Sunday, April 05, 2009

Busy day in the kitchen

Ah, the wonder that is a new oven. Oh how I don't miss baking in that pint sized countertop convection oven! It was a life saver in the time between our move and our newly acquired 30 inch Ge wall oven but now its time has passed and we are on to bigger and better things. Sighhhhh. Even my breads and cakes have responded positively to being processed in a larger environment. The banana breads have huge domes in the middle, the chocolate cakes rose higher and the white bread I made last night baked up quickly with a nice crust. Pure satisfaction.

The only damper on my day in the kitchen occurred while peering out over the bar into the living room trying to keep up with the shows on foodnetwork. There was a Gia.da At Home marathon on and after that was the Dow.nhome with the Neelys and then I think Big Daddy's House. My grouse is with Big Daddy's House. If you've never seen this show, can you guess what race this man is? Yep. African American. He won the Next Food Net.Work star competition sometime back, and aside from having the penchant for nonstop frying, his recipes look pretty good. Now. Why did they name the show Big Daddy's House. Was there no other name for this show? Srsly. We have Guys Big Bite (He won the first competition), Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Essence of Emeril (when it was showing on FN), there's Rescue Chef etc etc. Why does this guy's show have that ridiculous name? He's tall yes, but that shouldn't factor into anything. And what throws this show over the top and makes me angry at FN's attempt to - I dunno - African Americanize (forgive the new word here) this show is the relentless hiphop that is booming in the background. Sometimes I couldn't even hear what he was saying - too much hiphop booming in the back! Why don't they plug let's say Sa.ndra Le.e's show with this music or Iron Chef America or Bobb.y F.lay's shows with the hiphop? Why don't they outfit B.obby with a giant pair of hoops? This guy's hoops are bigger than my head. Dare I say there's a blatant sterotype being played out here? Gah!

Moving on (for now) I have some knitting updates but they are not significant enough to post as yet. When I have something of substance to show for my efforts I'll post. Till then, have a great week, knitting and otherwise.


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Virtuous said...

Thanks so much for the b-day wishes! It was great!!