Monday, September 21, 2009

Steeks and more

What a past week and some! I feel as though I've been fighting and struggling and being forced to wait for no other reason than the people I've had to deal with just didn't care if Good Friday fell on a Monday. Looking back, I'm now wondering if I was a part of some bizarre experiment to see just how far these companies could push me without me going completely batty. So, unbeknownst to them, they have won. I'm officially tired and fed up. So what's a girl to do when she's in this state of mind? Well, she takes a scissors to her knitting that's what!!! Ol' Deep V Argyle came in very handy when the need for me to "destroy" something rose up hard and strong! Mind you, I have not finished knitting the thing because, well, apparently I didn't order enough black yarn to complete the arm and neck bands. Come to think of it, it's kinda ironic. I've taken to my knitting to vent some frustration on being made to wait unreasonable lengths of time and still have to turn around and wait to finish the said project because I don't have enough yarn.

So here's some steeking action:

Before - all ready to be cut apart

During - getting my cutting action on:

Oops, no after pic yet... blogger is misbehaving

It wasn't hard at all in case you're wondering. I used the crochet steek as suggested in the pattern and it worked like a charm. Now, as soon as I get the one skein of Debbie Bliss Rialto needed I'll be ready to finally put this thing to bed - after a year and two months. For shame. There's no hurry anyways. Where the heck am I gonna wear it???(!)

After some drama, I've finally gotten my hands on the books I ordered a while back (man, what I would do for a borders right about now!!!!) And one other special gift to self that I have been longing for for the past two years I think!

Yes, that's my ipod touch 3rd generation! Newest model hot off the presses. I would tell you about how I managed to get this while sitting in church chatting through a sermon but it would take too much explaining so we'll just leave it at that ; ) I'm enjoying it but not as much as I would hope mainly because there are restrictions in itunes because of where I live. Imagine that! I'm in the process of a work around so I'm hoping for a solution by tonight. Crossing my crossables!

As for the books... I have browsed through them all rather quickly and am eager to sit down and spend some quality time with them. Already, Julia's recipes are calling to me especially her chocolate cake. I made a variation to her sponge cake on Sunday for my hubby's birthday but sponge cakes all taste the same so no true test of if this book is worth its mettle as yet. And I'm sure it is! The quilting books need some special love too and I'm eager to start but soon there will be some construction going on around here and cracking out quilting supplies will not be logical. Again, I have to wait. The last book there " You.r Pl.ace" is very interesting and I can see myself applying and using lots of the wonderful homey ideas in there. Really good book for DIY-ers who are concerned about chemicals in and around the home. Got the suggestion for the book from another blog that I cannot recall right now... but definitely worth a look-see!

Anyways, time to get some supper on the table. Simple simple tonight - flying fish cutters! I know these are going to go down without a complaint!

Until next post!

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Anonymous said...

You are waaaaaay braver than me; I still haven't even tried to steek! Hope you get the yarn soon so you can finish. It's lovely!