Thursday, March 19, 2009

Proof that some things are easier in theory

Ever so often, I get bitten by the DIY bug. Like the time I tried to make curtains for the house for Christmas or the time I decided to forgo spending big bucks on those pricey store curtain rods and make them myself or like last night where I/ we attempted to make a swift. All three of these examples ended in a shake of the fists and a strangled cry as the result in practice did not add up to the idea in theory.

I won't show you the pics of the curtains or their "rods" but I will show you the carnage that was the attempt at a home made swift.

My darling hubby spent hours on it and he's not a hands on person like that but he tried and I appreciate it. The end result is a kinda wobbly not quite right swift that only spins under duress. However, hubby is now obsessed with making it "the right way" that he is thinking of making another one.

The other example of theory easier than practice is the two socks at a time on one needle. Actually, it's not so bad now as I think I'm getting the hang of it (knock on wood) but it was a really head scratcher for me! Progress shown here:

I'm happy with how they are looking even though it's not that much to show for all the work I put in it! Cable wrangling is hard!

Anyways, tomorrow is another day, one I'm looking forward to for some rest. I'm going to go finish watch Obam.a on and then turn in for the night. Anyone else watching? Have a good night! More progress pics to follow.

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