Saturday, July 07, 2007

So it's the weekend... time to get the things I've put off doing for ages done. But there's something about Saturdays that makes me feel very lazy. The apartment is upside down and yet I was able to sit for a few hours this morning working on my DFS. I've just completed repeat 8 and am nearing the finish line. I'm getting very excited. Along with the excitement is that feeling that I seem to always get when I'm nearing the end of a project... it's relief mixed with a pinch of anxiety mixed with an overwhelming need to buy more yarn... start a new project... but maybe after a week or so of marvelling at the fact that I actually have an FO. How many would that make for the year? Two? Either I need more time, patterns, yarn and the ability to churn out FO's or all of the above. I have taken a step closer to getting even more patterns by purchasing 5 books from knitpicks! They are Fitted Knits, No Sheep for You, The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques, Last Minute Knitted Gifts and Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac (about time I find out what she's all about). They were 40% off but really they were just a few dollars cheaper than I went with them because didn't have the No Sheep For You available so I went with Knitpicks to keep them all together. I want to be able to drool over them all at once! When they are received, I'll choose a pattern or patterns (from the books or otherwise) and then do a large yarn purchase. My birthday is coming up so I should probably spoil myself, right?

By this evening I should have some progress pics of my shawl. I didn't take any other pics as yet simply because the camera's door is coming off the camera (thanks to my darling son...he dropped it a while back and we haven't gotten it fixed yet) and I have to use scotch tape to secure it. The scotch tape however has run it's course and I need to get some as for some reason we're all out (that reason being my son and my daughter... they saw that episode of Dora where they use sticky tape to fix everything. See where I'm going with this?), so until I get some more, stick down the door and then hide the rest, I'll be sans pics for a little while longer.

Meanwhile, I'm contemplating knitting Monica for my daughter for her birthday. Now, my daughter... she's a darling. Loving and caring and shares with everyone. She doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings (she'll be three by the way) and she's very... um, determined. If she doesn't like something she won't wear it, no matter how many hours, days, weeks you've spent on a item for her. I learned that lesson all too well after I'd completed Katja and she wore it for all of 30 seconds. So I'm a little leery of making this for her. I showed her the pic and she said she liked it but, she's three, she likes Barney and he's big and an awful shade of purple. We'll see. My son wants me to knit him a pants (he's 4) but I may make him a vest to wear to church. Time to dig out And So To Bed (there's a vest in there that would be nice for church even if it's meant for just before going to bed! He nor the vest will know the difference!)

So that's it for now... nothing concrete to work on after the shawl is done... but looking forward to my books and the drool fest that's sure to follow!

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