Monday, April 21, 2008

The perils of being an eye-servant

So if you're a Barbadian you might know what an eye servant is - or if you read your bible in the KJV - you might come across this term. I've been so busy stopping by people's blogs and going where they lead me that I've ignored my own bloggy for a little bit. Anyways, I'm here now and with very little knitting content.

I'm so happy to report the landing of my skein of Seasilk in Rose and two hanks of Nature's palette sock yarn in a lovely green. I would have posted pics but I had to charge the batteries (don't you hate when you get out the camera to take a pic and snap the first shot and you get the message - Warning Battery Exhausted! - well I do!) and I didn't get back to it after that. Tomorrow maybe. I'm feeling kinda swamped with work and studies and a bevy of other things so I am also distracted. On the way to me as I type is another package of knitting goodies - from me to me. The Best of Interweave Knits, some harmony needles in size two - 47 inches (methinks), an extra cable of 40 inches and some sock yarn. Hubby has requested a pair of socks and a cardigan from brooklyntweed's site. I figured I'd start small with the socks and then check out the yarn etc that I need for his cardigan - I'm thinking one with a front zipper and long sleeves - maybe some cables? Anyways, we'll see what I come up with down the line.

So, speaking of hubby... let me say that I love him very much. I do. However, there are moments like tonight that I wonder if I could soundly throttle him and get away with it. Actually, I should take responsibility for what happened. It's my fault. I came home from the gym after having my butt run up and down by a very s-e-x-y Swedish instructor and feeling rather good about myself that I survived the class (ok it wasn't so bad but I did feel it!) and I asked him as he was on his way out to the store if he would get me something to eat. He asked what - I said I really don't know but we need something before I go shopping tomorrow. He goes out and sometime later comes home with his packages and a little something for me. I said "Thanks, hon!" opened the bag and what greets me? TWO brownies. Uh, thanks hon... he means well but BROWNIES????????????????????? I should have been more specific - nothing laced with butter, sugar, flour, and valued at about 7,000,000 calories!


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urbanknitrix said...

Too funny sounds like my husband!! I went to check out a gym yesterday, I need to get it together. I am envious of all your goodies coming!!! I need to make an order somewhere, I dont know the last time i bought something.