Friday, April 16, 2010

First Entrelac


Just sticking my head in to say hi :D Things are still busy over here but we were able to get a little vacation thrown in which was a welcome distraction. For me it was a working vacation as I still had assignments to study for and submit. We took a trip to visit that famous mouse over in Orlando - yep - we went to D*isn*ey. The kids had a blast as this was their first trip. They were mostly well behaved and we all got back safe and sound so I say it was a success all around.

The only down side to the trip was that I did not get to go to the two yarn stores that were closest to where we were staying as they were both 45-50 minutes away. Ah well, next time! I did get to visit a Joann's and was totally overwhelmed by all the gorgeous stuff they sell! I got some dress patterns for myself and my daughter, the latest IK knits, Vogue knitting, a rotary cutter and a few sewing books.

Since getting back however, I was met with some school drama that took me for a loop. Someone used my work as their own and I was punished along with them for it. I was totally oblivious that it happened as I was having fun in Orlando. So, I resorted to my old friend knitting and was able to get my heartrate down to an acceptable level. I spent a few hours knitting this discloth turned wash cloth from half a skein of one of the two sugar and cream skeins of yarn I bought in Joann's.

Here are the results of my first ever entrelac attempt.

I am happy with it and plan to do more since I am now confident with it and know what to expect. I used this pattern (ravelry link) and it was pretty straight forward and easy to follow. If you haven't tried entrelac for whatever reason, give this pattern a try and you shouldn't be disappointed.

Until next time knitty friends!