Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok what is it going to take to send Brooke home?

Poor Sayeesha, she just can't catch a break can she? I'm not her biggest fan BUT she's not as craptacular as Brooke! Have you noticed that when Sayeesha sounds good or bad they pick on her especially Randy. When Brooke stops not once but TWICE and starts over her songs, they butter it over and pat her on her awful mop of curls and says "there there you are human, you sound terrible but we won't say that even though all the listening public knows it!" GAH!!!! How has she made it through with those stupid pouts and terrible singing!!! Those three numbnuts are keeping her in the competition instead of telling it like it is and allowing our listening ears a much deserved rest!

Sayeesha is safe for now - but her number is soon up on this show! I guess if they can send home the likes of Melinda, Paris and Lakeisha then they can do anything!

*yes I am fully aware this is a television show and in now way impacts on my life in a meaningful way...*


Anonymous said...

You get invested in these shows sometimes, I realized that! I LOVE The Biggest Loser, I end up crying every season over one thing or another, lol!

Brooke is really not that good. Really! But with Syeesha, it's like it's only a matter of time; they're just waiting to send her home. I can't believe Carly went before Brooke, though.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I don't care for Brooke or her singing. I'm sure she's a nice person though.