Thursday, April 02, 2009

A few long awaited pressies...

Firstly, let me apologize for the crapatoid pics. I cannot seem to get this camera understood (maybe because it's not mine) and the seemingly simple task of focusing is beyond me. Don't bother to ask what's up with the shadow around the edges of the pics either. Let's call that art and leave it at that.

What shall I show you first? Ok. First up is the ball winder. My other one had an unfortunate incedent that I will not go into, and so I was forced to purchase another and from knitpi.cks this time. I'm not sure where I got the other one from I'm sure the answer is buried in the blog somewhere. I'm not sure if I'm too impressed with it. Feels a little stiff. Maybe it just needs breaking in...

Next up, the BEADS. I really shouldn't post this pic as the focus is on the background rather than on the beads themselves and the beads are SO beautiful! Can't tell from here tho.

Lastly, the yarn. The Rowan Wool Cotton is beautiful! It's DK weight so it's not that heavy so it will be nice for a night out.

Now, the question is... which project to cast on first.

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