Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ok, THIS ticks me RIGHT OFF!!!!!

Is this man for reals???

At least there's an opposing article to his comments by Rick Broadbent.

Who exactly does this man think he is? WUHLOSS, doan let me get started on massa days DONE! How DARE he tell this track sensation, nay THE FASTEST MAN IN THE WORLD how to celebrate his victories? Being a show off? He has the right to show off if he wanted to! At least he has something to show for his antics! He's not posing and making a show for the camera in shades and earrings! Stop and congratulate? Is this an English tea party? I just wish he went back in the blocks and re-ran the race just to show the rest how it's done! Does he even know or care about the odds Usain overcame to get where he is? And adding a patronizing "he's young" on top of it? Crazeeeeee!

How come no one's talking about Johnson and Bailey who said that he couldn't break the record? Is that good sportsmanship? I'm happy he put them and everyone else to shame!

Next time Usain, do the Bogle, Butterfly and Dance pon ya head top!


Anonymous said...

I read that original article & having seen the race & what happened afterwards, I was pretty puzzled. Sure, Bolt was dancing...why not?? He SMOKED the rest of the field & these are some of the fastest guys in the world. Plus, when he interviewed right after, he wasn't bragging or boastful at all...he said that he didn't know if he could've broken the record. He was pretty gracious, IMO. And I did see him congratulate some of the other guys.

Did the storm bother you all a lot??

urbanknitrix said...

I am dying laughing over hear. I can hear the accent and all. Feel me now (sucking teeth).

Who cares? The man is suppose to have swagger, he is an athlete. People to it in tennis, golf and then some. Was he cheering for some one in particular and they got the @#$% smoked out of them. Well tell them to train better, faster.

As long as you can back up your talk do it and HE DID IT!!!