Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knitting... where's thy string?

Meh, thought that title would sound cool but maybe after I get a good night's sleep I will think otherwise. Anyways, it's the only thing my brain can come up with at ten past eleven at night. I'm torturing myself it seems... or maybe I'm subconciously trying to see how far I can push myself in the not gettin' any sleep department. Or, maybe, just maybe I've found another site just as addictive as ravelry. It's facebook. Yes, I've heard of it before, but once again I'm late to the party. Everyone and their grandmas are on there. It's cool finding people that I haven't seen in years. Some nice and others that reinforces the reason God didn't give us super special powers. Ah... but that's in the past right? So, why am I not in bed? Why am I up watching reruns of Forensic Files? Well, not watching but having it watch me while I tippity tap on the lappy? I really don't know. Hubby is down for the count and the kids went off to bed literally kicking and screaming some time ago. Well, I'm not sure. I've read some of the required reading for assignment 7 and just have to look at the notes tomorrow. But tomorrow is a little busy for me. I'm hoping to go see the iridologist (no I don't have an appointment but I'm hoping my good looks will get me in - that or maybe she won't be busy tomorrow!) and I have to go get some food to put in the fridge and pay some bills. Oh, did I mention that the kids have tomorrow off? I'll drop them by my mother and go my merry way to do my chores and then collect them later. They will not be happy about that. Ah well!

Tell me, has anyone been watching Heroes? Now, I became a serious fan during season one. Even used to do that little outburst that means "I did it!" that Hiro liked to chirp at the top of his voice. I was confused by the ending but thought nothing of it. Anyways, this new season has started rather shakily for me. It feels like two distinct groups of people are writing the stories. One group is writing the part with the mind reader, Dr. Suresh (can someone please give him a bath? Please?), Peter and Hiro. Another less motivated group seems to be writing the story lines of Mya the bloodeyed hero and her brother, Sylar (sp?) and the new hero New Orleans Muscle Mimic girl and her family. Now here are some of my problems. Generalizations. Race generalizations. Tell me why Mexicans are always portrayed as trying to get across the border? Can't they be seen just catching a plane FOR ONCE?? Tell me why Mya and her brother are so passionate and eager? Tell me why muscle mimic girl is always pursing her mouth like her ol' grammy and talking like she's uber religious? Why is it that her nephew has his hair plait and a bad attitide? Why is it that when miss mimic realises her powers (and oh so suddenly?) she goes and tests it out on um... jump rope??? I would be trying to see if I could knit intarsia, speak Japanese or fly a rocket. She choses jumprope (and why didn't the girl just invite her to join instead of wagging her head and barking at her?) Generalizations people! And why is Clare suddenly so annoying and dumb? And the story isn't meshing. How did Sylar get out that vast jungle and wind up in the path of eager Mya and company? Not making sense! And that little girl that mind reader and Dr. Sweaty seems to have kidnapped is so annoying. ARGGGGHHHHH!!!! I could go on but clearly I'm tired - I know this is just a show but I hate how different races are portrayed so STUPIDLY in shows and commercials!

Anyways, let's see if I can get some knitting content in here. I ordered 6 skeins of Knitpicks shadow in heather, vineyard and something else (yes I ordered it BEFORE Knitpicks announced their sale - grrrrr!) so I get to start the Adamas shawl. I also ordered Knitting Lace Triangles and the issue of Interweave Knits that has the Swallowtail shawl in it. I am excited even though I don't "sound" that way. I'm sleepy and won't go to bed. Maybe, I can get back into some serious knitting and maybe these upcoming projects will somehow propel me to knit faster and finish the DSL already! Sheesh.

I still can't find the camera... maybe I should buy a new one... with printer to boot. So I'll just add those knitting purchases to the list of will post pics.

Gnite. I think.

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