Saturday, March 14, 2009

A chance to breathe!

Ah! There's nothing like the feel of having the weight of a pending exam over! Maybe finishing up the designation perhaps but one step at a time : )

So, now that some of the fog has cleared for now anyways, I feel the urge to knit something. I have one project I'm about to start (as soon as I've finished this post)and another I have been getting ready for. The Aeolian Shawl. Simply stunning. Here'a pic of the yarn I plan to use.

It's Habu xs-45 20/3. I placed my order with Habu and should be getting it soon - yay! I'll be making the cream coloured one and I also bought some awesome beads from Earthfaire as well. It will be my first time knitting with beads!! I was hoping to start the Miralda shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia but the freight forwarder didn't deliver the book when they promised it and now says I should get it Tuesday. Huh. We'll see. I have some lace in my small stash that I might use for it.

Hopefully, I'll be seeing more of this blog as I have a small break - still have a business case to hand in in about 3 months but it's no way as intensive as these past few courses! Night all! Off to start a small and should be satisfying project - at long last : )

PS - my "c" key is behaving very badly. I have to clack it about 3 times for it to show up on the screen - Grrrr!!!!!

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