Sunday, February 10, 2008

Progress pic

Hi all, I thought I'd drag my butt to the laptop and post a pic of the leaf tee I mentioned from my last post. I'm somewhat under the weather with a frog in my throat and a cough that won't quit. I sound like one of those scary voice overs for a monster from one of those B movies... talking with three voices all at once. The kids are getting over their yuckies (well I firmly suspect they are the reason I sound like I do and feel like I do. Gotta love 'em)

Anyways, here's the reason for this post... the beginnings of the Leaf Tee. This is a very easy pattern and the stockinette isn't so horrible but I am itching to start something small to break up the monotony. Maybe I should start something with the ten skeins of Jaeger Trinity I got off of yaiAnn's destash. Maybe I should just finish those socks I started the other day! But I keep digressing. Here's the progess shot:

The calmer is soft and knits up into a delicious fabric. I will enjoy wearing this tee!

In other knitting news, I've received a wonderful invite from the Sock Knitters Pentathlon on Ravelry and I'm stoked! Of course I'll be posting progress and finished object pics of my sockies. What fun! I've also ordered the Interweave Knits Spring 2008 and Winter 2007 issues from one of my favourite online vendors Knitty-Noddy. Evelyn is so friendly and helpful and she offers such great products on her site, you can't help but to keep going back for more!

What's next on my list today other than getting in some rows on the leaf tee? Well, there's some ironing to be done, the baking of a cake (the third request by hubby and kids), portioning out of trout fillets for the coming week's meals, looking over my son's homework and grabbing lunch at the inlaws (in no particular order whatsoever!) So much for Sunday being a day of rest!

Have a great day everyone!

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