Friday, August 06, 2010

Let the knitting begin (again anyways)

After a fair amount of postman stalking, my expected package arrived. I am very happy to finally have in my hands the St-Denis Nordique yarn in ruby wine, Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine yarn and the St-Denis Magazine issue 2. Here are a few of my cell phone pics attached:

St-Denis Nordique in Ruby Wine and St-Denis Magazine Issue 2

The St-Denis Nordique is 100% wool and does not feel terribly soft under my fingers. It doesn't feel terrible either - just a tad coarse. Not as coarse as hemp but not as soft as Malabrigo lace. The colour is deep and rich and to my untrained eye the balls looks the same without any mild variations of red.

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in Oceanic Mix

Now I must confess that I am totally in love with the Berroco. I really wasn't sure what to expect with this yarn and the colour. But the colour is totally amazing. It is a beautiful mix of blue and subtle greens that the cell camera isn't picking up. The name Oceanic Mix is absolutely spot on as it reminds me of our beaches on a hot scorching day - much like today! It's soft and a bit hairy. Which brings to mind a memory of itchy nostrils and skin back when I was knitting some clogs out of an alpaca blend of yarn. Someone suggested to me then freezing the yarn before knitting and that did work. I don't suspect or rather I hope not to have any problems of that kind with this beautiful yarn.

I'm torn as to which one to start first! The Juneberry Triangle or the Miralda Shawl. Decisions decisions!


Scheherazaad said...

You bought yarn from Canada! I haven't bought St. Denis yarn but I bought the magazine and the book by Veronika Avery. I also met Veronica at the Knit Frolic here in Toronto. As well as being a talented designer she is also a very good person.
My local LYS owner wrote a ery quick and cute vest/shrug pattern for Berroco Alpaca. I'll try to send you a photo. I'm supposed to be working on my summer course now so I will have to do this later in August.

essjay said...

The colors of those two yarns are just beautiful! I do hope the Nordique softens up a bit after a good soak!