Sunday, February 22, 2009

Does this thing still work?

Heeeellllooo? Heeeelllloooo? Anyone out there? It has been a very long time since I last popped in to say hello. How's everyone doing? I've been steadily tied to my books since my last update and have to report that I still am. I've been pushing my courses off back to back with little or no time in between so with assignments due every week or every other week I've had little time to update farless knit! I haven't updated my stash or pattern folder but I do intend to change all that. I have signed up for a less intensive course that requires NO assignment and NO final exam! So after this very intense course that I am preparing to take an exam for I will have a break of sort.

And what will I be doing with this "spare time"? Well finally, Interweaveknits has an edition I can sink my teeth into! Check out this shawl and the Millefori Cardigan, and Jeff's Pub Sweater. Those are on my to knit list. Now if I can just source the Rowan milk yarn and the Suri Elegance and of course get the mag I will be good to go. The pub sweater is for my hubby and I'd love to give it to him before his birthday in September and I'd love to have my shawl long before then. The Millefori will have to wait until I get to the size I want to be at. To that end - that is losing the excess weight, I have returned to badminton - taking lessons and enjoying it. My only problem is the pain in the shins! Ow! I may be taking up boxing on two other nights and if my body doesn't protest too much, then I'll be starting up with Billy Blanks again. I'm really fighting past the pain in my back, butt, shins and hips to see myself to as close to my goal as I can get.

I do have some pics to share but they are on my brother-in-law's camera (yeah, we're back to borrowing a camera as ours is officially kaput) and should get them off soon.

Anyways, back to my books! Wishing you all a great week : )

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Scheherazaad said...

Yes it still works. Good to know you are still there and doing fine. I feel your pain. I have been taking courses and teaching at the same time since September. Hopefully it is all worth it in the end. Good luck.