Saturday, March 15, 2008


Some time last year I called the kennel club as I was looking to purchase a puppy for our family. I had done some research and thought that a beagle would make the perfect addition to our family. I was put in contact with a lady who had a beagle bitch and she told me that when the bitch had pups she would let me know. She did let me know and told me that around September they expected the pups to be born. When September rolled around she told me that the pregnancy wasn't viable and there were no puppies but she would let me know when they expected another litter. She called me sometime in December and told me that they expected pups in February or so and what was I interested in. I told her a male pup and when February rolled around she said the pups came and there were two males. She told me the price and said they would be ready in 6-8 weeks. Last week we made arrangements to go see the puppies today, after she sent me two emails of the darlings. We went today and I was instantly in love. We picked the sad eyed boy and talked alot about the care of beagles etc. She gave me a sheet and told me she'd write everything up so I wouldn't have to remember it all right away. She said that a judge was coming to see the pups next week and we would get sad eyes after Easter. This evening she called me - hours after we met and said that she wasn't going to sell the pup to us as she didn't think we were good candidates because (get this) we work and our yard isn't fenced in. He's a BEAGLE - he was going to be a house dog and he didn't have his last two shots so he couldn't go for walks anyways until late April. I said, "I see" and she started up saying "Don't be like that". I burst out in tears and bawled "I'm in tears here!" And I really was. So many things have disappointed me and upset me and caused me to teeter on the edge of depression and this was a faint light. Hubby is travelling at the end of the month and sad eyes was going to keep me company. We even went shopping for his little bed today.

I do think that her decision to not sell us Snoopy (yes, I had a name picked out and everything) was based on who we are. When she greeted us at the gate she said "Oh, you were the lady I met at the dog show", I said "yes" and she said "I thought you were someone else all along!"

All I know is that I'm so hurt by this - and thinking that it may or may not be because she thought I was someone else (or at least looked different) makes it worse. It's funny eh? I could hold it together when the workmen refuse to show up, when it seems as though this house will not get finished but something like this brings on the tears in a hot second.

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Allegra said...

Oh Lisa! I am so sorry! That woman sounds judgemental and kind of bitchy-- to say "Now don't be like that". How ELSE were you supposed to be? I hope things get better soon, and although you had fallen in love with Snoopy, maybe it wasn't meant to be and another pup will come into your life soon.

Christie said...

Oh my gosh, how EVIL! I guess we know who the Beagle Bitch is now.

NikkiJ said...

You're probably right about her not wanting to give you the puppy for the wrong reasons. But, now just hear me out. I baby sat an adult beagle for 3 years and my yard was very well enclosed. I didn't walk her because I could never train her to heel. As a result she tore the screen off my slider, chewed the sprinkler system dry (grass is all dead now), dug holes repeatedly. Whenever I tried to walk her she'd brake free of me as best she could and run to God knows where. I had to bail her out of jail once. She was my brother's dog and is much calmer with him. She's been back with him for quite some time and does the same thing. Chewed his phone lines silly. All I'm saying is, do a little more research before getting a beagle, and oh, find another breeder. You'll have your Snoopy one day. Don't crrrrrry. :(

Scheherazaad said...

I'm sorry, and of course you cried. That was a really mean thing for her to do to you. I agree with Nikkij and one day you will have your Snoopy.