Friday, October 31, 2008

What's a girl to knit?

Okay, okay, I admit it. Knitting wise I'm in a bad place right now. I haven't picked up my needles with serious intent since before I zipped off to Montreal. I started a knitted doll for my daughter but right now it's nothing worth looking at, nay, just a tiny pile of curly stockinette and a mad jumble of ends. She's flat and right now looks like an experiment gone bad. My Argle Vest is sitting where I left it, suffocating in that transparent bag... and my leaf tee... well it has not grown at all since I last spoke on it. I've made several attempts to replace the Adamas shawl that I inteligently felted in Canada with another Swallowtail shawl - I even put to skeins of lace yarn into cakes (which is a huge chore without a swift) and have them on top of the yarn pile. I've taken out the Shetland Triangle pattern and selected the Handmaiden Seasilk in Rose and even knit a few rows... but I wasn't feeling it and ripped out the few rows I'd gotten started.

Then there is my malabrigo sock yarn, bought with the specific purpose of making a shawl. I've decided on making the swallowtail with it and even started it... but ripped it out. What's wrong with me?? I LURVE lace knitting but I do so want to knit a cardigan or a cute little top to wear. So why don't I?

I'll tell you why... it's my current voluptuousness that's the problem. I might have whined occasionally about it in the past on here but the reality of knitting an item such as a cardigan for myself will take alot of yarn and time and then when I eventually reach my the weight that will make me happy, I"ll have a knitted item that won't be able to fit me and that will amount to a giant waste of time.

So, what's a girl to knit? Socks maybe? I'm yet to get cracking on the 2 at a time method as per the book I've purchased and I'm not too keen on learning it until after exams. A shawl (well apart from the can't-get-started-itis as per above) will take the usual long time and I need some instant gratification. Well as instant as studying will allow.

Hmmmm... I have an idea actually... but I'll need more yarn.

Be back later.

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