Monday, January 15, 2007

One poma poma down, another to go...

man! That sock was a little time consuming to make! I have a couple mistakes in there and worst of all, I've dipped into my second skein of yarn to finish the toe on this. I feel better now that I can start the other sock and get these off to my pal. I'm also looking around for some nice things to include in her package (hmmmm... I wonder if my pal is sending me something special in addition to my socks - is it juevenile to wonder? I just like getting nice packages!) Anyways, I've seen some local jewelery but that may seem too personal as we haven't even conversed on kh or outside of kh so I'm not sure how that would go over. I'm thinking of sending a cake as well... as small rum cake. It's not the traditional cake we make at Christmas and for weddings but it's nice enough to eat a whole one if you're not careful. I'm also thinking about sending some local sweets... not the sugarcake tho. I don't think it will survive the trip over there and stale coconut can give a sock pal a bad case of the runs. Soooo, what else what else? She likes a certain something but to order it will be very expensive. So I'll stick to the cake and a little carved turtle or something with the words Barbados splashed across it? She'll know for sure who the socks are coming from. Should I even keep my identity secret after I've sent them? I'm thinking of sending the package from another country I'll be visiting in February to throw her off (going all out eh? LOL) but I may be going too close to valentines day so that may not work.

Anyways, here's a pic of the lonely sockie that needs its ends woven in. I'll start its twin later after I've played around with my new phone. Technology at my fingertips! I'm excited!


Melissa said...

Ah, Pomowhatsit! Having finished the first sock at long last sitting in the ER the other week, it's too big for me. Yeah, I know I made it for myself, but there are issues. I haven't brought myself to rip back or start the second sock. Yours, however, is lovely!

Lisa said...

Hi Melissa!

Thanks for dropping by and for your kind words! Those poma whatchamacallits can be trying! I'm glad I've finally done them tho!