Friday, November 16, 2007

Thar she grows!

*waves hi to everyone*

I hope this post finds everyone well... the weekend is here so please enjoy it whatever you do!

I have a progress pic of the Swallowtail to share. I am halfway through the Lily of the Valley Border 2 chart and the nupps are really slowing me down. I know others have posted alternatives to making the nupps, but I may be a purist when it comes to patterns... that or I'm afraid of messing it up by doing something different! Either way, Swallowtail (ST) and I are like best buds, everywhere I go she goes, to work, to the store... everywhere. You see, she's helping me keep my wits about me as the exam I am studying for (well, certain topics within it ex linear programming a.k.a. evil evil subject) is making me question my intelligence. So whenever the feeling comes over me to run naked screaming Maximize profits! Binding Constraints! Sensitivy Analysis! GAHHHHH!!! I whip her out and knit furiously (well as furiously as those interferring nupps let me!).

Well what about the DSL you say? Well, its there somewhere catching dust. I think it will be refreshing to pick it back up and finish it before the year is over. There are a few other projects that I will be starting soon. They are in no particular order, Little Lacy Top - I have the perfect yarn for this... the allhemp3 that was previously dedicated to the Laura Tee. That's right, I am going to frog her. Or rather ignore her and just use the other skeins to start the Little Lacy Top. Then there's the Trapeze Jacket and hopefully these mittens by Eunny Jang. Why in the world would I want mittens when I live in the tropics - a place some akin to a fiery furnace? Well, I might be travelling again to Canada in April and I will NOT be tricked again by those cruel cold bone chilling winds again! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem... the last time I went I brought a storm. With the wind chill it was -30. All this extra layering of fat did NOTHING for me. I was shaking like a leaf. And no offense to North Americans, but I will not believe nary a one of you if you say that the weather is nice in April! Nice to you = hypothermia for me. But I digress LOL - if I go I will be prepared. The only question that remains, is will I be able to knit those mittens? I haven't ever done colourwork (well to that extent). Can KnittyKitty do it?

Stay tuned.

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Bajanknitter said...

You can do it knitty, knit those mittens and show them whose boss.
Nice work on the ST by the way, I can't wait to see it finished.