Friday, July 02, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen(?) Damson is done. There is nothing quite like finishing up a project that was so easy to knit but yet has beautiful results! Well the results will be beautiful once I block it. Like the Ishbel before it, Damson will remain unblocked until I get my hands on some blocking mats and blocking wires. Hopefully that will be this month once I get a few things on my list squared away.

Here she is in all of her unblocked glory:

I had one or two problems with this pattern though - even as ridiculously easy as it was. I lost count of some yarn overs and was too lazy to go back and untink my mistakes (I did a lot of untinking further on but not on this initial error) If you look closely at the two main yarnover sections there you will see that I am talking about. The problem is so minor in my books that I've left it as is and am still happy. I guess mainly because it's an error on both sides. Now if it was an error on only one side it would have been ripped out.

Second problem is that I ran out of yarn. On the bind off - halfway through. Bah. I asked if any one over on ravelry had some scraps to send me and was basically told to go buy a skein. People can be so nice! I guess it's which part of the world you hail from and maybe your knitty superstardom as well. I can't imagine anyone not helping the yarnharlot should she have a similar quandry. But then again, such a harlot would never run out of yarn on the bind off. Maybe I shouldn't expect those who purport to be nice to be actually so. Maybe I shouldn't think that everyone out there will do as I have done in the past. Ah well. I wound up getting out some debbie bliss 100% merino yarn I had, cutting off a length of it, splitting it in two sections (each section made up of 3 strands of yarn), splicing it to the malabrigo sock yarn and binding off. If this is successful remains to be seen when I block this baby out.

So next up is my prize! Earthtonesgirl - Denise sent me the lovely skein of yarn that I won over on her blog some weeks back. She mailed it when she said she would and it arrived in no time at all! I LOVE getting good mail and this definitely falls into that category. Here are two pics of the yarn. Denise, if you're reading, we weren't able to take the skein to Oistins for a photo op as we've all (excepting hubby) been under the weather and are now recovering. My daughter had the worst of it I think as on top of her cold, she had a double eye infection. Not pretty at all but today her eyes are nice and clear. Hooray for medicine!

Yarn looking wistfully out of the window wondering where the heck she is:

Yarny in better light:

Thanks again to Denise! I have a few ideas about what I want to make with it so stay tuned if you will : )

Today if everything goes well, the much talked about Miralda will be cast on. Yay!

Later guys!


Lora said...

it looks great! super breezy and easy. to wear. not to make!

Earthtones Girl said...

Hey There,
No worries on the Oistins shot...I'm just happy to see the yarn in my "at home". Thanks for the window picture though.

Sorry to hear you're all not feeling well. That Damson would definitely make me feel better. It's beautiful. I'm about to start another one for myself this time.

And thanks too for the comment regarding "licking the bowl" you had my mum and I in stitches.

I'll be checking in to see what the present becomes....