Monday, August 03, 2009

Nice long weekend of knitting


First things first. Thank you to Sandra and Susan for your anniversary wishes : ) We had a good time at the restuarant (even when hubby ate half - he was going to eat the whole thing before I stopped him - of the wasabi pat on my plate!) and are definitely going back for my birthday this month.

What a nice long weekend on this end. Hope you guys can say the same for yourselves : ) I was off from Friday and today is a bank holiday so that's four days of maxing and relaxing on this end. Let's see... we didn't do anything of report on Friday but on Saturday we went over to some friends' house and had a really wonderful evening talking and eating delicious food. Our kids played till after midnight! Sunday, we took the kids to see I.ce Ag.e 3 and Dana didn't like it very much at all because it scared her : ( Later that night we went to a surprise birthday party and got home after 12 a.m. (late for us!) and slept in late today. Today I did a bit of baking and the kids went to visit their grandparents while I stayed at home and exercised a bit and knit. So it was busy and restful at the same time.

Of course I was also doing some blog stalking and all those wonderful projects out there have me so inspired! One of them being Ishbel. Man, everyone and their mama (is?) are knitting this shawl! It is pretty and seems to have the right amount of stockinette and lace to make it an interesting knit. We'll see. I'm working on the Aeolian and that is taking awhile so Ishbel will have to wait a bit I guess. I'm also looking for another sewing book that might be helpful. There's a site that sells plus sized patterns and I shot them off an email asking if they gave instruction on how to assemble the garment too. They haven't written back as yet. Either they're laughing their collective heads off or it was too silly a question to reply to! LOL! So, do patterns come with instructions on how to assemble them? It wouldn't make sense buying a pattern and not know how to put it together now would it.

Anyways, no pics today (again). The camera is back in its rightful owner's hands. I'm eyeing the ipod touch for my birthday. If it has a camera attached that would just sink it for me! Maybe I can wrangle my dh into getting me both ; )

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Virtuous said...

Hey Lisa!!

I didn't have your e-mail address but I wanted to respond back to you from my post you commented on:

OOh you really missed all the great sales b/c this past month they had all the body butters/scrubs for $15 need to visit them more often LOL

Coconut is my FAV too!! :) I couldn't believe that gift set was only $7 bucks!! I couldn't find it that way at any other Body Shop either.

I have the iPhone...lurve lurve LURVE it!! The iTouch and iPhone are literally the same! :)