Monday, November 29, 2010

In a knititng funk... and other stories

Yep, so it's been a very long time since I've picked up my needles and did anything crafty. I've done more looking for inspiration (ever so often at that) on ravelry than anything else. I have more time to knit since finishing exams but really haven't done anything since then. Socks and shawls and blogs are languishing... the start of a cardigan frogged. It's beginning to feel like I need a stressful situation (like studying) to pick up the needles and do something. And no thank you fate, I am not asking for a stressful situation!!

Maybe it's the lack of a yarn store here that I could go in and fondle skeins at will and feel motivated to do something. Online shopping doesn't give that immediate satisfaction that a LYS would. Too many hops and charges just to get it into my hands.

But it isn't only the knitting that's suffering. It's the sewing, the French lessons and the weight loss. I feel stuck. I feel... aimless.Goal less. It feels like forever waiting for the official word on my accreditation. The most I've been doing nowadays is playing Bejeweled and Sudoku on my ipod. Excitement!

Christmas may find me a tad more invigorated but cautiously so as the government here has raised taxes and cut people's income. Luckily for my kids their presents were bought before the budgetary spanking was shared out...

Maybe I need a vacation. A positive change in scenery and something good and wonderful to happen to me...

Maybe by next post!

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essjay said...

I feel like I could have written this post :) It is so hard to get stuck - especially when everything seems stuck at the same exact time! I hope you have found something to pull you out of your funk and that you are enjoying preparing for the holiday season!