Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hello readers! Are you confused? Don't be... just changing up the look of the ol' blog here. I didn't really like that last template design (plus it wiped out all my previous FO's and WIP's lists... they should be mostly back now...) and have settled on a simpler cleaner layout. Hope you like! I do : )

While away, hubby and I celebrated 10 years of married-ness. That certainly went by fast! We celebrated by going to our fave Japanese/Thai restaurant and took the kids since it coincided with our daughter's birthday with was a few days after our anniversary. The highlight of the evening was their attempts at eating with the chop sticks and my son wondering why the rice was so clumped together LOL!!(Bajan men prefer their rice grains not so cozy with each other!). I had the tasting menu which consisted of tempura veggies and a tempura prawn (which was given promptly to hubby because of my shell fish allergy), a California roll, some sashimi, a giant salad, teriyaki chicken and jasmine rice. The kids had teriyaki chicken and beef and hubby had a shellfish dish off the Thai menu. Dessert was icecream for me and fried cheesecake for the kiddos. We were well stuffed!! It wasn't the cruise that I was hoping to do but it was fun nonetheless.

Since June I've been on pause with regards to my studies. I sat my last two exams and had to wait six weeks to get my results.With much trepidation and with my heart in my mouth, I clicked on "course history", scrolled down and looked for that magical word. That one word that carried with it so many possibilities. See, the word could be either Failed or Passed.

Failed would mean having to resit the exam, delay in getting certified and just the overall feeling of depression stemming from the failure and acceptance of the loss of money spent to the course (about $600+ Cad a pop!).

Passed would mean the complete opposite - it would involve looking at the world through certified eyes, it would mean I did not spend the last few months studying so hard for nothing, it would mean that I'll be a bad ass - in a good way! LOL! It would mean SUCCESS.

People, I saw PASSED. On BOTH courses so this means that I am officially done with my studies. There's one more administrative step and I'll have those three extra letters behind my name. To say I am happy would be the biggest understatement of the year. But, it's late and I cannot think of anything smart and cute to say that would impress you so happy it is.

Completion of my studies as a student should essentially mean that I should be knitting like a woman starved for her needles and yarn. But I am not. It's like my body is on a strike or something - refusing to do anything that entails reading or the s-word i.e. studying. Reading a pattern right now involves figuring out instructions and following instructions and the like. I did however, at least TRY to start Miralda from Knitted Lace of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions but I seemed to have some difficulty counting the 300+ stitches needed for the cast on. When I figured that out, I kept doing something really stupid and wasn't getting the required amount of stitches at the end of the rows. Once I got that sorted out, I realized that I really and truly didn't like how it was knitting up with the Malabrigo Lace. It was too fuzzy and the stitch definition was crap. So I frogged it, found a yarn store that ships directly to Barbados without charging me my first born son and bought two skeins of Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine in some bluish colourway, three skeins of St. Denis Nordique in Ruby Wine to make the Juneberry shawl (cause I love the colour of Jared Flood's!) and the St-Denis Magazine issue 2. As we speak they should be on their way. I say should because the whole shipping thing is another story. It would be extra nice to get these this week but that's me being very very hopeful. So once those arrive I should be in the mood to knit one or the other.

Then I'll have some actual knitting content to share.

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essjay said...

Congratulations on passing exams & happy anniversary (a bit late!).

I look forward to hearing what you think about the St. Denis Nordique yarn - I haven't found any yet and really want to feel it.