Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lazy knitting days here in Barbados

Nothing much going on on this end knitting-wise... I've kinda been on semi pause since completing my DFS. I have picked up LT as promised but seriously considered frogging her. I tell you, if this was available in pdf format, I would probably do it. It's not that LT is a bad thing to knit... it's just the mindless stockinette, coupled with the hardness of the hemp. I like this yarn and cannot wait until I have a finished project so I can wash it and have proof that it softens up and drapes beautifully.

I still haven't started my mother's cardigan. Sigh. I need more yarn to inspire me to get going. My "stash" is very small... made up mostly of left over yarn and incomplete projects. One of my problems is figuring out how much yarn to buy if I don't have a pattern in mind and just want the yarn because it's yummy. For example... I would love to get some Rowan Calmer but I'm not sure if to spend the money on 12 skeins and not have enough or buy the 12 skeins and have more than enough but with extras in one colour. I guess it's better to have more yarn of the same colour than not enough. I have kinda sorta cast on for the cozy tank in And So To Bed for my daughter. She saw me with the colours lined up, trying to choose the colour combination and let me know that she loves the pink. Will she wear it? People, I can only hope.

I have also rediscovered the caston podcast. I downloaded the episodes that I missed onto my partially functioning ipod nano, and took it to work. I am so happy that I had Brenda for company... there's just something about her voice that's soothing and makes you want to listen. She's funny and witty and... well, if you are a knitter you know what I mean. I plan to visit some of the other podcasts that she mentions and to further explore her website.

I've also figured out (like duh) one of the keys to churning out projects like the rest of you... I need to stop being a monogamous knitter! If I have like five projects going at once (now, I don't think I can get that done... not right now at least - unless they are really small projects) and I work on them simultaneously I'll be able to have show and tell on a more regular basis. One slight problem though... I would need to have patterns and yarn for more than one project at once before I embark on such an adventurous journey. We'll see... we'll see.

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