go with this pattern. We'll see!

In other knitting news, I've cast on a pair of socks for my deserving hubby. In order to avoid the dreaded second sock sydrome which I have succumbed to on a number of occasions, I decided to go with the 2 at a time sock knitting technique. Well... after a few days, I am now starting row 3 of the cuff. I have a 47 inch cable and somewhere I read that using any longer than a 40 is not recommended but I have to say, the 47 inch is working for me as a beginner to this technique. Synopsis of how it went:

1. Cast on with glee. I'm actually knitting something that can finish in a week or so!

2. Get to step 5 and get hopelessly tangled in two cakes of yarn and a fiddly needle that seems to be growing and simultaneously shrinking with each flick of my wrists.

3. Somehow sort it out and go to second row. Figure out that I somehow twisted one of the socks at the join and was now knitting a sock and a mobeius sock thingee.

4. Rip it out and wonder if hubby truly is deserving in the light of the drama I was at that moment embroiled in.

5. Come to my senses that yes, indeed he is worthy as he is an awesome supportive husband and fighting with wayward yarn and needles was the least I could do for him to make him his long promised socks.

6. Knit 2 rows and let it "rest" on the side table for a little bit.

So I'll be back to it once the kids go to bed and theorhetically won't have any need to call me 5 billion times, times 2, and I can think clearly while conquering this technique. While others on ravelry imply and said outright that it is not difficult, thereby making me feel somewhat challenged, my first encounter has left me somewhat, cautious in my goal to finishing something and soon. After all, it has been over a year since I started the raglan leaf tee! For shame and tsk tsk!

Hope your projects are going better than mine right now!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A chance to breathe!

Ah! There's nothing like the feel of having the weight of a pending exam over! Maybe finishing up the designation perhaps but one step at a time : )

So, now that some of the fog has cleared for now anyways, I feel the urge to knit something. I have one project I'm about to start (as soon as I've finished this post)and another I have been getting ready for. The Aeolian Shawl. Simply stunning. Here'a pic of the yarn I plan to use.

It's Habu xs-45 20/3. I placed my order with Habu and should be getting it soon - yay! I'll be making the cream coloured one and I also bought some awesome beads from Earthfaire as well. It will be my first time knitting with beads!! I was hoping to start the Miralda shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia but the freight forwarder didn't deliver the book when they promised it and now says I should get it Tuesday. Huh. We'll see. I have some lace in my small stash that I might use for it.

Hopefully, I'll be seeing more of this blog as I have a small break - still have a business case to hand in in about 3 months but it's no way as intensive as these past few courses! Night all! Off to start a small and should be satisfying project - at long last : )

PS - my "c" key is behaving very badly. I have to clack it about 3 times for it to show up on the screen - Grrrr!!!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Too busy to knit

Wassup, wassuuppp? Hey there! Happy Friday to yah. Just dropping in to say hi and stuff. As the title of this instalment states, I'm too busy to knit... not to busy to order THIS but I'm too busy to knit. But that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it and we all know sometimes it's the thoughts that count right? LOL!

What have I been doing? Oh the usual. Studying. It's amazing how it's so all consuming! I feel very tied to my book and look forward to cutting the strings when my exam is ovah! Yayayayay! That doesn't mean I'm done yet. Nope, just a few more courses to go and then I can get back to my life.

Hope everyone is well and that you have a great weekend what ever you do. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this song that spoke to me in so many ways! Until I get back with some pics and a wip pic at least, take care!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Does this thing still work?

Heeeellllooo? Heeeelllloooo? Anyone out there? It has been a very long time since I last popped in to say hello. How's everyone doing? I've been steadily tied to my books since my last update and have to report that I still am. I've been pushing my courses off back to back with little or no time in between so with assignments due every week or every other week I've had little time to update farless knit! I haven't updated my stash or pattern folder but I do intend to change all that. I have signed up for a less intensive course that requires NO assignment and NO final exam! So after this very intense course that I am preparing to take an exam for I will have a break of sort.

And what will I be doing with this "spare time"? Well finally, Interweaveknits has an edition I can sink my teeth into! Check out this shawl and the Millefori Cardigan, and Jeff's Pub Sweater. Those are on my to knit list. Now if I can just source the Rowan milk yarn and the Suri Elegance and of course get the mag I will be good to go. The pub sweater is for my hubby and I'd love to give it to him before his birthday in September and I'd love to have my shawl long before then. The Millefori will have to wait until I get to the size I want to be at. To that end - that is losing the excess weight, I have returned to badminton - taking lessons and enjoying it. My only problem is the pain in the shins! Ow! I may be taking up boxing on two other nights and if my body doesn't protest too much, then I'll be starting up with Billy Blanks again. I'm really fighting past the pain in my back, butt, shins and hips to see myself to as close to my goal as I can get.

I do have some pics to share but they are on my brother-in-law's camera (yeah, we're back to borrowing a camera as ours is officially kaput) and should get them off soon.

Anyways, back to my books! Wishing you all a great week : )