Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Am I the only one NOT really into the Olym.pics?

Man, everyone and their grandma seems to be glued to the tv! I can appreciate the games but truth be told, I'm not into sports at all. I like and appreciate the games for what they are and can even sit and watch for a few minutes without turning the channel but to have it glued there day in day out? Not me! I lie in wait for the moment hubby falls asleep on the couch and then pounce on the remote like a hungry thing. I invariably land on Foodnetwork or HGTV if nothing's on Scifi or USANetwork. When hubby comes to all he can do is shake his head in disbelief that 1. he'd fallen asleep again in front of the tv and 2. that I claim the remote and use the opportunity to watch people cook. I told him that I'd watch the Olympics if there was a knitting event. Heck yeah! I can see it now... the double point derby, who can knit the most socks in one sitting and of course, a blindfold event where you have to determine yarn by touch alone. Prizes will be lifetime supplies of cashmere yarn and jord.an pai.ge bags. Yesserie bob, I'd be in front the tv like nobody's business.

Now to comment on a couple things on said Olympic games.

Cul.len Jo.nes: Okay, I know it was not my nor my husband's imagination when he swam that relay and when the woman was interviewing the four guys, he was tucked behind her while the three others were highlighted. I'm just saying.

Lip synching - ok so the Chinese are catching some flack over the old switcheroo they pulled on selecting a "cuter" girl to "sing" at the opening ceremony. Having that little girl knowingly participate in something like that is just not right. And what about the other little one that was supposedly not so cute? How will this follow her? Hopefully she won't have any inferiority complex issues as she grows. Having said that, is this something that no other country would have done? Somewhere in the media, someone made a comment saying that in the US no matter how "not cute" the little girl would have been able to do thing. I think that if it came to it ANY other country would have done the same thing wrong as it is. Again, just saying.

Sexist story lines - ok... I don't know about you guys but I'm getting a wee bit tired of hearing these storylines described by the sportscasters as "soap operas" when they are discussing the women athletes. When they discuss the men you hear about how hard they train and the injuries they sustained bla bla bla... but when they were discussing some women that were swimming all I could hear was "and she left France to go to Italy to train with her boyfriend who then broke up with her and is now dating her competition and her ex-coach is training another one of her competion in the pool. hahahah. this is a real soap opera." HUH?????? What about all the training that's gotten her to where she is now? GRRRR!

And all the sob stories! Bleh!

Anyways, slow knitting on this end. Nothing to shout about. But very excited about Eureka tonight!!


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Christie said...

I'm not into most other sports, but I love the Olympics. Can't say why. I'll spend hours and hours watching sports I have no clue about. And I'm not really that patriotic..it's just the spectacle of it all.

And as for the other odd things you brought up...I'm totally agreeing with you. I'm sure a not so cute girl would have been passed over for a cuter girl with an inferior voice. Don't those commentators watch American Idol?