Thursday, April 16, 2009

Awesome podcast "discovered"

I'm not sure if discovered is the right word here but it'll do in a pinch. So, while I was happily listening to the last series Alchemy over at Cast On and an ad so to speak for another podcast Craftlit was interjected wherein the reader of the ad invited the listener to come over to her site for a listen. I wasn't very sure I wanted to. She did sound a tad reserved as if the podcast would cater mainly to a "not so hip and current" crowd (whatever that crowd looks like, heh!) so I ignored her. And once again in another episode of the series I heard it again. So, this week, after suffering through a few newer podcasts that hurt my ears and left me wondering "why did I even bother" I gave Heather a try. And boy, am I ever glad I did! Don't judge a book by the cover takes on a whole new meaning for podcasts!

Craftlit , if you're into literature and love books (right now - older books) is a must listen! Heather Ordover makes it so fun to listen in her quiet engaging voice. She has listeners read different chapters (I think it's different chapters as opposed to different books)and she pops in before, sometimes during and after with pointers on what's going on, the implied deeper meaning of the imagery and the theme and all sorts of other good stuff that I haven't a clue about because I've only gotten to Advanced Level English Literature, but it's not so far that you can't catch on. I'm absolutely hooked! I decided to first try the last chapter of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and have been dedicated ever since. She and her team of readers are currently doing The Scarlet Letter and since she's at chapter 3 of 24, I thought I'd backtrack and listen to some of the other books (she has a link in the upper right hand corner of her blog that says library that has the books listed by chapter (marked by beginning and end of book) and sorted by book. Today, I started Turning of the Screw and man, is it entertaining!

So if you haven't already "discovered" her (as I might well be the last person to know about this blog, LOL!) pop over and give her a listen. Educational, fun and supremely interesting to listen to especially while knitting.

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