Monday, March 30, 2009

Parade of UFOs

I'm officially one of those knitters. You know the kind who starts stuff but never seems to have an FO to show for her troubles. Bearing in mind that I have at least two projects that are beckoning me that I either have the materials for or will soon have all the materials for (i.e. the Aeolian Shawl and Tussie Mussie) I should get my knitting house in order. I would love to say that I will finish these project before I start on either of the aforementioned to-be-knits but I won't lie to you : ) So, just to show you that I do knit and not just threaten to, here are some of my UFOs (that I can put my hand on now anyways) that I will be putting a big effort into finishing before I have to start back the grind of studying/ stressing/ exams cycle.

First up - Francie socks - being knitted in Nature's pallette yarn

Up to a point, these socks are a fun knit. For me the fun-ness stopped once I reached the arch shaping. It's no fault of Rebekkah who wrote the awesome pattern, but it was how I read the instructions and interpreted them. It reminds me of a previous knitpicks podcast where Kelly Pet.kin was explaining that very phenomenon. It's not that the pattern was badly written, it's the part of the knitter who just doesn't get the pattern writer's language. Don't get me wrong, there are badly written patterns out there but this is NOT one of them. I did get some help from two wonderful ravelry members and I've gotten to this point. I do confess that I messed up somewhere around the foot shaping but I refuse to go back and fix it as I've prolly ripped out and restarted the arch shaping part at least 5 times now (last count). I believe the second sock will be better. They are a bit baggy here as they are for my hubby and I'm sure will fit him most excellently. Will get pics when both are done and he's wearing them.

Next up - the Deep V Argyle - being knit in Debbie Bliss Rialto.

I am a tad embarassed that this is as far as I've gotten. I started pretty strong but tapered out considerably for two reasons. I didn't realise Eun.ny had two versions - one for small people and the other for not so small people. I bought the yarn yardage for the small people kind and then realised that wasn't enough after I discovered my error. I could buy some more yarn but I think I've explained the issues I experience when having to order yarn. Won't bore you again with those details. Second, I'm not sure when I will get to wear it. I am planning a trip overseas this year but it won't be during a season that requires me to wear a woolen vest. Maybe it will be done before next year! Then I could plan a cold weather vacation. Hmmm... that doesn't sound very sane does it?

Then there's my Raglan Leaf Tee - being knit in Rowan Calmer.

The last time I worked on it was when I met up with a fellow raveler on her trip here and we sat and lunched and knit. I have not picked it back up since (well maybe to move it from one location to another but otherwise... not to knit it!). It has eaten 2 (could be 3) balls of the Calmer so far and it is knitting up so lovely! It's soft and light. I can see myself wearing it to the movies - if only I will finish it!!!

Then there's Swallowtail Shawl number 2 - being knit in Malabrigo sock yarn (methinks).

I do plan to finish this, but there's a KAL on the Knitters of the Caribbean group on ravelry that will be coming up in April so I will get a chance to knit on it and finish it with some company. I am knitting it with Malabrigo sock yarn - I think. I have to double check what I said it was 'cause I don't rightly remember.

Lastly is the Hab.u I bought that didn't come on the cone as I'd asked : (. It looks really shiney here. I guess it is pretty shiny as it is 100% bamboo. When I get my new ball winder I'll get to putting it in a cake and showing it off proper then. Until then, here's an uber shiny pic for ya.

I haven't received the beads for the Aeolian shawl and rowan wool/cotton for the Tussie Mussie as yet. Was supposed to get them last week Friday but the freight forwarder just didn't send 'em. So they promise tomorrow - see why ordering anything can be a bit stressful at times?

Anyways, at least things are being knit and maybe someday soon I'll have a parade of FOs to show ya!

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