Friday, August 15, 2008

Yikes! Already??

Am I the last person to realise that summer is almost over? Gadzooks people! Two more weeks of "freedom" and then we're back in the game. What am I talking about? Well, I'm talking about the amount of time we have left before we start the "get the kids out of bed early, bathed, fed and dressed and out the door in a good time to get to school/ work early." Sigh. Two.more.weeks. I feel like they just came off from school! I STILL have to get one elusive book for Dylan and two phys.ed shirts. Maybe new shoes and all their supplies - pencils, book bag, lunch coolers etc etc. I'm usually on the ball with this stuff (I've gotten their text books so that's a point or two, right?) but somehow along the way I keep putting it off. It's like if I buy this stuff I admit that school is soon starting. Now, this time around, it looks like I'm going to be one of those parents. You know, the last minute ones. I happily join this bunch of last minute-ers and will join the fracas that will ensue in order to get the right things for school. But I'm gonna shop smarter. I will NOT go into town and get smashed while reaching for that last art apron. Nope, I'm shopping out of town this time, where the prices may be a bit higher but the probability of me getting mildly roughed up will be way waaaaay lower.


Anyways, a new round one starts with my studies and I look forward to this new course (please, don't remind me of these careless words when I inevitably start to whine about the workload and the busi-ness that is my life).

On the knitting side of life, I have made some progress on my Deep V Argyle Vest but can't show you yet as I don't have a functioning camera. Yes, again. The one I was using is back in its rightful owner's possession and I have once again by scouring for the perfect one to hint for for Christmas. And then there's the DSL that is still eating yarn with no apparent proof of it... just five more inches and the neck and I can put this thing to bed and... it's just taking SOOOO long! The 24th is coming up so I've got to speed things up! There's a shawl on cosmicpluto's blog that I would like to knit (if the pattern is available) in the same Mooi yarn too (hopefully I can get this yarn when I travel soon) so I'm holding out on starting a new shawl until I get this pattern and yarn in hand. So no pics again.

Oh, before I go, saw The Hulk on Wednesday. Was a good show but no Dar.k Kn.ight. It was good for what it was. At least he bought large pants that would stretch and accomodate him when he grew - but seriously he gets so big not even the stretchiest pants would fit - but I give them an A for effort. I never got why other hulk's pants would stay on but the shirt and everything else would be trash (well, besides the fact that we can't have a naked hulk running around a pg movie... it would be interesting to find out if everything was exponential in um... growth, tho.)

Goodnight for now... time to go wrestle hubby for the remote (grumble - darned grumble grouch).

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