Saturday, September 05, 2009

And so the bandwagon(s) have been jumped upon...

or rather almost.

People, I've bought the Ishbel pattern. At 3 Great Britain pounds (Barbados $10.15!!), it is by far the most expensive single pattern that I've purchased. I hope it's worth it. I've put into cake form my skein of Handmaiden Cashbah that I bought from Moulinee last year (!) while in Canada. I sincerely hope that the varigation in colour (because it is hand dyed) doesn't distract from the pattern - or drive me bonkers, whichever comes first. The colour is a bit deeper than shown here and I see potential for an awesome turnout.

Handmaiden Cashbah:

So... I did mention bandwagon(s). Ishbel is one and quilting is another. I've bought my first quilting books and they should be here some time next week. I've been seeing so many beautiful quilts out there on the various blogs that I visit that the temptation could not be resisted. So there. Ooo Ooo, not to mention I've leapt on the most popular of them all (well for right now anyways) and bought the Jul.ia Ch.ild cookbook Mast.ering The A.rt Of French Coo.king! I've wanted to get this for a while now but only decided to get it since the movie just came out. Yes, ever so often I am a marketer's dream.

We'll see how this all turns out what with classes having just restarted and deep v argyle and raglan leaf tee almost done! Aeolian is on break until I get deep v out of my system (actually looking forward to the steeking bit - I hope hope hope that the debbie bliss rialto that I'm using steeks and blocks well!).

And just for the fun of it, here's a view out my study window. A little Caribbean blue sky and coconut trees for you all!

More updates... soon!

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Anonymous said...

That view is so painful...I wish with all my heart I was there!!!