Friday, November 14, 2008

Ticked Ticked... Tock

Let's start this one out with a giant eyeroll. All together now


Okay, so the day didn't start out too badly as it is after all Friday and if you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times... I don't work on Fridays. So, it was a good day simply because of what it is.

So, I drop the kidlets off to their respective schools and go about confirming the booking for my son's party. Get to the place early ya'll - I'm the ONLY one there - I have exact cash and all I need is a receipt. I hear the receptionist ask for it. Then calls someone again and then again. Half an hour later, I get a receipt. HALF AN HOUR to write a receipt. That (among other things) is island life - I know some of you want to come live on an island and sip coconut water at the beach and stuff but I know half of you would go crazy in a week!

Anyways, I wound up getting flack from the girl at the sandwich shop and I wound up cancelling the order after she started it. Then I took some invitations to my son's school for the aforementioned party and was met with a level of surliness from one of the staff that I didn't appreciate. THEN I went to my sewing class and had it out with the "teacher". Without seeking votes for my side of the story (well this is the only side you'll get anyways) it feels as though this woman has gotten more difficult with each class - either turning up late and having me wait for her or speaking to me like I'm an idiot. I admit - I do not know much about sewing - only what I have been taught by said "teacher" and am really very new to it all - so any questions really should be addressed without the curt responses, sighs and without starting the answer with "Like I just said..." It came to a head when I asked about seam allowance and was promptly chastised and dressed down for "not listening" and was told "Fine, I'll do it myself. Don't worry, I'll do it myself" WTH??? Well, I finally had enough as this was the second time she'd been this way with me and after getting flack and crap (along with almost getting the entire side of my car swiped off by someone who really shouldn't be on the road in ANY capacity) all day I let her have it. And you know what she did? Wait for it...

She tried to tell me that she was not upset and she didn't know what I was talking about and it was in my head.

WTH????????? After all these years on God's green earth are you trying to tell me I don't know when someone is mad/ angry/ pissed/ ticked?? There's much more to be said but I won't as I think there may be one or two Barbadian readers on here and Barbados is small (heck the world is small! In Montreal I met a man who was best buds with one of our dead premiers!) and people can be very malicious (not malicious as you may know the term but malicious here can mean nosy/ gypsy/ in yer bizness).

This leads me to my point. If you know you cannot deal with human beings then you should not be allowed to serve them. In any capacity. If you know you are going to get short and ill tempered with people then you shouldn't be around them. You shouldn't be paid to help them, make their sandwiches, pump their gas, check out their groceries in the supermarket (yeah, I'm talkin' to you Ms. Thing. Third strike and you're out with me!)stamp their tickets, do a gynecological exam, wash their cars or even usher them to their seats in church. Me, I know my limitations. I do not suffer fools easily. I put a good face forward (as I expect others to do the same to me. 90% of the time I don't get the good face I expect but that's another post). So you know what I do, I don't deal with people on the service level. My job allows me to work alone and from afar. Not that I can't work with people in an office setting but dealing with customers and potentially difficult people may not be my strongest point. So I avoid such circumstances. It amazes me that these same people who treat others so poorly in their jobs (happily so sometimes) expect that when they go to get served in the bank or at the emergency room or at the store they will be attended to with respect and dignity as the paying customer they are. Ah, when the shoe is on the other foot eh?

Sure, if you take away all the ill tempered, sour faced, bad mannered, poor service giving people we are forced to deal with, we might be left with very few people to deal with BUT I bet it would make life a WHOLE lot better.


Anyways, in case you were wondering or cared, I'm still studying hard for my exam. And I have another course to register to for by Monday that starts SIX DAYS after the exam for this course. So much for a Christmas break : ( But the light at the end of the tunnel is there. I look forward to those three more letters behind my name and will relish every second afterwards when I DON'T have to study like this anymore!

To that day! Cheers! I do deserve this tall cold glass of Arbor Mist!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I'm not that old but seriously, I never thought I'd see the day. I will admit that I've seen some shows with a black president and I'd be like - yah right, only in the movies... but lookie here. A Black President.

This man has swept the nation - is it because he's mixed and in a way represents the unity of black and white? Ok, I'm getting corny here but from day one, he's been on the lips of almost everyone - even my daughter knows him by face!


I'm guessing security will be quadrupled...

Good job America. For once, I think you've got it right. Now, let's see what plans he has for the Caribbean.