Monday, November 13, 2006

Third Lacevember contest

Ideal lace knitting conditions:

Hmmm... I guess this answer would be the same for all my knitting projects. The ideal conditions would include me sitting on my sofa with a footrest nearby. The kids (4 and 2 years old respectively) would be in bed as they love to come "help" me knit. I can't let them "help" especially with this fine JaggerSpun (I let them "knit" when I'm doing stockinette using different yarn). The television remotes and the phone will be nearby as well just in case I decide to use either of them. I would be in a very comfortable position and the apartment would be nice and quiet with hubby on his computer working away. My hand lotion and a cool drink would also within reach and of course I would have had a nice relaxing shower before settling down. All in all, everything I need will be within reach and I would be totally relaxed in my cozy chair.

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