Thursday, March 06, 2008

Holy Immortal Kiss Batman!

*kaff kaff* Hey guys *snort sniffle* I hope you're doing alot better than me. I got hit with the cold/ flu bug again. In fact all of us here at casa knittykitty has some form of runny nose, dry/wet cough, itchy eyes and an overall feeling of ickiness. The kids are mostly over it but hubby and I got hit at the same time and up to yesterday looked a sorry pair. Today is a bit better as I even went to work and had a meeting and all - now if I can get rid of this persistent coughing! My head feels like it's going to drop off any second. Blargh.

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it but in addition to getting my surf on I enjoy a good television show. I'm hesitant about getting in to new shows because I really don't want to invest my time in a show that turns out crappy - case in point Desperate Housewives, Dawsons Creek and (eek) maybe even Grey's Anatomy. I've gone off that show cold turkey and I'm not even sure if I want to get involved again. Too many quirky attractive rambling oversexed interns! Anyways I might change my mind later who knows. Anyways, I kept seeing these ads for New Amsterdam and thought that it did look good and had an interesting concept to it. I watched it's premier and enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised to see it was on again tonight! And I was pleasantly surprised. In case you don't know the concept behind this show, it's about this guy Amsterdam who, due to the fact he tried to save a Native American woman from being killed, was given the "gift" of immortality. Only when he finds "the one" will he be able to die. He's been looking for her for 400 years! Anyways, so one of his past loves that he hoped was the one was an African American woman. Now this may not be so unusual but there was some full on hot and heavy romance going down - and from all camera angles too. In all my years watching tv I don't recall seeing an interracial romance portrayed (maybe I'm watching the wrong shows, or maybe it's the fact that here in Barbados we get but a fraction of the channels bigger countries get - either way you tell me.) not even in commercials - again I might be missing something. Anyways, it was refreshing to watch! Did anyone catch it?

As for knitting content, I have an almost finished Jacobean sock. One more repeat and it will be done. I have to confess that I'm not really feeling this sock. Yes, it is a beautiful design but it's not working so great with the carrot coloured yarn I bought some time back. I can barely make out the pattern on it but it's knitting up fairly quickly (by my standards anyways) and I'm almost done this one anyways. I have no hope of coming first for this pattern so there's no rush but I do wish I could enjoy it more! I have some craptastic pics of it taken with my phone camera but I'm too tired to share. My wips are keeping me busy as I make progress on them all - man monogamy was so much easier! Anyways, tomorrow God willing I shall share and maybe you can tell me what you think about the orange sockie?

Btw - did I tell you that I've started another course for the CGA? Tax this time - good times, good times! Let the "fun" begin! (again).

Nite all!


Anonymous said...

I don't even know what monogamy is anymore! Maybe the sock will grow on you. I've only seen commercials for New Amsterdam, but I don't watch a lot of TV, so I don't know about all the sex. *sigh* The 3 kids are why I don't watch a lot of TV...that & all the sex!

Scheherazaad said...

Sorry about the flu! I can't help you with the TV. I only watch on weekends, and then only movies, documentaries and decorating and gardening shows. Hope to see the sock soon.